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Coupon Referral Program nulled plugin 1.7.2

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The Coupon Referral Program extension is a tool for WooCommerce stores to increase customer acquisition, engagement, and revenues. It allows customers to track their rewards and offers customization options for administrators. The program is compatible with WooCommerce Points and Rewards and WooCommerce Subscriptions. Admins can set minimum and maximum coupon values, create referral codes and links, and communicate with customers via email. The benefits of this extension include engaging customers, increasing loyalty, increasing revenue, and boosting brand awareness. The extension also offers referral management by user roles and support options.

Coupon Referral Program nulled plugin A coupon referral program might help you attract and reward clients.
The Coupon Referral Program plugin allows you to create a referral program for your WooCommerce business.
Utilize referral marketing to boost client acquisition, engagement, and income.

Reward consumers for sharing discounts and links.
Customize your referral program with a variety of choices and features.
Customers may keep track of their awards, points, and vouchers on their own user dashboards. Admins may monitor client referral programs using reports produced from the Admin panel. Administrators may export and download program data in CSV format.

Coupon Referral Program nulled plugin Compatibility
Compatible with WooCommerce Points & Rewards and WooCommerce plugin Subscriptions—admins may award points to customers and use them to pay for subscriptions.

Extensive customization possibilities include the look of visual components, text in pop-up windows, coupon and link placement in multiple retail places, coupon kinds, discount amounts, expiry dates, and coupon quantity. Admins may exclude goods from promotions and specify the minimum and maximum coupon values.

Share links.
Administrators may generate referral codes and URLs that consumers can readily share. Customers may send codes by email, text message, or social media.

Admins may send emails to clients to promote their programs and remind them to utilize discounts.

Engage customers.
Allow your consumers to share in your success by paying them for advertising your shop. As people enjoy its incentives, their commitment to your shop and goods grows.

Increase revenue.
Loyal consumers increase customer retention, passion, and sales.

Brand growth
Customer-driven promotions raise brand exposure.

Referral Management

Referral Management by User Roles

Minimum order total for referral coupon

Referral Dashboard

Referral options

Referral link sharing

Allow coupon configuration. Setting

Remind users to recommend their friends.

referral numerous emails

For further information, see the Coupon Referral Program Documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please contact us.

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