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YITH Live Chat nulled plugin 1.6.2

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Install a live chat system on your website to communicate with clients and increase customer satisfaction.
What you can get from it:
You will increase your e-commerce customer service by providing real-time help and immediately responding to your consumers’ demands.

You will significantly reduce the number of pending orders and abandoned carts by solving problems encountered by users in real-time or clearing doubts that are preventing them from purchasing; you will be able to provide prompt feedback about your users’ needs, guiding them through a positive and informed purchase process, and you will improve your e-commerce reliability.

YITH Live Chat nulled plugin Exactly like in person
According to recent study, 70% of consumers use chat to obtain information: they use it to be comforted, to get the personal input that only a clerk can physically provide. And this is precisely the goal of YITH Live Chat, in a rapid and effective manner.

That’s right: we can communicate with our customers via emails or contact modules. Unfortunately, customers frequently ask for information when they are about to purchase something, and their wait for an answer, however brief, may be enough for them to lose interest and reconsider purchasing it. And this implies less sales… Much less!

Users are reassured by direct touch, and when this is unavailable due to the screen, they must be reassured in another manner.

With YITH Live Chat, consumers may ask questions and get answers right away, eliminating the delay between the search or request for information and the actual purchase of the goods. It’s just like being in a physical store: with the chat, consumers will have direct contact with the salesperson, developing trust and enticing them to return since there will always be someone for them, ready to listen and assist.

This is why YITH Live Chat is the greatest solution to eliminate your consumers’ hesitations and persuade them to purchase right away.

This plugin’s effectiveness stems from its simplicity and ease of use: you will be able to choose where the chat will be displayed, assign specific roles to operators who will be able to talk to your customers thanks to a simple and clean instant messaging system that will help them maintain prompt communication with customers.
Customers will be presented with a simple form that will take them to the live chat as soon as they submit their personal information, such as their email address, allowing them to begin communicating with the operator right immediately.

What if there is no operator available? Customers may utilize the form to send offline notes straight to your email address, making them feel cared for and not abandoned by their purchases.

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