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Cart Reports nulled plugin 1.4.0

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Cart Reports nulled plugin View cart abandonment data and graphs from your WooCommerce dashboard.
The WooCommerce Cart Reports plugin gives real-time information on your clients’ open and abandoned shopping carts. Keep track of your clients’ carts and run your online business more effectively.

Cart Reports nulled plugin Features at a Glance:
Simple to install and administer.
Dashboard Widgets for Quick Overview
Comprehensive custom date-range reports
The “Cart Detail” view displays cart goods, the most recent update time, and other information.
Contact consumers who have logged in but abandoned their shopping carts.
Cart Reports for WooCommerce includes full reporting tools under a new “Carts” tab inside the WooCommerce “Reports” page under “WooCommerce” -> “Reports.” The Carts page allows you to examine converted/open/abandoned carts over a specific date range, the most abandoned goods, and product abandonment by month.

Cart reports are available.
Cart Reports for WooCommerce offers a list view to evaluate open, abandoned, and converted carts. The list view allows you to filter by cart date, cart status, or customer. You may examine cart actions, if possible, such as “View Order” for converted carts and “Email Customer” for carts linked with a user.

List view.
List view.
Cart Reports also includes two dashboard widgets that provide admins with rapid visibility into cart trends and data. See currently open carts and a 30-day graph summary directly from the Woocommerce plugin  dashboard

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