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WPC Smart Notifications for WooCommerce nulled plugin 2.3.8

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WPC Smart Notifications for WooCommerce is a powerful plugin designed to help online businesses understand visitor volume, transaction count, and customer loyalty. It offers various features such as related products, on sale products, low stock products, new orders, text editor, virtual orders, virtual orders, things on sale, low inventory, related products, views, and the HOT-Cart feature. The plugin also integrates with additional WPC plugins, such as the WPC Fly Cart, which allows customers to see their shopping cart immediately upon clicking the cart reminder. The plugin also allows for the installation of the WPC Smart Quick View and the ability to sort messages according to default or random order. The plugin also allows for setting maximum number of items from each source and autoplay time. The plugin also allows for customization of notification popups, autoplay time, and placement in an easily navigable area. WPC Smart Notifications can create a sense of urgency and scarcity while capturing visitors’ attention.

WPC Smart Notifications for WooCommerce nulled plugin

Looking for a vibrant way to catch the attention of consumers and visitors as they peruse your store? Interested in dropping hints about specials, forthcoming events, and new goods on your customers? If you own an online business, WPC Smart Notifications for WooCommerce nulled plugin can help you understand the volume of visitors, the number of transactions, and how to turn them into loyal customers.

Important Points

Pick one or more data sources to get alerts about: Related Products, On Sale Products, Low Stock Products, New Orders, Text Editor, and Virtual Orders.

  • Place orders manually by entering the product’s title, URL, description, thumbnails, and thumbnail sizes.
  • Editor for Text: show an alert with HTML text. You may use a shortcode.
  • The most recent sales data for the specified time period will be pulled from your business and shown in the new orders section.
  • Using virtual orders, you may make it seem like people are purchasing on your site.
  • things on Sale: A quick refresher on the most current things on sale.
  • Products on Low Inventory: Make things seem limited, and people will be rushing to make a purchase.
  • Products That Are Related: Recommend products that are comparable to what visitors are interested in.
  • Views: Show how many people have seen a product with a personalized thumbnail.
  • HOT – Cart: Receive a cart reminder and, when clicking the notice, access the cart page or the Fly Cart popup. A custom thumbnail may be used. To make advantage of this function, WPC Fly Cart has to be installed.
MANY EXTRA WPC FEATURES INTEGRATED-We have taken use of several extra WPC plugins to make this experience even better.
  • By installing the WPC Fly Cart, customers can see what’s in their shopping cart as soon as they click the cart reminder, which opens the Fly Cart popup.
  • To have the Quick View popup appear automatically whenever a user clicks on a product in the feed, install the WPC Smart Quick View.
  • You may display the content you want in the notification—for example, the WPC Countdown Timer shortcodes—by using the shortcodes of other plugins, as the Text Editor can handle them.

Sort the messages according to the Default or Random order.

MAXIMUM NUMBER—Set the limit on how many items from each source may be shown in the feeds.

Set a timer for how long each source will run.

You may make the notification popups seem terrible or make them vanish entirely by using the SHOW/HIDE EFFECTS option.

To adjust how often alerts appear, you may adjust the autoplay time in seconds.

The feeds should be placed in an easily noticeable and easily navigable area of your site.

The Smart Notifications on the Cart and Checkout pages, as well as on the Mobile version, may be disabled to preserve the usability of the site and its navigation for you.

The WPC Smart Notifications have several advantages.

  • Build a feeling of impending doom and fear of missing out.
  • Improve social proof and credit with the introduction of real-time notification.
  • A lower bounce rate and an increase in conversions are the goals.
  • Improve the site’s interaction, credibility, and visitor numbers.

You may create a feeling of urgency and scarcity while simultaneously capturing the attention of visitors with your unique outstanding alerts of:

  • Hottest sales on television
  • Hot products that are selling quickly
  • Products that may interest you
  • Things recently bought
  • Interested items currently on offer
  • Novel products released
  • New collection goods that are now trending
  • Sale dates coming up
  • Current sales data
  • Flash deal happening every day

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