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Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions offers additional features such as Buy Now/Subscribe, updating prices for existing users, a cancel delay, preventing cancellation before specific days of renewal, auto-renewal reminder, expiry reminders, manual renewal reminder, and separate shipping cycle for subscriptions. These features provide additional site revenue, control over subscription cancellation, and improved subscription renewal success.

The Separate Shipping Cycle feature allows for different shipping cycles for subscriptions, with users being notified by email when their shipping cycle order is processed. Users can also subscribe to simple and variable products, allowing them to choose how frequently they want to receive the product.

Updating subscription prices for existing subscriptions ensures that existing subscribers pay the current price until they cancel or it expires. The Subscribe Now checkbox allows users to choose how frequently they want to receive the product. Users can also subscribe to the entire cart as a single subscription, adding multiple products to their cart and purchasing them as a single subscription.

The Allow Cancellation After Specific Number of Days of Subscription Start Date feature allows users to cancel their subscriptions after a specified number of days of their renewal. Preventing cancellation before specific days of renewal prevents inconvenience and losses for the site admin. Users can cancel their subscriptions until the threshold date for cancelling subscriptions is reached, then only during the next renewal.

Overall, Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions offers numerous benefits for businesses looking to improve their subscription offerings.

WooCommerce Subscriptions offer various features for users to manage their subscriptions. Auto Renewal Reminders are used to charge users on the due date, with the default setting to not notify users about renewals. Manual Renewal Reminder Emails are sent after the subscription renewal date, preventing users from being put on hold for every renewal. Trial Expiry Reminder Emails are used to notify users about trial expiry reminders, allowing them to make informed decisions.

Subscription Expiry Reminder Emails are sent when limited-duration subscriptions expire, alerting users to their expiry. Multiple templates for reminder emails can be set up to send different content for each reminder. Preview Subscription Emails allows users to view changes made to subscription-related emails instantly by inputting a subscription order ID or subscription ID.

Limited Subscription Trials restrict customers to use a product trial only once, while Limit Subscription in Variant Level allows customers to purchase other variations of a product. Subscription Switching After a Delay allows users to switch to a different subscription plan after a delay. Prevent Switching Before Specific Days of Renewal prevents users from switching their subscriptions certain days before renewal.

Disable Reminder Emails on the Product Level include Trial Ending Reminder, Automatic Renewal Reminder, Manual Renewal Reminder, Expiry Reminder, and Subscription Price Updated. The platform also offers features such as automaticly creating multiple shipping fulfillment orders for a single billing, customizing shipping fulfillment order frequency, and offering options for customers to purchase simple/variable products as one-time purchasable or subscribe to the product using subscription plans.

The “Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions” plugin offers a range of features to help customers purchase whole cart items as a single subscription. It allows for multiple subscription plans to be created and linked to cart level subscriptions, and can be displayed on the cart and checkout page. Predefined and customer-defined subscription plans can be created, and subscription prices can be charged for old subscribers from the next renewal.

The plugin also provides email notifications about price updates for old subscribers, and allows for cancellation options to be shown or hidden. It also offers auto renewal reminders, manual renewal reminders, trial expiry reminders, and multiple templates for different content.

Reminder emails are not sent for old subscriptions that are already running before installing the plugin or before configuring the “Automatic Renewal Reminder/Manual Renewal Reminder” option. To send reminder emails for upcoming renewals, users can update the subscription status or enable the “Separate shipping cycle for old subscriptions” checkbox on the edit product page.

Notification emails can be sent for subscriptions created using other WooCommerce Subscriptions addon plugins, and the new price can be updated for all subscriptions. The price update feature only works when there is an update in the Regular/Sale price of the product.

Requirements for the plugin include a minimum PHP version of 5.6 and WooCommerce Subscriptions plugins.

Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions nulled plugin Additional WooCommerce Subscription features include Updating Price for Existing Users, Cancel Delay, Auto-Renewal Reminder, and so on.
Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions adds new features to WooCommerce Subscriptions such as Buy Now/Subscribe, price updates for existing users, a cancel delay, preventing cancellation before specific days of renewal, auto-renewal reminder, expiry reminders, manual renewal reminder, and a separate shipping cycle for subscriptions.

