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WooCommerce’s Chained Products plugin allows retailers to create various bundles, composites, assemblies, packages, and more. By adding a “main” product, store owners can “chain” as many goods as needed, varying the quantity as required. Customers receive all “chained” items when they purchase the main product, paying only for the product itself. Chained products can be priced separately and work with smart coupons, WooCommerce subscriptions, and other themes. By using product bundling tactics, retailers can maximize orders and reduce stock, ultimately benefiting both their income and pending inventory.

WooCommerce offers a plugin called Chained Products, which allows users to create bundles of pre-configured products. This feature is compatible with various product types, including physical items, digital downloads, memberships, and more. Users can create bundles by linking as many goods as they like, choosing different types and quantities. The plugin also allows for “Buy One, Get One” or “Buy One, Get More” deals, making the bundle seem more valuable to consumers.

The chained product plugin can be used in various ways, such as creating new bundles out of old ones, combining products in unique ways, or using a product chain. It streamlines inventory management for each product, allowing customers to see whether the product is available for backorder. Chained products can automatically add or delete goods from past orders when edited in the main product.

Cost management is simplified for each product, as it is done at the level of individual linked items. Customers can also check if the product is available for backorder on the page for chained items. Chained products are efficient, as they won’t slow down your website or the checkout process.

Customers can control display, translation, and shortcodes for chained products on the product page, and use translation plugins like Loco Translate to translate them into their language. This plugin can be used to create irresistible electronics bundles, home gym sets, travel packages, and IT-related topics. Additionally, developers can develop and optimize websites for search engines.

Chained Products is a plugin for WooCommerce that allows shop owners to create unbeatable product bundles and combinations at the lowest possible prices. It allows customers to customize their bundles by selecting add-on products or variations. Chained products provide complete control over the amount, kind, and specific goods included in a product bundle, allowing the administrator to set the overall collection price. It has been used with various themes for over seven years and is regularly updated. Chained Products offers comprehensive documentation and support, making it a valuable resource for improving your company. It is highly regarded and has been “battle-tested,” addressing several demands.

Chained Products nulled plugin

Packs, freebies, buy-one-get-one deals, force sales, composites, product kits, mix-and-match items, combination offers, and more may be easily made using WooCommerce plugin. The purchase of a “main” product triggers the automated delivery of all “chained” items to the purchaser.

Why spend money on many WooCommerce grouped product plugins when Chained Products can handle most of them? It boosts cart success with bundles, composites, assemblies, packages, and more. Make an irresistible product bundle for your consumers by starting with the core product and adding complementary goods to it.

Because of its adaptability and ease of use, this product bundle plugin has been thousands of retailers’ go-to for a decade. Allow me to explain:

With the addition of one new or existing product, store owners are free to “chain” as many goods as they choose, varying the quantity as required. This will be referred to as the “main” product.
Customers automatically get all the “chained” items when they purchase this “main” product, paying just for the “main” product itself. Both the shopping cart and the final order will display “chained” goods. Products that are linked may also be priced separately. Consider a laptop as your flagship product; a variety of accessories, such as a wireless mouse, keyguard, cleaning kit, and extended warranty, are linked to it.
With the Chained Products plugin, you can easily manage subscriptions, virtual product access, pricing, and multi-level nested offers. It’s also easy to apply discounts. It works with smart coupons, WooCommerce subscriptions, and other popular themes.

Get more out of your orders and reduce stock by using tried-and-true product bundling tactics.
In most WooCommerce stores, the best-selling goods are bundles and discounted combos. A fantastic deal is a bundle of similar items sold at a discounted price. Both your income and your pending inventory are cleared out.

Among this plugin’s many advantages are the following:

No setup is required (and no misunderstandings) for clients.
You may think of chained items as bundles of pre-configured products. Customers are unable to customize package configurations or choose their own variant choices. Instead of being confused, they are forced to consider “price vs. value” while making a choice.

Compatibility with many WooCommerce product types has been confirmed.
Various, simple, virtual, downloadable, subscription-based The plugin is compatible with all standard product types as well as those you create yourself. You may offer physical things, digital downloads, memberships, or a mix of the three.

Using WooCommerce’s “related” or “frequently bought together” goods to build chained products that may be shown as upsells or cross-sells is a great tip.

Put together WooCommerce product bundles of any kind.
You may either set linked goods to be priced separately or set a price for your primary product. You may make a product bundle by linking as many goods as you like. You may choose several kinds and even choose how much to buy.

Users will see the main product and any related goods with their specified pricing in the basket after they add the main product. Zero if the ability to price items separately is disabled; otherwise, the chained product price.

Set up and display the costs of each linked product.
The primary product price will remain at zero, and the overall bundle price will equal the sum of the individual chained product costs.

Have a look at a bundle of shaving kits. Brushes, razors, and cream, among other goods, will be priced separately. Each component’s price will add up to the overall cost of the product package.

This will make the bundle seem more valuable to consumers who want to see all the costs without really looking at the products.

