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Force Sells nulled plugin 1.4.0

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The Force Sells extension enables linking products together, allowing for the addition of services or required products to the cart. There are two types: normal force sell products, which are added to the cart alongside the main product, and synced force sell products, which cannot be removed or changed in the cart. Synced force sells are shown as ‘linked’ in the cart. A comparison of Force Sells extensions can help determine the best fit for your store.

Force Sells nulled plugin Force similar goods to be placed to basket.
The Force Sells addon enables you to connect goods so that they appear in the basket together. This is helpful for connecting one service or essential product with another.

For example, if you provide iPad glass repair as a service, you may include a new glass window as a forced sale item.

Force Sells nulled plugin forcesells-datapanelThere are two sorts of forced sales:

Force Sells nulled plugin Normal force sale goods will be added to the basket in the same amount as the primary product. Customers may remove added force sell goods from their carts and adjust the number.
Synced force sale items function in the same manner as regular force sells. The main difference is that buyers cannot delete a synchronized force sale from their basket or adjust its amount. If the primary product is deleted, any synchronized force sell goods will also be removed. The same goes for quantity. If the amount of the primary product changes, the number of all synchronized force sell goods will also change.
In the basket, synchronized force sales are represented as ‘linked’:


Don’t know whether Force Sells is the perfect extension for your store? We’ve put up a simple comparison to help you determine which extension is best for your needs.


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