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YITH WooCommerce Surveys nulled plugin 1.2.14

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Make a custom survey and display it on the Checkout page.
What you can get from it:
You will get responses from your consumers at the precise point when they are most likely to do so: throughout the buying process.

You will be able to boost your e-commerce by using targeted marketing techniques based on the responses you obtain from surveys.

YITH WooCommerce Surveys nulled plugin  What about obtaining a response to your inquiry from every single one of your customers?
You surely are aware of it!

Obtaining information from your clients is never simple. Even if you attempt via email or social media, the outcomes are never satisfactory.
Several studies have shown that the optimal time to raise your question is during the checkout process.
In reality, 100% of individuals who place an order complete out all of the required areas.

Customers have no distractions at the checkout since they are focused on the transaction, and they do not hesitate to provide the response you want.

You can use YITH WooCommerce Surveys to add tiny surveys to the “Checkout” page. Furthermore, statistics might provide you with knowledge that will be useful in making future decisions.
Stop wasting money and start trusting your consumers!

Make as many surveys as you like.
Allow users to submit an infinite number of responses.
Innumerable questions and answers

Make use of the ”CHECKOUT” page.
Add the question on the “Checkout” page and choose the optimal place.

Include a required survey.
And compel users to respond in order to finish their purchase
Mandatory response

Include the questionnaires on the product description page.
And then choose whether to apply the question to one or more goods.

Make a survey on any page.
By using a widget or shortcode, you may edit the pages and create a comprehensive list of questions.
Shortcodes and widgets

Learn about the most lucrative marketing tactics.
Using user responses and the total number of orders tied to them

Create a CSV file with the data.
And use various tools to flesh out the report.

Hide the polls
Customers who have already completed the Hide survey

Make use of the WPML compatibility.
You may quickly translate the plugin using the excellent WPML tool Wpml Compatible.

Save the response in the order information (admin side).
Change the order in which the answers are shown.
Create a limitless number of surveys with an infinite number of response options.
Display surveys on the following pages: the “Checkout” page, the product detail page, and any other page containing widgets or shortcodes.
Select a location for the survey on the “Checkout” and product detail pages.
Select one or more goods for which the survey will be shown.
Forcing consumers to finish the purchase by answering the survey on the “Checkout page”
Use the results of each survey to learn more about:
number of customers that chose each response total quantity of orders associated with the answer (available for surveys included to the “Checkout” page)
Customers who have previously responded to the poll should have their responses hidden.
CSV files may be created by exporting surveys and responses.

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