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What the plugin accomplishes
With an efficient points-based loyalty program and rapid incentives, you can keep your consumers happy.
What you can get from it:

Customer retention: By using points, you may raise the number of clients who stay with you, keep them loyal, and stimulate repeat purchases to gain points that can be redeemed.
Build relationships: point accumulations psychologically reward customers and nurture the customer-store connection over time.
Increase conversions: point systems encourage consumers to spend more in order to accumulate points and achieve a goal (47% of purchasers finish the point collecting in order to get a discount voucher or a free product).
Make your customers happy: getting points, awards, and discounts makes consumers happy, which is vital for company success.
Use Gamification to increase sales by providing goals that customers may fulfill in order to advance to the next level or earn badges.
Enable a referral system by rewarding users who share a referral link with points. They will be able to earn points for each new client that registers via their referral link, as well as for each transaction made via this referral link.

YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards nulled plugin With point-based loyalty programs and rapid incentives, you can keep your consumers happy.
Point accumulation is an extremely strong technique for involving and loyalizing clients, allowing them to save money or earn a reward after achieving certain point criteria.

YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards nulled plugin Collector programs are a landmark in loyalty activities in the landscape of marketing techniques. With YITH WooCommerce Points & Rewards, you can encourage people to register for your store in order to earn points, as well as allocate points for every purchase they make, particular spend levels, their birthday, every review written on your items, and so on. You may also create a strong referral system and leverage gamification to increase sales by providing goals for consumers to attain new levels, public rankings, and visual badges.

Points are automatically redeemed via a discount voucher appended to the user’s basket. Our plugin is the ideal option for quickly establishing and managing a robust loyalty program for your consumers.

Set a global value and use rules to allocate different points to various goods or categories.
Create a global rule to define the number of points to be assigned based on the product value and, if necessary, assign a different number to specific products or categories (e.g., you can assign a higher number of points only on the purchase of product X and no points at all on the purchase of products in category Y).

YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards nulled plugin Set various points for each product.
Different points may be set by the user.
Apply rules to award a varied number of points to certain users, user roles, members, or users who reach a certain “level.”
It is acceptable for all users to get one point for every ten dollars spent in your business. But maybe you need more. Perhaps you’d want to reward members (if you’re using our Membership plugin) or select users by awarding them 2 points for every $10 spent. You could also employ gamification principles to reward customers who have accumulated 1000 points and reached the “gold” level by awarding them 5 points for every $10 spend. You may make as many rules as you want to keep and reward your top clients.

Allow all users to gain points or only those assigned to a certain position.
Choose whether to allow point earning for all customers who buy from your store or to limit it to those with specified roles.

Points may be assigned to user roles.
Give additional points
Assign additional points for meeting specified objectives or meeting certain requirements, such as the users.
Reward your users by assigning extra points when they reach a goal (e.g., extra points after placing 100 orders, spending a total of €1000, earning 500 points, achieving a specific level or ranking #1, etc.) or meet certain conditions (e.g., 10 points on their birthday, 5 points for every review posted, 30 points for each new user registered through a referral link, etc.).

Use gamification to rate and reward your consumers by establishing levels and badges.
We enhanced our plugin by adding levels and badges to assist consumers be classified depending on the amount of points they have accumulated. You may build custom awards and rules to reward clients who achieve specified levels (either with more points or with greater point conversion rates). You may provide a custom label, color, and badge to each level, which will be shown in My Account and in the customer’s rank.

Gamification of levels and badges
Customer evaluation
Create a website that displays a rating of the best customers who accumulated the most points.
People have a competitive tendency; capitalize on this by creating a public list of those customers who have accumulated the most points and rewarding the top user with bonus points.

Create personalized banners for the My Account page to encourage visitors to acquire more points.
Create an unlimited number of banners and select from three available categories: “Simple” (textual), “Get points” to encourage your customers to take a specific action and earn more points (such as reviewing a product, completing the profile, sharing a referral link, and so on), or “Target” (such as total spend, specific level achievements, and so on). Make the banners stand out by adding colors, graphics, and progress indicators.

Banners for gamification
Notable features
Change the messages shown on the product, loop, and cart pages.
Insert custom wording, add an icon or picture, and alter the text and background colors to improve the message shown to consumers about the points they will get when purchasing the product.

When redeeming points, you may choose to provide a set or % discount.
Users’ points may be exchanged for a discount that will be applied to their basket. Choose whether the discount is applied as a set sum (e.g., €50) or as a percentage (20% off the cart value).

Rate of conversion
Users’ conversion rates vary New
Set varying conversion rates for individual users, user roles, members, or users that reach a certain “level”
You may create a general redeem rule that creates a $25 voucher code when a client reaches 100 points. However, in this scenario, you will also want a customized solution to deliver a $50 promo code to premium members alone. You may now reward particular user roles, members, or user levels by setting a greater (or lower) conversion rate for them alone using the new redeem rules.

Provide free delivery to consumers who make a purchase and redeem their points.
Choose whether to provide free delivery to users who make a purchase and utilize their accumulated points to get a discount. Free delivery may be a great way to reward consumers and encourage them to buy!

Shipping is free.
Redeeming constraints
Set criteria for redeeming points, such as a minimum cart value or a maximum discount they may get.
You may add limitations to allow users to redeem points based on your requirements, such as a minimum cart value, a maximum discount on a particular product, or on the cart when buying with a coupon.

Allow users to choose the number of points to redeem and the discount to be applied on the cart page.
Enhance the user experience by providing rapid and clear feedback on the value of points redeemed in the cart. Allow consumers to choose and enter the amount of points to redeem, as well as see the associated discount in real time.

Cart redemption of points
Customer feedback table
A dashboard that allows users to conveniently monitor and manually change their points.
Track people and their points gained, and manually change their profiles by adding, deleting, resetting points, or banning them if there are any abnormalities.

Manage the points associated with canceled or refunded purchases.
You have the option of removing earned points if the purchase is canceled or refunded, as well as reassigning points redeemed with a returned order.

Take away points
Export/Import data to/from a CSV file
Points may be quickly imported or exported from or to a CSV file.
Using the CSV import tool, you may now import your customers’ points from another solution without worry of losing their awards. The same feature would be beneficial if you wanted to export the points to a spreadsheet and then re-import them when the totals were updated.

Provide users with a protected space where they may manage their collected points and progress. From their own profile, users can simply keep track of the points earned, orders made, and activities linked to their points.

My Account Points

Send users reminders to urge them to make a purchase before their points expire.
Encourage your consumers to return to your store and make another purchase without losing the points they have accumulated so far: a strong and simple method for retaining customers and increasing sales.


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