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Cool Timeline Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows users to create a dynamic timeline for their content, whether horizontal or vertical. With over 40 distinct layouts, the plugin offers customizable options for visual presentation, including videos, images, and slideshows. It also features a smart generator that makes it easy to insert shortcodes into any page, allowing users to display timelines in any ASC/DESC order. The plugin also supports Ajax’s Load More and Pagination features, allowing users to display timelines in ascending or descending order. Users can also modify categories, display blog posts in a chronological format, and use the timeline layout to represent any post type. Cool Timeline Pro also supports Ajax’s Load More and Pagination features, allowing users to load additional buttons after a certain number of entries. The plugin also includes a scroll bar, icons, HTML/Links/Read More, and date format options. The plugin is compatible with all major browsers, including IE9-11, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, making it a versatile and user-friendly tool for creating and sharing timelines on WordPress.

Create a horizontal, vertical, or blog post timeline with this slick WordPress plugin.
The content on your site may be shown in a dynamic horizontal or vertical timeline dependent on the year and the date, thanks to the Cool Timeline Pro NULLED Plugin for WordPress. It’s the go-to tool for making a timeline-based design. Using this remarkable timeline template generator plugin, you can also transform your blog entries into a blog timeline.


An enhanced Timeline Block for Gutenberg with convenient pre-made styles for making beautiful timelines Infinite options for visually attractive material presentation are opened up by this block, which may be used to build any kind of timeline, from maps to process stages and events.

Make a stunning slideshow or video timeline to share your story.
Images, movies, slideshows, and even theme-specific patterns and colors may all be used to great effect in a narrative timeline. The plugin’s concise code makes it easy to implement a timeline almost anywhere.

There are several design and personalization choices available via the plugin’s sophisticated admin interface.

Cool Timeline Pro NULLED Plugin has several cool features.

Over Forty Distinct Layouts for a Timeline
The Pro version of Cool Timeline has four distinct timeline formats.

Visibility settings, background and element colors, and font and typography color selections are all readily managed using Cool Timeline Pro’s sophisticated settings panel.

Display Videos, Images, and Slideshows using Cool Timeline Pro’s Built-in Video, Image, and Slideshow Viewers. They are simple to include in a timeline narrative.

You can quickly create a multicolored timeline with the help of Cool Timeline Pro’s powerful custom color function, which allows you to choose a new color for each story as it is added.

Using the Cool Timeline Pro WordPress plugin, you can create many timelines on a single site, each based on a separate set of categories. These timelines may be shown in any form or arrangement, whether vertical or horizontal.

Smart Generator Makes It Simple to Insert a Shortcode: If you’re creating a new post or page in WordPress using the traditional code editor, you can effortlessly insert a shortcode into any page with the help of the intuitive shortcode generating tool.

Whether you’re using Gutenberg Blocks, Elementor, or WPBakery, you can quickly and easily include a timeline into your site. Once individual articles have been published, they may be displayed in a chronological format using any page builder. Building blocks from Gutenberg, Elementor, and WPBakery

Timeline of Elementor Schedule FOR Elementor, BOTH VERTICALLY AND HORIZONTALLY

Instead of the date, display the custom label or text instead. Cool Timeline Pro has options to replace the timeline’s date and time markers with user-supplied text. By adjusting a few basic options, creating a timeline tale is as easy as adding words.
Timeline in Any ASC/DESC Order You may choose to display timelines in either ascending or descending order using the shortcode provided by ASC or DESC Timeline.

Modifying Categories:-

Timeline Filters Display When users pick a filter or category, they are sent to a timeline that only contains information relevant to that selection.

Timeline Following:

Timeline of Blog Posts Using Cool Chronological Pro, you can display your website’s blog articles in a chronological format on any page. Additionally, by including a post-type slug in the timeline shortcode, you may use the timeline layout to represent any post type.

Support for Ajax’s Load More and Pagination Features Pagination is only one of many things that Cool Timeline Pro offers. If your timeline has a large number of tales, you may choose to implement pagination or load additional buttons after a certain number of entries.
Using a Scroll Bar: Minimal Scroll Bar In order to quickly move between different points in time, you may display a little scrolling navigation on your timeline page. This compact timeline navigation allows the reader to swiftly and simply access a certain year’s worth of stories.

Timeline Icons: Use FontAwesome or Your Own Images Each entry in your timeline may be accompanied by typeface-amazing icons or user-supplied images.

In-Timeline HTML/Links/Read More: Display HTML/Links/Read More Timeline stories may include read-more links to the complete story page or a custom URL, as well as links, bold text, and other custom HTML tags.

Timeline Date Format: Insert Any Date Format By including a date format in your shortcode, you can have the timeline display the date and year in whatever manner you choose. To see how to properly format dates and times, see https://codex.wordpress.org/.

Cartoons: Over Fifteen Animated Effects Cool Timeline Pro is a professional timeline design tool that comes with more than 15 unique animation effects.

Professional User Premium Service Our Pro subscribers have priority access to our customer care team. Send us an email at [email protected] if you run into any trouble incorporating your ideal timeline into your website, and we’ll get back to you with a workable solution within 24 hours.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

The use of a short code

Simple set up? buy, extract the zip, peruse the documentation

All the main browsers, including Internet Explorer, are supported. works with all major browsers including IE9–11, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


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