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YITH WooCommerce Social Login nulled plugin 1.38.0

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What the plugin accomplishes
Allow your users to login or join using one of their social identities to save time.
What you can get from it:

Users can log in easily and quickly on your e-commerce without having to fill out forms or enter personal information; you will speed up the purchase and checkout process, increase conversions, and reduce pending orders and abandoned carts (23% of users abandon their cart when they are required to register or log in by manually entering personal information).

YITH WooCommerce Social Login nulled plugin Login using your social profile: a simple yet effective sales tactic
According to online consumer research, over 77% of them choose social login while using an e-commerce site for two primary reasons: security and data accuracy. This almost surely leads to higher conversion rates and, as a result, more purchases.

YITH WooCommerce Social Login nulled plugin Customers prefer social login versus filling out a new registration form for each site they visit for a reason. First and foremost, security: social login prevents users from putting their username and password in the hands of websites that may not be safe. Not to mention remembering them all and the time it takes to fill out a form for each site.

YITH WooCommerce Social Login nulled plugin The second major reason is data personalization, which is considerably more accurate with social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
Customers who are irritated by incorrect targeting are delighted when they are addressed with offers that are relevant to their interests and wants, and this occurs more often when you access via social media that you continuously update.
All of this helps prospective clients feel more comfortable and more inclined to buy from your online store.

Use up to 11 different social networking platforms.
From Facebook to LinkedIn, Foursquare to GitHub, there is something for everyone.

Make a report on connections.
Control how many individuals have used social media to view your website.

Allow consumers to manage all of their social accounts from a single page.
Your users will be able to engage with all of the connections that have happened thanks to the “My Account” tab.

As a result, you may direct your consumers to one of WooCommerce’s pages or to a custom URL.

Put the social media buttons anywhere you want them.
Using the shortcodes and widgets available to you

Display the login button on all store pages.
It may be placed on many pages, such as the checkout or the WordPress login.

Alter the position of the social media buttons.
Thanks to a one-click drag and drop,

Instead of the traditional registration process, individuals will simply need to choose their preferred social network.

Make use of the WPML compatibility.
You may quickly translate the plugin using the excellent WPML tool.


yith nulled plugin

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