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Sell gift cards to enhance income and get new consumers.
What you can get from it:
Increase your store’s earnings by going into the gift card business: 98% of e-commerce businesses sell gift cards, which are expected to earn more than a trillion dollars by 2030.

Increase conversions throughout the holiday season by allowing your consumers to purchase a gift card for a friend or family without having to search for the appropriate items.
Increase the popularity of your shop by making it known to the gift card recipient: you will be able to reach more consumers and gain their loyalty over time.
Increase the average order value in your store: 45% of gift card recipients are reported to spend more than the allotted credit on their gift cards.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards nulled plugin  Gift cards are the most effective marketing technique for increasing store sales.
Gift cards, also known as gift certificates, have traditionally been the greatest choice when choosing a present for a friend or coworker since they provide flexibility and are simple to use. They just make life simpler for those who purchase them as well as those who get them.

According to Allied Market Research, the gift card turnover (which has been steadily increasing over the last decade) will shortly increase by 14%, rising from 5.7 billion in 2020 to 16 billion by 2028. By 2030, online gift card sales will be worth 1.1 trillion dollars. That is why 98% of e-commerce shops now offer gift cards: they are a fantastic marketing tool for increasing sales — particularly during the Christmas season — and building customer loyalty over time.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards nulled plugin If you own an online store and want the simplest method to start selling gift cards, YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards will be your greatest friend and a watershed moment: our plugin is the finest and most comprehensive solution accessible online. It will allow you to make gift cards in a matter of minutes, and your clients will be able to modify them, send them by email, or print them at home.

Create digital gift cards to sell in your business and email to customers.
Gift cards are fast, easy, and versatile: you can purchase one in a few clicks and send it to the recipient in real time.

It is simple to create a gift card: Create the “gift card” product, choose the amount ($25, $50, $100, etc.), and determine whether or not consumers may add their own custom amount, then submit a snappy picture, and you’re done! You can start selling gift cards in your business in less than 3 minutes.

Offer virtual gift cards for sale
Offer real gift cards for sale.
Make printable gift cards to send to customers.
Do you offer physical printed gift cards in your store and want to duplicate this user experience in your online store as well? You may simply sell non-digital gift cards and dispatch them to the consumer after the sale is complete.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards nulled plugin With a single click, you may generate many gift codes for the same value.
Do you want to immediately distribute 10 gift card vouchers, each with a $50 credit, without requiring your consumers to individually purchase them from your store or making new orders? You can now generate many gift vouchers for the same amount in the plugin panel with only two clicks thanks to the new bulk option.

Generate gift card codes in bulk
CSV gift card import and export
Gift cards may be imported and exported to a CSV file.
To address one of the most often requested needs, we have introduced the ability to import and export gift cards into a CSV file directly from the plugin.

You may easily transition from Smart Coupons to YITH nulled plugin Gift Cards.
You may effortlessly delete Smart Coupons and convert Store Credit / Gift Certificate coupons on your site into gift cards using the built-in option.

Smart coupons may be converted into gift cards.

Interface that is simple to use
Design that is modern and simple and fits with any theme
We change the plugin design on a regular basis to ensure that it always looks current and can be used with any WordPress theme.

Buying and personalizing a gift card from your business will be a piece of cake thanks to the new interface, even for consumers who are not tech-savvy. They will just need to choose the gift card value, write a personalized note, and input the recipient’s email address.Make themed picture galleries to personalize your gift cards.
An original feature of our plugin that we implemented after researching Amazon: you may create an endless number of picture categories to personalize your gift cards. For example, you may include themed graphics for Christmas and birthdays, as well as images about friendship and family, and provide your consumers with a variety of options for setting up gift cards. An emotive picture or a funny artwork might offer that extra touch that makes a difference for the recipient.

Personalize the picture gallery

Allow your users to personalize the gift cards using their own photos or graphics.
A gift card may seem to be an impersonal last-minute choice to save the hassle of finding the perfect present. This is why it is critical to allow your consumers to personalize their gift cards with their own photos or images: According to industry research, 68% of consumers are irritated when they cannot input a unique message or upload their own photographs when buying a gift card. If you can eliminate this irritation, you will be able to provide a great purchasing experience and improve gift card sales in your shop.

Set the gift card amounts or allow clients to submit their own.
You may make fixed-amount gift cards or customize numerous pre-set quantities and let your clients select which one they like. For even more freedom, display an input form where customers can enter a custom amount – you can select a minimum amount to enter for the gift card anyhow.

Custom or predetermined amount

Date of gift card delivery
Allow consumers to pick when the gift card will be emailed to the recipient.
It’s vital to be able to select when the gift card is delivered: using the date and time picker, you may purchase the gift card far in advance (up to three months in advance) and ensure it arrives on your friend’s birthday or on Christmas Eve. However, if it is a last-minute present, they may always take advantage of same-day delivery.

Allow your customers to send a virtual gift card or download a PDF version.
Do your consumers wish to print their own gift cards? There is no issue at all. They may get it as a PDF file via email, print it quickly from home, and then personally give it to the recipient.

Gift cards that can be printed
Give this product choice as a gift
Allow consumers to purchase a gift card for a particular product in your business.
Another unique feature of our plugin is the ability to display a call to action on your product pages to encourage users to send a gift card that will be automatically issued for the same amount as the price of a certain product and will promote that purchase to the recipient. This is a good method to suggest a product that you believe your loved one might like. The plugin includes an extra option that enables the sender to include shipping fees for the suggested goods.

Put a QR code on the gift card.
Choose whether or not to include a QR code in the gift card. By scanning the code with a smartphone, the receiver is led to your site’s Shop page, where the gift card code is instantly put to the cart.

Display the QR code on the gift card Hot
When the gift card is delivered and used in your store, notify the sender.
Senders often have reservations regarding gift cards: has the receiver gotten it? Was the shipment delivered successfully? Did the receiver appreciate your thoughtfulness? You may set up a delivery notice (to confirm to the sender that the gift card was delivered properly) and an extra notification to let them know that the gift card was spent on a purchase in your store to give a great experience for your consumers.

From the dashboard, you can manage and update gift cards.

Through the specialized dashboard, you can monitor and manage the gift cards offered in your shop: deactivate gift cards, check the orders they were used on, display the used and remaining amount, and so on.
You can quickly track and manage all of the gift card codes acquired in your business thanks to the dedicated table. You may examine the redeemed credit, the sequence in which it was spent, and the remaining amount for each gift card. You may also adjust the gift card’s current amount and expiry date, or deactivate it entirely.

Configure the Cart and Checkout pages in a more complex manner.
Choose where the gift card code form should appear on the Cart and Checkout pages, personalize the appearance, and let your customers to see and modify the delivery details immediately on the Cart page. Users may insert the gift card code into WooCommerce’s usual coupon form starting with version 3.0, removing a redundant input field and enhancing page design and usability.

Cart with a gift card box
Check the balance of your gift card.
Make a website where your customers may see the remaining amount on their gift cards.
You can include a form onto any page of your business using the documentation’s shortcode to let consumers to verify the remaining amount of a gift card by entering the code in the appropriate field – a feature they will undoubtedly appreciate.

Make a page where your employees may check the remaining balance of a gift card.
A useful tool for managing gift cards used in your physical store: you can build a page where the remaining balance of any gift card may be changed using the specific shortcode. When a gift card is used in your physical business, you may easily change its balance by entering the code and amount to be subtracted – no need to manually alter the gift card on the backend!

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