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Flex Home, a Laravel Real Estate Multilingual System, was released on January 3, 2023, with the most recent version, 2.51.0. The changelog includes improvements to plugin analytics, double-clicking on media, responsiveness of the administrative panel, language options, color settings, page indexing, and user interface. The PHP Extension for OpenSSL and Mbstring is also included.

The administrative panel features a login page for vendors, front-end pages, display panels, payment gateways, plugins, media files, translations, backups for roles and permission groups, and themes options. The theme supports multiple languages and uses Laravel Sanctum to create a RESTful API. Google Analytics should show analytics data in the administrative panel, and the front theme and administrative panel can be easily translated into your language using a translation tool.

Flex Home offers a robust media solution that supports Amazon S3 and Digital Ocean Spaces, SEO and sitemap support, and a powerful permission system. The admin template has customizable color palettes and compatibility with all screen resolutions. The code adheres to PSR-2 coding standards and best practices.

Free plugins are available on the Botble Marketplace, but they may not be compatible with the current version and require additional configuration. To use free plugins, submit an issue on GitHub and give us a star on the GitHub repository.

In summary, Flex Home is a Laravel Real Estate Multilingual System that offers a variety of features and improvements.

Flex Home Nulled Script

Flex Home – Laravel Real Estate Multilingual System

Released on January 3, 2023, the most recent version, 2.51.0 The changelog may be seen by clicking HERE.
Plugin analytics should be fixed when the bcmath extension is not enabled.
Double-clicking on the media should be fixed.

Resolve the problem with the responsiveness of the administrative panel.
While installing the script with the installer, provide an option to pick the language to be used. Also, add an option to cease converting the URL of the media file to a friendly URL.
An option for the user to pick the default language, as well as a dark or bright mode…
Incorporate a color-setting option for the media folder.
The option to cease indexing a page should be included.
The admin theme user interface should be improved.
Enhance the translations via the administrative panel and make it simpler to use.
Enhance the current system updater and resolve permission problems on a few servers.
Adjust the parameters for the email notifications.

The Laravel Real Estate Multilingual System is referred to as Flex Home.

Please take note that we only provide a free installation service for hosting clients who use Cpanel or DirectAdmin services. On virtual private servers (VPS), you are required to install either Cpanel or Direct Admin. The installation service on localhost is not something that we provide.

If you want free installation assistance, please submit a ticket to our support center at https://botble.ticksy.com and provide us with access to your hosting (including the URL of your hosting provider, your login, and your password). Our development team will then install it on your behalf.

Homepage for the demonstration: https://flex-home.botble.com
This is the administrative panel: https://flex-home.botble.com/admin
Botble: 159357 admin account (both the username and password are automatically filled in).
A login page for vendors may be found at https://flex-home.botble.com/login.
Contact information for the vendor: [email protected], 12345678
The front pages

Homepage Properties of Projects, shown with a map
In a single household
Only one property includes video.
The Blog/News
A single entry on a blog
The Professions
Page for contacting the rep
What we are
Dashboard of the vendor

Front-End Pages

Display panel
Control the properties.
Control the projects.
Gateways for making payments
Plugins (plugins)
Files for Media
Translations of the theme
Backups for Roles and Permission Groups
Options for themes

Try out different payment accounts.
[email protected]—12345678 is the PayPal address.
For Stripe, the credit card number is 4242 4242 4242 4242. Anything in the CVV and the expiration date are OK.
Card number for SSLCommerz and Razorpay: 4111111111111111, expiration date: December 25th, and CVV: 111

Featured Elements
Make a single purchase and get free updates for the rest of your life. Updating at no cost indefinitely
A Free Installation of the Theme: If you have any difficulties during the installation process, we will assist you, and it is completely free of charge. Modules for pages, blogs, menus, contacts, and real estate are given with the use of components in order to eliminate the use of boilerplate code.
RSS feeds, both for properties and for posts, may be found at https://flex-home.botble.com/feed/posts. Properties can be found at https://flex-home.botble.com/feed/.
In order to publish their properties, the agency panel includes a credit system.
It is possible to purchase credits using the following payment methods: PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, and Paystack.
A robust media solution that also supports Amazon S3 and Digital Ocean Spaces, respectively
Get more information about SEO and sitemap support by accessing sitemap.xml.
Laravel Sanctum is used to create a RESTful API.
support for several languages. There are an infinite number of languages.
In the administrative panel, Google Analytics should show analytics data.
The front theme and the administrative panel may be easily translated into your language with this translation tool.
The use of this lovely theme is now available.

Ability to manage users, teams, and roles based on permissions using a powerful permission system. User permissions make it simple to manage users.
The admin template has color palettes that may be customized to suit your preferences.
Compatibility with all screen resolutions is a feature of fully responsive design.
Coding Standards: All of the code adheres to the PSR-2 coding standards as well as the best practices.
To note:

Would you be interested in buying our product? Please go to our help area for any inquiries or remarks that are of crucial importance.
The download package does not include any of the images that were used in the demonstration. Only for demonstration reasons are they used.

Plugins that are free
On our Marketplace, you may find a few free plugins, including the following: https://marketplace.botble.com/products

For products that are built on Botble CMS, those plugins are functioning without any issues.

It is possible that free plugins will not be compatible with the current version, and we will not provide support for free plugins. In the event that you want assistance with free plugins, please submit an issue on GitHub. The plugin’s developer will provide assistance to you.

In the event that you make use of our free plugins, please remember to give us a star on the GitHub repository.

The prerequisites
One of the web servers that is compatible, such as Apache or Nginx.
More than or equal to 8.1 >> Elevated
Database server based on MySQL
PDOA enhancement of PHP
The PHP Extension for OpenSSL
The PHP Extension for Mbstring
The Exif Enhancement of PHP
Extension of the Fileinfo
XML Enhancement of PHP
The C-type Enhancement of PHP
It’s JSON. Enhancement of PHP
The tokenizer Python Extension Module (PHP) Deactivate the PHP_CURL module and rewrite the server.

php scripts

php nulled scripts

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