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YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup nulled plugin 2.16.0

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What the plugin accomplishes
Display a popup to consumers after they’ve added a product to their basket, enhancing the user experience and increasing up-selling.
What you can get from it:

Give your consumers real-time feedback once they add a product to their shopping basket.
Improve the buying process flow by displaying a summary of all goods added to the basket as well as the order total to your clients.
Encourage your consumers to add additional things to the basket by promoting related, cross-sell, and up-sell products: this will improve the average order value and enhance sales.

YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup nulled plugin A hands-on approach for increasing store usability and upselling.
When a consumer adds a product to their shopping cart, they may have to wait a long period before they can check out and complete their transaction. The buying procedure will be simplified and more simpler and quicker for your consumers thanks to the features of this plugin.

The YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup plugin enables you to display a popup window every time a customer adds a new product to their cart in order for them to view the updated cart information. On the one hand, this gives clients a clear idea of what they’re going to buy; on the other hand, it encourages them to stay exploring the site in order to buy additional things.

YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup nulled plugin You can also boost the average order value with this plugin by pushing similar items in the popup window using a strong and effective up-sell and cross-sell strategy.

Display the popup window on all goods or just a subset of them
Use the built-in Exclusion List to display the popup for every product added to the basket or just when particular goods are added.

Display a popup on all or particular goods.
Display a popup on specified pages
Select which pages should display the popup.
You may opt to display the popup window when a consumer adds a product to their basket from the shop or category pages, just when the product is added from the product page, or always regardless of which page your user is on.

In the popup window, you can choose whether to display the whole cart content or simply the product that was recently added.

Cart content or most recently added product
Customize popup look You may change the graphic design of the popup.
You may modify every part of your popup, from the overlay color to the popup background, border radius, text color, sizes, and animation effect, to fit your demands and the style of your shop.

Change the “Added to cart” message.
Set a custom message and the default icon size, color, and location, or upload a custom icon of your choice: there are several ways to alter the message that informs the customer that the product has been successfully added to the basket.

Personalize the cart message
Personalize the product table
Personalize the product table
Customize the product name and price, as well as whether the product picture is shown and the thumbnail size. You may also display product variant information (such as size, color, and so on) and much more.

Personalize the totals section.
Select whether or not to display tax, delivery fees, and the cart total. You may also change all of the colors in this area.

Section Totals Customization
Make your own buttons
Choose how many buttons to display and how they should look.
You may select whether or not to display the “View cart” button (which redirects users to the cart page), the “Proceed to Checkout” button (which redirects visitors to the checkout page), and the “Continue shopping” button (which closes the popup and allows them to continue exploring goods). You will be able to change the wording and colors for each button.

Display an upsells section and personalize the relevant settings.
You may even put an upsell section in the popup window if you desire. You may choose the amount of items to display and their kind (up-sells, cross-sells, or similar products) – the plugin will choose which products to display depending on the products in the basket. Alternatively, you may choose certain goods and ensure that they are always shown.

Upsells and related items
Miniature floating cart
Display a tiny floating cart that may be styled and positioned on the screen.
The plugin includes a tiny floating cart that may be used to replace the usual cart icon seen in most theme headers. You may position it on the screen and change its appearance features, such as the background color and the displayed icon.

New 100% mobile friendly: display the popup and tiny cart to mobile device purchasers.
The plugin is completely mobile-friendly and works flawlessly on mobile resolutions. If you choose, you can deactivate both features and ensure that the popup and floating small cart are not displayed to clients who purchase from a smartphone or tablet.

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