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BeDrive is a self-hosted file sharing and hosting platform that allows users to create their own website without any coding or server management knowledge. It features an editable homepage, easy installation, a SaaS mode, high performance, sharing, upload status, shareable links, translations, responsiveness, dark mode, file previews, Amazon S3, DigitalOcean, and Dropbox storage, in-depth documentation, authentication, permissions and roles, registration disabled, grid and list views, ads, professional design, appearance editor, settings, analytics, multiple homepages, drag and drop, context menu, trash, favorites, search, file details, source code, custom pages, and menu editor.

BeDrive is available on demo sites and requires PHP >= 8.1, PDO Extension (enabled by default), php_fileinfo Extension (enabled by default), and a MySQL Database Server. It also offers a professional design, professional appearance, multiple homepages, drag and drop features, a context menu, trash, favorites, search, file details, source code, custom pages, and menu editing. Users can also create custom pages using the built-in WISIWYG editor and edit menus without coding knowledge. BeDrive is fully translation ready and can be easily translated to any language from the admin area.


Without any prior coding or server administration experience, BeDrive lets you quickly and easily build your own feature-rich self-hosted file sharing and hosting website.

BeDrive – Cloud Storage and File Sharing – 2BeDrive Nulled Script Panel and Admin Account
You will see the admin account credentials pre-filled when you enter the sample site’s login page. Keep in mind that the demo site does not allow harmful operations like editing or deleting.
Every hour, admin accounts will be reset and filled with some example files.

Make a new account by enrolling on the demo site in order to test a normal user.

BeDrive Nulled Script Features: Editable Homepage: By using the integrated appearance editor with a live preview and no coding experience required, you can effortlessly modify the default landing page.
Simple Installation: With our user-friendly installer and instructions, you can quickly and simply install BeDrive in a matter of minutes without any coding or server experience.
SaaS mode: Utilize the integrated premium subscription system to generate income. Provide a variety of subscription options that consumers may choose from, giving them choice over the features, storage capacity, and restrictions of each plan.
High Performance: BeDrive boasts blazingly quick page loads right out of the box and is very lightweight.
Sharing: Users may work together by sharing files and folders with other users.
Upload Status: View the current status, progress, remaining time, and more for every upload.
Shareable Links: Generate links that may be shared publicly for files and folders, adding optional password protection, expiry dates, and permissions.
Translations: BeDrive is completely ready for translation, and the admin area makes it simple to convert the software into any language.
BeDrive is completely responsive and compatible with a variety of platforms, including tablets, smartphones, and PCs.
Dark Mode: Light and dark themes are pre-installed on BeDrive. Using the appearance editor, you may add new themes or completely change them.
File previews allow you to see a variety of file formats, such as text, music, video, PDFs, zip files, and photos, directly in your browser without having to download them.
Users may easily upload files to Dropbox Storage, DigitalOcean, Amazon S3, and other cloud service providers.
Documentation: BeDrive has comprehensive documentation that covers every aspect, from feature installation to setup.
Authentication: A fully functional authentication system that includes regular login, social media login (Facebook, Twitter, and Google), registration, password recovery, account settings, and more.
Permissions and Roles: Utilize the comprehensive permission and role system to grant (or deny) users, subscription plans, or visitors access to conduct certain actions on the website.
Disable Registration: You may completely disable registration from the admin panel, allowing only users that you manually create to log in.
Grid and List Views: Users have the option to easily switch between grid and list views, allowing them to choose the one that best suits their needs.
Ads: BeDrive will automatically show ad codes that you paste into integrated ad spaces in the admin interface.
Professional Design: Based on Google Material Design, this design is pixel-perfect.
Appearance Editor: With ease, alter the look of your website by changing its colors, logo, landing page, menus, and other elements.
options: You may adjust the site to suit your requirements with the use of the admin panel’s many options.
Analytics: You don’t need to visit a separate page to see the performance of your website since Google Analytics is directly integrated into the admin panel.
Numerous Homepages: Select from a variety of homepages, such as your own HTML page, the landing page, and the login page.
Drag and Drop: Use the built-in drag and drop functionality to upload, choose, and move files and folders.
Context Menu: You may do all the typical operations, including copying, moving, renaming, sharing, and obtaining links, by using the fully integrated context menu that appears when you right-click on a file or folder. On touch-based devices, the navigation bar also provides access to this menu.
Trash: Deleted objects are first placed in the trash in order to be restored at a later time.
Favorites: Save your favorite files or folders for later, easy access from the favorites page.
Find files and folders at any depth with the help of a powerful search.
File information: Selecting a file or folder will reveal its information in the sidebar on the right, along with a preview if one is available.
Source Code: Upon purchase, you will get the whole, unencrypted source code, which makes custom changes simple.
Custom Pages: The integrated WISIWYG editor may be used to build custom pages, such as terms of service, about us, etc.
Menu Editor: You don’t need to know how to code to alter any of the site’s menus; you can just drag and drop changes to them.
PHP >= 8.1 PDO Extension (by default enabled)
Extension php_fileinfo (by default enabled)
The MySQL database server.



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