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Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce nulled plugin 1.0.6

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Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce nulled plugin Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce improves your WooCommerce checkout and user experience.
WooCommerce store owners understand the agony of incurring losses due to undelivered packages with invalid addresses — it’s a common problem for most store owners, and recent research has shown that companies are especially impacted by customers filling out address fields incorrectly during holiday sales such as Black Friday.

What if there was a method to assist you in eliminating delivery delays caused by inaccurate address entry? What if we could use Google’s Address Autocomplete (suggestion) tool to assist clients in entering their addresses?

Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce is now available. Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce is a smart but simple addon that syncs your site with Google Maps’ location detector at the checkout page. This saves your consumers time and effort when filling out the address sections on their checkout form.

How does WooCommerce Address Autocomplete work?
When a client picks a place on the map, Google Address auto-complete (via Google API) instantly retrieves their Address, Country, City, State, and Zipcode and auto-fills the data into the appropriate form. Furthermore, if the customer enters a location or zip code, the system will display a list of suitable locations from which to choose.

Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce is the ultimate solution for WooCommerce shops that have issues such as delivering to the wrong address owing to improper address input.

WooCommerce Address Autocomplete Features
The Google Address Autocomplete tool validates addresses in real time using the Google Places API.
Drag and point to any place on the map with excellent accuracy and precision with the Google Maps pointer.
Address details such as country, city, and zip code will be detected automatically, eliminating the need for manual entry.
Autofill address fields on the checkout page – the autofill technology fills the address fields once the consumer picks their location and data.
nations – Prevent particular nations from showing in recommendation results.
The billing address and shipping address may be the same – clients can copy their billing address to the shipping address by clicking on a checkbox.
establish shipping methods to specified locations from the backend —using the backend settings, you may establish and specify multiple shipping methods (free delivery, flat fee, local pick up) to particular areas.
Accept manual input – Allow clients to enter their address and other information manually.
Why Use WooCommerce Address Autocomplete?
Fill up address information using Google Maps recommendations

The Google Address Autocomplete functionality adds a text input box to your WooCommerce plugin checkout page that provides customers with recommendations depending on the text they enter. These forecasts are shown as a drop-down list.

Assign several shipping methods to different destinations.

The administrator may authorize various delivery methods and assign them to specified locations. For example, the admin may designate a free shipping method to the citizens of Texas. Users who pick Texas as their state in the address form will immediately get free delivery at checkout.

Restrict nations from buying

Customers from specified countries might be barred from buying things from your WooCommerce shop. Although the consumer may add things to their basket, they are unable to finish the checkout procedure.

Restrict shipping options at checkout.

Specific shipping methods might be restricted from zones and zone areas. Backend options allow you to add nations to these zones. This function allows you to exclude numerous nations at the same time.

Show Map During Checkout

Display Google Maps after checkout so that consumers may see the location of the address they’re looking for. The map will update in real time and provide a pointer to the customer’s address.

Users should be able to drag and drop the map pointer.

Allow your clients to choose an address by dragging and dropping the cursor on the map shown at checkout. The map pointer will get the address information and display it in the address fields.

How to Get Started with WooCommerce Address Autocomplete.
Install the extension after downloading it. The installation instructions may be found here.
Activate, configure, and install the extension.
Read the technical documentation to guide you through the process of configuring address autocomplete, shipping methods, and other features.

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