Make arrangements for “Buy One, Get One” or “Buy One, Get More” deals.
You may display a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offer by chaining a product variant (like a red and blue T-shirt) or by chaining various items in multiple quantities to the primary product (like two sets of printer papers and cartridges linked to a printer).

Product packages that are reused and nestled
Make new bundles out of old ones, combine products in unique ways, or utilize a product chain. Because of this, the chained product plugin may be used in a number of different ways.

You could, for instance, attach a laptop to a backpack. The laptop bag, however, was already attached to a USB hub. Those who buy the laptop will also get the other two things at no extra cost.

Streamlined inventory management for each product
Instead of managing inventory at the main product level, it is done at the level of individual linked items. Customers will also be unable to purchase the “main” product in the event that any of the linked goods are temporarily unavailable. You can say goodbye to customer service and order management headaches with this!

On the page for chained items, customers would also be able to see whether the product is available for backorder.

Stay up-to-date with all your previous orders’ “chained” items.
If you’d like, chained goods may automatically add or delete goods from past orders whenever you edit connected products in the “main” product. Perfect for recurring subscription box bundles, limitless digital downloads, and club memberships.

Efficient: won’t slow down your website
Neither your site speed nor the checkout process will be affected by Chained Products. Users include some of the most prominent WooCommerce retailers. You may also depend on the code because of its high quality.

Control over display, translation, and shortcodes
On the product page, you may show chained items with the shortcode [chained_products]. Shortcode properties allow you to personalize the way chained goods are displayed.
Display or conceal linked products from the shopping cart, shopping widget, checkout, and order. Quite helpful for keeping track of inventories and selling built things.
Choose a translation plugin, like Loco Translate, to translate Chained Products into your language.

Develop a plethora of irresistible electronics bundles, such as a protective carry case for a MacBook, and sell them to customers.
Adapters that are connected to high-end Samsung and Apple phones.
Includes an extended warranty on TVs, fridges, air conditioners, and microwaves.
The latest trend: a BOGO set of T-shirts.
Stunning bridal gown paired with coordinating jewelry.
Proper attire includes a tie and a suit with cufflinks.
Additional belts include smartwatches.
Couch, coffee table, and end tables—that’s the living room set.
Bed, mattress, and nightstand that make up a bedroom set.
Desk, chair, bookcase, and file cabinet for an office.
Athletics: bicycle helmet.
Items needed for a round of golf include a bag, clubs, gloves, tees, and balls.
Use a cricket bat or tennis racket to hit balls.
Paper goods and reading material: a pencil, eraser, sharpener, and scale for the classroom.
Collection of records or notebooks.
Cosmetics and Personal Care: A Trio of Lip Colors.
a combination of a face wash, toner, and moisturizer.
A home gym set for health and fitness: a yoga mat, weights, an exercise ball, and a rope.
Personal training sessions linked to a fitness program.
Tourism and travel: plane tickets, hotel rooms, and more.
Associated with the primary trip plan are optional extras like car rentals and travel insurance.
Food and drink: breakfast package including cereal, fruit, bread, and cheese.
Tofu, brown rice, a variety of vegetables, nuts, and fruits—that’s the vegan lunch box.
A soda and pizza combo.
Food, joint supplements, shampoo, and a chewing toy are all part of a pet care package.
A carrier, bowls for food and water, a leash, and a toy make up a travel package.
IT: collection of topics.
Add-ons for plugins.
I develop websites and optimize them for search engines.
The Chained Products Plugin for WooCommerce in Comparison to Other Product Bundles
With the help of other plugins, customers may customize their bundles by selecting certain add-on products or variations.

Chained goods give the shop owner complete control over the amount, kind, and specific goods included in a product bundle. The administrator may set the overall collection price.

With chained products, you can create unbeatable product bundles and combinations at the lowest possible prices.

Customer Reviews of Chained Products
Observed across the reviews on this page are the following feelings:.

This is an excellent tool for those who want to provide bundles of items.
Does what it says it would do and is really easy to set up.
The plugin does its intended function flawlessly.
Just as simple and natural as I had imagined…
It allows us to provide packages while keeping track of individual inventory levels and yet satisfying customers wonderfully.
The best assistance ever!
Do you have any worries?
Are your plugins compatible with it? You may find a list of plugins that work with Chained Products in the ‘Compatibility’ section of this page.
Is it going to complement your theme? Yes, if your theme says it supports WooCommerce. For more than seven years, people have been using chained products with a wide variety of themes. The results are fantastic. It is also periodically updated by us.
What kind of help and support can you expect? Yes. For chained products, we provide comprehensive documentation and support that is well regarded. If you want to see what other people think of our help, check out the reviews on this page.
Now consider this:.
The cardinal rule of business is to increase customer value. It has been shown that offering pre-configured product packages increases conversions. Because customers aren’t required to complete any setup or choose combinations, chained products improve their experience, which in turn increases conversion and revenue. It’s more than a plugin; it’s a resource for improving your company.

At long last…
Making and managing pre-selected WooCommerce product bundles is a breeze with Chained Products. It is highly regarded, has been “battle-tested,” and addresses several demands.


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