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Admin Columns Pro nulled plugin 6.4.10

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Customize your WordPress list table with drag-and-drop columns, easily find and edit content, export content to CSV, integrate with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), and add WooCommerce columns for complete control over your online shop. This tool simplifies content management and search.

Create the ideal overview for your content

Completely modify your WordPress list table. Add vital content to them simply dragging and dropping it into columns – no code required.
In this example, we included a template, a featured image, and a word count column. You can add any material, including custom fields.

 Find any WordPress content

Searching for WordPress content has never been easier. Any content can be organized, filtered, and searched.
Editing WordPress nulled themes Content has never been easier!

Edit your content straight from the overview, without having to open each post individually.

In-line Editing

Admin Columns Pro nulled plugin Inline editing enables you to swiftly modify individual pieces of information.

Admin Columns Pro nulled plugin Bulk Editing

Admin Columns Pro nulled plugin Bulk editing allows you to update all your content at once.
Export WordPress content to CSV.

Create bespoke CSV exports of your WordPress content. You can export a custom selection by filtering and sorting your content first – this works for all overviews.
Advanced Custom Fields

Admin Columns is fully integrated with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). You may show, bulk edit, filter, and search any acf field from the list table!

We provide a powerful WooCommerce add-on that adds additional WooCommerce columns to your product, order, and coupon overview pages, giving you complete control over your online store.

Admin Columns Pro nulled plugin Key Features of Admin Columns Pro:

  • Customizable Columns: Add, remove, and rearrange columns to display the information that matters most to your workflow.
  • Sort by Any Column: Sort your content by any displayed column, including custom fields, for effortless organization.
  • Advanced Filtering: Apply filters based on various criteria, including categories, tags, authors, custom fields, dates, and more.
  • Inline Editing: Edit content directly within the list view for faster and more efficient updates.
  • Bulk Editing: Save even more time by making bulk edits to multiple posts or pages simultaneously.
  • Conditional Column Display: Set specific conditions for displaying certain columns based on post type, category, or other

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