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YouTube Plugin nulled plugin 3.5.0

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Yottie is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create a custom playlist for YouTube videos on their website. With over a hundred configurable settings, 4 theme colors, and 16 language support, Yottie offers a responsive experience for users on any device. The YouTube Plugin nulled plugin allows users to embed any YouTube channel, arrange videos by date, views, likes, dislikes, position, or comments, and set the time period for browser data retention. Users can also sort information into personalized categories, adjust the width of videos, and choose the number of columns and rows displayed. The plugin’s header can be shown or hidden, and users can customize the look of the header with various options. The plugin also allows users to create a YouTube channel with a unique name, add a personalized blurb, choose a logo for their channel, and insert their own banner’s URL. Yottie also offers a Shutter Video Playlist plugin, which allows users to display videos in a compact grid without a description or accompanying text.

Make sure your website is optimised for playing YouTube videos. If you want YouTube videos on your WordPress site, you need Yottie. Create a custom playlist on your site by selecting the channels and videos you want to include.

Get 100+ configurable settings, 4 theme colours, and 16 language support in a downloadable ackage. In sum, you’ll have a lot of options to play around with. Because our WordPress YouTube Plugin nulled plugin is totally responsive, you can reach users on any device.

Features of a Yottie Amazubed

That’s OK; you’ve seen our YouTube Plugin nulled plugin highlights. There is, however, much more to come! More than a hundred different settings allow you to personalise your Yottie experience.


  • Include your formal profile or compile a collection of videos you want to see.
  • Using a gallery plugin for WordPress, you can embed any YouTube channel.
  • Don’t feel limited in your sharing.
  • Create a widget that translates the YouTube website by combining channels, playlists, and individual videos.
  • All you have to do is substitute the relevant URL.
  • You may arrange your videos in six different ways: by date, by views, by likes, by dislikes, by position, or by comments.
  • Play your YouTube clips in a completely arbitrary sequence.
  • Set the time period for which a browser will retain data from the designated sources.


  • Sort information into personalised categories.
  • Each category may include an unlimited number of sources.
  • You’ll need to identify the various factions by name.


  • The YouTube Plugin nulled plugin for WordPress allows you to adjust the width of your videos so that they look great on any screen.
  • WordPress’s YouTube video gallery lets you choose the number of columns and rows it displays.
  • Smooth out the space before each video clip.


  • The WordPress plugin header may be shown or hidden.
  • Alter the look of the header completely.
  • Pick a player header design from the following three options: Standard, Highlight, and Minimum

There are eight selectable pieces of data: branding, advertising, channel description, and more indicators for recording quality, subscribers, views, and subscriptions.

  • Make a YouTube channel with a unique name.
  • Add a personalised blurb about the selected user profile.
  • Choose a logo for your channel by entering its URL.
  • Insert your own banner’s URL here.


It takes some time to consider the appropriate settings for all of the Yottie parameters required by the YouTube plugin. We have various demonstrations of the YouTube widget for WordPress.

Select a channel and apply a custom colour palette to its header and video slider. The version you see on YouTube is probably closer to this one. Plus, site visitors may sign up for the service without ever leaving your site.

Download the plugin for Shutter Video Playlist, and your videos will appear in a compact grid that can be scrolled vertically to save space. Using a shutter animation can add an interesting effect.

Want to show off some great films you found on YouTube but don’t want to go all out? Disable the header, add the YouTube gallery plugin to the control panel, and just display the best material. The optimum user experience is achieved via horizontal scrolling and the carousel motion effect.

Embedding a YouTube video demonstration of your product directly into your website is possible using Single Video. Show off your videos in style with Yottie’s 100+ adjustment options.

Cinema Video Gallery is a WordPress plugin that displays a user’s channel’s videos without a description or any other accompanying text. Just give the people what they want to see—videos. When activated, the video’s description will show as the cursor moves over it in the grid.

Install Yottie, turn off the video player’s distracting features, and you’ve got yourself a simple video grid. To see the result, remove the header and all the informational pieces, tweak the animation, and change the colours. The grid is now operational.

You have a lot of videos on YouTube, and you’d want to post them to your site in various categories. Create a feed that incorporates any preexisting or new YouTube playlists and use them on your website. That’s the most like the classic YouTube user interface you’ll find.

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