Advantages of WooCommerce Subscription Enhancer
1. Increased Site Revenue
Existing (Old) Subscription Price guarantees that existing customers pay the current subscription price during renewal. If the price has risen, the higher price provides the site with greater money.

2. Additional Subscription Cancellation Control
The Subscription Cancel Delay feature lets you choose when clients may begin canceling their memberships once they’ve enrolled. This stops consumers from canceling their membership just before the first renewal in order to benefit from subscription pricing.

3. Increase the Success of Subscription Renewals
Auto-Renewal Reminder emails notify users well in advance of their subscription renewal due date, allowing consumers to verify their payment method has adequate money, resulting in more successful subscription renewals.

Popular Characteristics
1. Subscriptions have their own shipping cycle.
If multiple shipping is required for each subscription renewal in WooCommerce Subscriptions, the admin must manually monitor and handle it. Subscriptions cannot be assigned a different shipment cycle.

Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions nulled plugin may have various shipment cycles set up using the Separate shipment Cycle functionality. Each subscription product has its own shipment cycle that may be customized separately. When a user’s shipping cycle order is processed, they will get an email notification.


Separate Shipping Cycle Configuration

2. Purchase Now/Subscribe
Users may only subscribe to preset subscription goods in WooCommerce plugin Subscriptions. It is not feasible for the user to continue with a one-time purchase. To do this, Admin may need to establish a second simple/variable product. Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions enables you to allow your customers to subscribe to basic and variable items, so consumers may subscribe to the products as well as purchase them once according on their requirements.

This is how it works:
* A Subscribe Now checkbox will be available on the single product page, before the Add to Cart button.

* If the user completes the transaction, it is a one-time purchase by default.

* If the Subscribe Now option is enabled, the user must choose how often they wish to get the product.


Configuration of Subscription Plans


Product Subscription Plan Assignment


Subscription to a Simple Product

3. Subscription Prices for Existing (Old) Subscriptions Should Be Updated
Given WooCommerce Subscriptions’ default behavior, any price adjustment will be reflected in new subscription orders. Existing customers will be charged the prior fee until they cancel or their membership ends. This feature guarantees that existing members continue to pay the current monthly fee.

This is how it works:
Assume a consumer paid $10 per month for a subscription. The site administrator has now increased the pricing for new customers to $15 per month. If you opt to have current subscribers pay the most recent pricing, all existing subscribers will get an email informing them of the price change, which will take effect with their next renewal.


Options for Changing the Price of Existing Subscriptions


Email Notification of Subscription Price Changes

4. Entire Cart Subscription as a Single Subscription
Users cannot subscribe to goods at the cart level in WooCommerce Subscriptions. Users are unable to add numerous goods to their basket and buy them as a single subscription due to this constraint. Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions enables your customers to add several goods to their shopping basket and buy them all as a single subscription.

This is how it works:
* When users add things to their shopping, a Subscribe option appears on the cart page.

* If they tick the box, they must specify how often they wish to receive the goods.


Subscription to the Entire Cart as a Single Subscription

5. Allow Cancellation After a Set Number of Days From Subscription Start Date
Users with WooCommerce Subscriptions may cancel their subscription at any time – even immediately after receiving the item. This is sometimes a loss for your company since consumers typically subscribe to a product to get an upfront discount by paying the subscription fee rather than the one-time purchase price. When the product’s subscription expires, consumers just cancel the subscription and buy the product whenever they need it again. You may utilize the Subscription Cancel Delay functionality to restrict your users from canceling their memberships for a certain period of time.


The Cancel button is not visible.

Once the cancelation waiting time for the subscription has elapsed, the cancel button displays.


Visible Cancellation Button

6. Allow Cancellation After Specific Renewal Days
Your consumers may terminate their membership plan at any moment in WooCommerce Subscriptions. However, if you wish to enable customers to cancel their subscriptions only after a certain number of days have passed since their renewal, you may do so by enabling the enable Cancellation After Specific Days of Renewal option.

7. Prevent Cancellation Before Specific Renewal Dates
Users with WooCommerce Subscriptions may cancel their subscriptions at any time. Users may even cancel subscriptions a few minutes before they renew. This is often a loss for the site administrator and an inconvenience since the items would have been dispatched/were in the process of being shipped.

