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Conversion Tracking Pro for WooCommerce nulled plugin 1.0.6

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WooCommerce Conversion Tracking allows you to connect your store with various ad platforms, track trigger-based events, and fine-tuned audience retargeting. It offers features like Facebook conversion tracking, Google Ads tracking, Twitter conversion tracking, Microsoft Advertising tracking, Perfect Audience conversion tracking, and custom platform conversion tracking. The platform allows you to import products, add multiple pixels, and create product catalogs. It also allows you to send purchase events and purchase labels to Google’s platform, measure events like cart purchases, successful purchases, and registrations. The integration with Perfect Audience allows you to target customers most likely to convert. The platform also allows you to connect your WooCommerce store with JavaScript tracking scripts feature. This advanced conversion tracking tool helps you gain user behavioral data, track your business, create better ad campaigns, increase ROI, and secure better customer retargeting for future marketing efforts.

Conversion Tracking Pro for WooCommerce nulled plugin shop to the top ad networks available. Send user-triggered events from your eCommerce shop to the platform of your choice. Retargeting is as easy as ABC!

At a Glance: WooCommerce Conversion TrackingFor your shop, advanced conversion tracking is available.
The ability to link numerous advertising platforms
Keep track of trigger-based events
Facebook audience retargeting with multiple Pixels and product catalog
Step-by-step installation that is quick and simple
Option to transmit values to linked sites, including the use of custom parameters
You save time since there is no need for bespoke coding.
Control access to settings based on user role.
How does it work?

Conversion Tracking Pro for WooCommerce nulled plugin Conversion tracking on Facebook
Send data to Facebook Ads about who has browsed your goods, added items to a cart, searched, bought, and registered so you can maximize your ROI when you remarket to those individuals. When necessary, add numerous pixels and construct product catalogs.

Add goods to the Facebook Product Catalog
The Facebook product catalog is a list of the items you want to promote. Rather of adding goods separately, you may use this method to add them all at once.

Add many Facebook pixels
This capability is critical if you have many Facebook pixels, particularly if you deal with agencies or partners that want their own pixels on your site.

Google Ads Monitoring
Enter your Google Adwords Account ID and transmit your buy events and labels to Google’s platform. Learn how to make the most of your Paid Ads by targeting the appropriate audience.

Conversion Tracking Pro for WooCommerce nulled plugin Twitter Conversion Monitoring
Advanced conversion tracking combined with Twitter Ads allows you to monitor events such as goods added to a cart, successful transactions, registrations, and much more.

Microsoft Tracking Advertising
This is the simplest method for linking your WooCommerce shop to Bing Ads. Send your conversion statistics to the Microsoft Advertising platform to help you establish a more precise target audience.

Audience conversion monitoring at its finest
Do you want the finest retargeting results possible? Because of our partnership with Perfect Audience, you can target clients who are most likely to convert.

Tracking conversions on a certain platform
You don’t want to be limited to these platforms? Have you tried anything else? Use the JavaScript tracking scripts option to connect the platform of your choosing!

Conversion Tracking Pro for WooCommerce nulled plugin may assist you with the following tasks:
Obtaining sophisticated user behavioral data
Improving your WooCommerce plugin business tracking
Obtaining comprehensive conversion data for analytics purposes
Making better advertising campaigns
Increasing the return on investment from all paid media investments
Improving customer retargeting for future marketing initiatives


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