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YITH WooCommerce Quick Export nulled plugin 1.3.10

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short description

Simple and rapid export of all your store information (customers, orders, coupons, gift cards, etc.) to a CSV file.
What you can get from it:
Automatic Dropbox backups on CSV files will increase the security of your e-commerce store data.

The export procedure becomes more flexible: pick which information to export and how often (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

YITH WooCommerce Quick Export nulled plugin More readily manageable your store’s details
CSV files are ideal for managing large volumes of data since they are simple to examine and can be read by practically any program.
YITH WooCommerce Quick Export provides several exportation options: for orders, for example, you may export data for a certain time period or set an automated and recurring exportation.

YITH WooCommerce Quick Export nulled plugin The same is true for customers or coupons, and for further protection, the plugin allows you to create an automated backup on Dropbox. As a result, all extracted data will be preserved on the well-known file hosting site, making future exports or a comprehensive list of previous exports always accessible, even with a direct link to the linked file.

Customize the directory and file name you wish to store.
To arrange your stored files in an order, use the available shortcodes.
general menu

Save your data to Dropbox automatically.
You may store data in your own account thanks to a simple synchronization.

Select the data you wish to export.
Choosing consumers, orders, or discounts created.
tab for data exporting

Immediately export your store information
You can receive anything you need, even for a certain time period, with a single click.

Make plans for future exports.
You just need to make them recurring on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
planned procedure

Profit from a comprehensive list of exportations.
Directly connected to the relevant files for rapid access

Make use of the WPML compatibility.
You may quickly translate the plugin using the excellent WPML tool.

Export the YITH Gift Cards data
Customization of the directory where files are saved
Customization of the name structure of the exported file’s created file

Automatic saving to Dropbox account Instant exporting of chosen data
Exportation of chosen data on a regular basis
Exportation on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly)
List of previously accomplished exportations
The ability to choose which data to export (orders, coupons, gift cards, customers)


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