Preventing consumers from canceling their subscriptions during renewals may save you time and money. Once established, users may cancel their subscriptions until the subscription cancellation deadline. Once the threshold date is reached, the user will be unable to cancel their membership during the renewal period. Only during the following renewal period may the subscription be terminated. The method is repeated many times.

8. Reminder for Auto Renewal
The charge is attempted on the due date for Automatic Renewals with WooCommerce Subscriptions. If the effort is successful, the user’s subscription will be renewed and charged. If not, subscription billing will be re-tried.

Users are not alerted about renewals by default. As a result, some users may neglect to add cash to their payment source, causing the renewal to fail. To increase renewal success, you may change the date on which the auto-renewal notice is sent.

9. Email Reminder for Manual Renewal
Users that subscribe to manually renewing subscriptions in WooCommerce Subscriptions will not be alerted about their subscription renewal in advance. Only after the membership renewal date will subscribers be alerted by email. Users may be inconvenienced since their memberships will be placed on hold until the subscription renewal period arrives. Only after the renewal payment will the subscription become activated.

If consumers are alerted about their subscription renewal in advance, they may make their renewal payment before the renewal date, preventing the manually renewing membership from being placed on hold for each renewal.

10. Email Reminder for Trial Expiry
When the trial period in WooCommerce Subscriptions is about to end, users are not alerted. If the user intends to cancel the subscription at the conclusion of the trial, knowing when the trial will expire will allow them to make an educated choice.

Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions nulled plugin You can configure when the trial expiration reminder emails should be sent to users by using the Trial expiration Reminder Email function.

11. Reminder for Subscription Expiry
When a user’s limited-duration membership is due to expire in WooCommerce Subscriptions, the user is not contacted in advance. Users will be unaware that their membership has lapsed or will expire soon. You may change the date on which the auto-renewal reminder is sent to notify clients to the subscription’s expiration and urge them to renew it.

This email will be sent to the client when their membership expires, based on the setup.


Email Subscription Expiry Reminder

12. Multiple Reminder Email Templates
You may send several email reminders to your consumers using WooCommerce Subscriptions. However, there is one constraint. For every email reminders, the identical email content will be delivered. You may send different email content for each reminder by creating various email templates for each reminder.


Email Design Templates


Edit Page for Email Template

13. Email Subscription Preview
If you want to see how subscription-related emails appear after changing the design and feel of the email templates in WooCommerce Subscriptions, you must make a real subscription purchase or complete the appropriate subscription-related activity.

Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions nulled plugin By providing a previously placed subscription order ID or/and a subscription ID, you may instantly see the changes made to the subscription emails using the see Subscription Emails function.


Some email templates need an order ID, a subscription ID, or both.

14. Trial Subscription Limit
If a Trial is set for a product in WooCommerce Subscriptions, buyers may utilize the Trial an unlimited number of times, resulting in a loss for the site administrator. As a result, by utilizing the Limit Subscription Trial function, you may limit clients to using a product’s Trial just once.

15. Subscription Cap in Variant Level
If a subscription purchase is restricted to one and a consumer purchases one of the variants of a variable product, the buyer cannot purchase any other variation of the product in WooCommerce Subscriptions. You may restrict the subscription at a variant level using the restrict Subscription at Variant Level functionality, allowing the consumer to buy other versions as well.

16. Allow Switching Subscriptions After a Delay
Your consumers may switch to a different membership plan at any moment in WooCommerce Subscriptions. However, if you want to enable subscription switching for new and renewed subscriptions after a delay, you may do so by utilizing the enable Subscription Switching After a Delay feature.

17. Prevent Switching Before Specific Renewal Dates
Your consumers may switch to a different membership plan at any moment in WooCommerce Subscriptions. However, if you want to restrict consumers from switching subscriptions on certain days before their renewal, you may utilize the restrict Switching Before certain Days of Renewal function.

18. On the Product Level, disable Reminder Emails.
The site administrator has the option to deactivate the following Reminder Emails based on Product Level.

