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Active eCommerce Refund add-on Nulled Script 1.6

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The Refund System is a feature available for Active eCommerce CMS, allowing customers to request a refund for previously purchased products. If approved, the refunded amount is added to the customer’s wallet, allowing them to purchase a different product later. To use this system, activate Active eCommerce CMS, purchase the Refund addon from codecanyon, and install it.

Active eCommerce Refund add-on Nulled Script It is important to note that the refund mechanism is not an autonomous system. This refund method is only accessible with Active eCommerce CMS. If you have not yet purchased Active eCommerce CMS, then click here to buy.

Purchase now! & utilize Refund System for your eCommerce company, which is exclusively built using the most efficient eCommerce CMS, Active eCommerce CMS. Product refund is the procedure by which a consumer may seek a refund for a previously bought product for a specific reason, and if the retailer or vendor authorizes the return, the refunded money will be credited to the customer’s wallet. So, with this additional sum, the buyer might subsequently purchase another product (different from the one that was refunded).

How does this work?
Active eCommerce Refund add-on Nulled Script should be pre-installed on your server.
Purchase the Refund plugin for Active eCommerce CMS from codecanyon.
Download and install the extension via the Active eCommerce cms addon management.
It’s finished!



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