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Divi Ghoster is a plugin that allows users to brand and whitelabel their websites using the Divi or Extra Theme in seconds. It offers numerous features, including modifying the name, logo, and slug of the theme, concealing Extra and Divi-related plugins, and preventing detection by WordPress tools.

The Divi Ghoster plugin also allows users to rebrand their websites without writing a single line of code, ensuring all subsequent updates are attributed to their custom-branded theme. It also allows users to conceal access to Premade Layouts, Product Tours, and other styling options from the Divi menu.

Divi Ghoster is compatible with the Extra and Divi page builders, as well as any subsidiary themes used for styling purposes. Users can easily modify the theme descriptor to prevent the Divi or Extra theme from being displayed in a source code inspection of their website.

The Divi Ghoster plugin also allows users to customize the appearance of the Divi builder, visual builder, backend page builder, Divi theme options, the theme builder page, and the role editor with their own colors. It is also supported by virtually every WordPress detector tool, making the theme appear undetected.

The plugin also allows users to create personalized dashboards using the Divi Builder, create a bespoke administration dashboard and welcome screen, and develop an individualized login interface for the WordPress login page.

The Divi Ghoster plugin is simple and intuitive to use, offering clear settings and helpful guidance for a straightforward configuration. Customers have given it five stars for customer service, highlighting its importance in enhancing user experience and security.

Divi Ghoster nulled plugin

Divi Ghoster nulled plugin enables you to brand and whitelabel your website using the Divi or Extra Theme in a matter of seconds. With minimal effort and clicks:

  • Modify the name, logo, and slug of the theme.
  • conceal Extra and Divi-related plugins
  • Prevent the detection of a theme by WordPress tools
  • Modify the login page
  • Protect particular pages from the WordPress admin
  • Override the WordPress footer and logo
  • Customise the preset WordPress widget to your liking (NOT MULTISITE COMPATIBLE).
  • Brand Your Website Completely in White Label With Divi Ghoster 17 Modules for WordPress and Divi Customisation

Replace Any and All Instances Of Divi Or Extra On Your Site.

By incorporating your own custom branding, the Divi or Extra theme will vanish magically. Divi Ghoster obfuscates all traces of your theme from adversaries, bots utilising inspect tools, and members or clients prying on the backend.

Rebrand Using Divi Or An Extra Theme Without Writing A Single Line Of Code.

Repackage your clients’ websites in their entirety to give them a polished appearance.

  • Replace the Divi or Extra nulled theme’s preset name.
  • Replace the author’s identity with a branded thumbnail.
  • Align the Divi Builder with the brand identity of your client.
  • All subsequent updates will be attributed to your custom-branded theme, with no reference to Extra, Elegant Themes, or Divi.
  • Offer packages for administrative rebranding to increase your agency’s revenue.
Conceal a portion or the entirety of the Divi theme using Ultimate Ghoster.

A straightforward checkbox can be used to conceal access to Premade Layouts, Product Tours, and other styling options from the Divi menu. Additionally, Divi-related extensions such as Divi Switch, Divi Bars, Divi Booster, and Divi Ghoster itself can be concealed using Ultimate Ghoster. By concealing Divi or Extra-related options from your clients, you can safeguard your website against malicious or unintended modifications.

Achieve expedient access to edits while your theme builder remains securely concealed. Grant edit access to your administrators via a concealed link (displayed in the nulled plugin’s dashboard) or the integrated keyboard shortcut (NEW!).

Modify the items of the Divi menu via the dashboard.

Omit from the Divi menu any items that your consumers or colleagues do not require. Multiple Divi menu items, including Divi Theme Options, Theme Builder, Theme Customizer, the Role Editor Page, Divi Library, and Support Centre, can be enabled or disabled using Ultimate Ghoster.

Effectively Utilise Divi And Additional Child Themes

Divi Ghoster exhibits compatibility with the Extra and Divi page builders, in addition to any subsidiary themes that may be employed for styling purposes.

Employ Elegant Themes to create visually appealing client websites, while Divi Ghoster conceals your theme from prying eyes, regardless of whether you are altering it directly or from a child theme.
Alter Your Theme Slug To Escape Detection

Easily modify the theme descriptor to prevent the Divi or Extra theme from being displayed in a source code inspection of your website; instead, your custom text will be displayed.

Tailor The Divi Builder

Customise the appearance of the Divi builder, the visual builder, the backend page builder, the Divi theme options, the theme builder page, and the role editor with your own colours. Transform the Divi Builder entirely by inputting the hex values of your client’s colours or utilising the built-in colour selector.

Suppressed By Virtually Every WordPress Detector Tool

In order to deceive theme detectors and make your theme appear undetected, activate Divi Ghoster. Confound inquisitive observers, rivals, or automated systems seeking to exploit weaknesses. Enhance the Divi builder’s aesthetic and brand recognition to increase security.

Hide Menu Items From The Dashboard Of WordPress

Eliminate any of the default WordPress menus with Ghoster, not just the Divi menu (Appearance, Settings, Tools, Projects, Plugins, and Updates).

Grant Your Theme An Entire New Persona

Alter the theme’s name, substitute the author, designate a unique thumbnail, and ensure that all revisions are attributed to the custom-branded theme without any reference to Elegant Themes, Divi, or Extra.

Obfuscate the WordPress header and footer

Enhance your covert operations by concealing your utilisation of WordPress for development purposes. Divi Ghoster will eliminate the ‘Thank you for creating with WordPress’ footer at the bottom of each page and conceal the default WordPress logo.

Conceal the Dashboard Widgets By Default

Easily modify your admin page, including the ability to conceal the default WordPress widgets, with a few simple clicks. This feature simplifies matters for new users by rendering your dashboard uncluttered and straightforward to operate.

Develop Personalised Dashboards Using The Divi Builder

Enhance the usability of the site and infuse it with individuality by designing a bespoke administration dashboard and welcome screen. Divi Ghoster enables the creation and configuration of a new page as the interface via the Divi Builder. Provide guidance to your client, incorporate shortcuts to publishing tools, enhance back-end navigation, or exhibit a support form. Ghoster includes four incredible WordPress dashboard configurations that are included in the download package for the Divi Ghoster plugin. Simply install and configure one of the included layouts as the welcome screen of the dashboard. Nothing could be simpler!

Develop An Personalised Login Interface For The WordPress Login Page

The Login Customizer integrated into Divi Ghoster enables you to restyle the login page into an additional point of brand interaction. By utilising the Login Customizer, one is able to modify several aspects of the site, including the appearance of the details entry box, the background colour, the addition of a background image, and the update of text display styles.

Export and import Ghoster configurations to all of your sites.

Configure a template and utilise the Ghoster importer to economise a tremendous amount of time. Divi Ghoster configurations are simply transferable between new site builds and exported and imported. This eliminates the need to manually adjust plugin settings for every newly installed site, allowing you to allocate your time and energy towards other operational facets of your company.

Simple And Intuitive To Use

Divi Ghoster is remarkably straightforward to install and operate. The interface of the plugin is clean and uncomplicated, providing simple settings that include helpful guidance for a straightforward configuration.

Five-Star Customer Service

Our customers award us five stars for support for a reason: Our staff is the crown jewel of our service provision; they are available to assist with problem resolution and provide answers to inquiries.

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