1. Reminder about the Trial’s End
2. Reminder for Automatic Renewal
3. Reminder for Manual Renewal
4. Reminder of Expiry
5. Updated Subscription Pricing

Detailed Feature List
1. Create several shipping fulfillment orders for a single billing automatically.

2. Capable of creating shipment fulfillment orders for existing subscribers on the site.

3. The frequency with which shipping fulfillment orders are generated may be modified per product.

4. Shipping fulfillment order frequency may be coordinated.

5. Allow clients to buy simple/variable items as one-time purchases or to subscribe to the product via subscription plans.

6. Multiple subscription plans with simple/variable goods may be designed.

7. Allow users to buy whole cart goods as a single subscription utilizing subscription plans.

8. Subscription plans may be built and connected to cart level subscriptions in several ways.

9. On the cart and checkout pages, a cart level subscription option may be provided.

10. Various places are available for displaying the cart level subscription option on the checkout page.

11. Subscription plans may be predefined or customized by the consumer.

12. From the next renewal, charge the adjusted subscription fee to existing product subscribers.

13. Send email reminders regarding pricing changes to existing subscribers.

14. Show the cancelation option to customers only when a certain number of days have passed after the subscription’s start date.

15. Show the canceling option to subscribers only after a certain number of days have passed since their renewal date.

16. Hide the cancelation option from subscribers who renew within a certain number of days.

17. Auto renewal reminder to warn subscribers prior to the subscription due date that an automated payment will occur.

18. Manual renewal reminder to tell customers that their membership renewal is approaching before the subscription due date.

19. Trial expiration reminder to alert subscribers before a particular number of days from the subscription’s trial end date.

20. Subscription expiration reminder to alert customers before a certain number of days before their subscription expires.

21. Create as many templates as you need to deliver different content for various email alerts for different items.

22. The preview option for subscription emails allows you to see how the real email will appear.

23. Option to restrict the trial to one so that consumers do not abuse the trial you provide.

24. If the subscription limit is set to one, and the product is a variable subscription, the subscription may be limited to a variation level.

25. Allow customers to change subscriptions after a certain number of days from the subscription start date.

26. Allow customers to change subscriptions after a certain number of days from the renewal date.

27. Prevent customers from changing subscriptions before a certain number of days before the renewal date.

28. Disable reminder emails for particular goods at the product level.

Questions and Answers
Q: Why aren’t reminder emails sent by the plugin?

For existing subscriptions that were operating before to installing the “Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions” plugin or activating the “Automatic Renewal Reminder/Manual Renewal Reminder” option, reminder emails will be sent after one renewal.

Reminder emails will be sent for newly placed subscriptions as well as subscriptions that are renewed after setting the option.

If you wish to send reminder emails for old subscriptions for forthcoming renewals, alter the subscription (for example, change the subscription status to on-hold and then reactivate it) so that crons are reset and reminder emails are sent for upcoming renewals as well.

Q: Why aren’t shipping fulfillment orders created?

Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions nulled plugin Shipping fulfillment orders will not be made by default for existing subscriptions that were operating before to installing the “Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions” plugin. If you wish orders to be made for previous subscriptions, go to the edit product page and click the “Separate shipping cycle for old subscriptions” option so that shipping fulfillment orders are created for the old subscriptions starting with the next renewal.

Q: Can notification emails be sent for subscribers made with other WooCommerce subscribers addon plugins?

Yes, email notifications may be issued for all subscribers.

Q: Can the new pricing for subscriptions made with other WooCommerce Subscriptions addon plugins be updated?

Yes, all subscriptions may be adjusted with the new pricing.

Q: Will the membership fee change if the tax amount on the site changes?

No, the price update function only works when the product’s Regular/Sale price changes.

Q: Why aren’t reminder emails being sent from bespoke templates?

Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions nulled plugin The day on which the reminder email is to be sent must be accurately mapped in “WooCommerce > Settings > Subscriptions > Reminder Emails” and in the change template. If you have 3 days before settings and 2 days before in the template, a template reminder email will not be sent. Instead, the default template content from “WooCommerce > Settings > Emails” will be delivered.

PHP version 5.6 is required.
WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin

Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions nulled plugin gives you greater control and money from the subscriptions available on your site.

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