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Cepatlakoo is a WordPress and WooCommerce online store theme designed to create a user-friendly website with numerous features. Created by Tim, the team behind ThemeWarrior, Cepatlakoo offers an extended WooCommerce checkout page, automated notifications and follow-up via SMS and WhatsApp, administration and planning, and a unique payment and return policy. The theme also includes a cart panel in the sidebar, a payment form, and Facebook Pixel integration for WooCommerce.

Elementor pro nulled page creator offers logo modules from local businesses and banks, and features like WhatsApp and sticky buttons for “Add to Cart” and “Buy via WhatsApp” to increase conversion rates. The sales accelerator feature increases trust in the store and generates increased conversions. The Elementor page builder allows for easy creation of landing pages with custom elements. Overall, Cepatlakoo is a premium WordPress nulled theme that offers numerous benefits for online store owners looking to enhance their online store experience.

Cepatlakoo nulled Themes

Creating a More User-Friendly Online Store Website
What is the motif of Cepatlakoo?
Cepatlakoo adalah untuk menambahkan tema atau template toko online untuk WordPress dan WooCommerce dengan fitur yang banyak melihat.

With Cepatlakoo, you can easily create an online shop website; simply use a credit card!

The features that are present on Cepatlakoo are specifically designed to assist online store owners in the development of online stores that are significantly more beneficial in terms of sales and potentially increase sales conversion.

Created by Tim with passion

The team that developed this WordPress and WooCommerce online store theme is well-versed in WordPress. We are the same team that is located on the ThemeWarrior website, and we have already had the opportunity to create a premium WordPress nulled theme and sell it on the international market.

Extended WooCommerce Checkout Page

We have enhanced the WooCommerce transaction process to make it more user-friendly, thereby facilitating the purchasing process for our customers.

Automated Notification and Follow-Up via SMS and WhatsApp

This feature employs third-party services that incur monthly fees and monthly payments.

Administration and Planning

Anda dapat dengan mudah mengatur pesanan yang masuk dan dapat melihat lihat laporan penjualan melalui fitur-fitur yang ada di WooCommerce.

Unik Pembayaran dan Perhitungan Ongkir

The security of the local market is quite high, but the integration with the complex security service makes it more manageable.

Cart Panel in the Sidebar

This feature is consistently the favorite of online casino players due to its ability to facilitate transaction conversions.

Pesanan Lacak

The form provided allows the buyer to easily submit their request.
There is an option to cancel based on the Order ID and Email Address or the Order ID and Telephone Number.

Facebook Pixel Integration in WooCommerce

WooCommerce-based eCommerce platform Cepatlakoo has been integrated with Facebook Pixel. You can also utilize more than one (multiple) Facebook Pixel ID with ease on the Cepatlakoo theme.

The Facebook Pixel integration option is now available at the post or page level in WordPress, with a variety of the most recent Facebook Pixel event options.

You can also utilize custom Facebook Pixel events at the post and page levels with ease.

Bank Logo and Kurir

Logo modules from numerous local businesses and banks are available for the Elementor pro nulled page creator. The logo can be easily created or expanded.

Beli via WhatsApp dan Tombol Sticky

Your website visitors can easily and promptly share your products via WhatsApp. Sticky buttons for “Add to Cart” and “Buy via WhatsApp” are also available to assist in increasing conversion rates.

Payment Confirmation Button

There is an option to provide a payment confirmation button, either through a form or via WhatsApp.

We also provide the “Pay” button to submit the account number and nominal amount that must be transferred. This will facilitate the purchasing process for the buyer.

Sales Accelerator

This feature will increase your trust in your store and generate increased conversions.

Tombol Kontak Messenger

The “Add to Cart” button is available on the Elementor page builder and the product detail page.

Page Builder

Build a landing page that is effortless with the Elementor page builder. A multitude of custom elements have been developed by us to assist you in the creation of a compelling landing page!

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