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Create excitement for your new products or services; get early sales and a cash flow during a specific period of time; use pre-orders as a useful survey to check the interest for your products in a target market and estimate what quantity you need to fulfill the demands; generate sales for unavailable products, preventing users from purchasing them.

YITH Pre-Order nulled plugin Pre-orders may help you improve sales and generate a feeling of urgency in your online store.
When you use a pre-order plugin, you may feature a product in your store that isn’t currently for sale but will be available at a later date or time. Customers will then be able to pay for the product in order to reserve it before it becomes available, ensuring that it will not be sold out and that they will get the goods as soon as it becomes available.

Pre-orders are a method employed by the most popular firms, such as Amazon and Apple, since they are a wonderful way to generate a feeling of urgency, engage your consumers, and get early revenue flow to support manufacturing, advertising, or marketing efforts.

You may use YITH Pre-order for WooCommerce to create an efficient pre-order strategy in your store, entice people to purchase by providing a special discount off the standard price, and select whether to require an upfront payment or let them to pay later when the goods becomes available.

You may also sell pre-orders and automatically charge the customer’s credit card only when the product becomes available by integrating with our plugins YITH Stripe, YITH Stripe Connect, or YITH NULLED PLUGIN Braintree: no manual payment is necessary for the users, and everything works effortlessly.

Enable automatic pre-ordering on out-of-stock goods.

Enable the pre-order feature for out-of-stock goods automatically. Customers will be able to purchase things that are temporarily unavailable or out of stock in this manner, and you will not lose the transaction.

Manually enable pre-ordering on particular goods or categories.

YITH Pre-Order nulled plugin Do you need additional control? You may activate or schedule the pre-order option for all items in a specified category or for select products of your choosing. This enables you to create a pre-order strategy for new or exclusive goods.

Manage product availability in a sophisticated manner.
You may establish a particular availability date (and possibly a time) for each product by selecting a date from the calendar (e.g. “Available on May 15th, at 10 am”), or you can create an availability time interval after the user puts the pre-order (e.g. “10 days after the pre-order”). You may, however, prevent setting an availability date by manually terminating the pre-order process.

Add a charge to each pre-order.

Set the value and ask consumers to pay an additional charge to pre-order the items. You may establish a global charge for all pre-orders and then override it for particular goods.

Customers who pre-order a product will get free delivery.
Do you want to provide your consumers an extra incentive to pre-order? With a simple click, you can provide free delivery on all purchases including a pre-order product.

Charge the goods price in advance.
To prevent delinquent pre-orders, charge the product cost up front. Don’t worry: people are glad to pay in advance if they know they are getting a good deal or a product that is special or only available in limited numbers.

Anable the “Pay Later” option to prompt consumers to pay when the product is ready.
Allow your users to use the “Pay Later” option at Checkout if you want to give them greater flexibility. When the product becomes available, they will get an email informing them of its availability and redirecting them to pay for the pre-order.

When the goods is available, bill the customer’s credit card automatically.
With the integration of our plugins YITH Stripe, YITH Stripe Connect, or YITH Braintree, you may ask your customers to provide their credit card information, and the plugin will immediately charge the price on the customer’s credit card only when the product is available. This method will lower the proportion of unpaid pre-orders and make pre-order management simpler.

Manage pre-orders and pre-order items using the plugin’s appropriate tables. Manage pre-orders and pre-order products using the new tables introduced in version 2.0. You may simply track the status, export the data to a CSV file, set or disable the pre-order option, and so on.

A diverse set of alerts for both administrators and consumers
Send emails to customers automatically to confirm the pre-order and keep them informed on the availability date and pre-order status. The plugin also gives the admin with a number of alerts to assist him or her in managing pre-orders and merchandise.

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