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WPC Force Sells is a powerful tool for WooCommerce that allows users to create deals combining and selling various products simultaneously. This tool allows users to modify the offer or add individual products to the cart with a single click, resulting in a significant increase in revenue. WPC Force Sells is compatible with WPClever and WooCommerce plugins and offers features such as ajax-responsive product search, a customized search experience, drag-and-drop order arrangement, promotion pricing, and customizable force-sell deal text, position, and particulars. It also supports automatic price calculation and manual price setting. Common examples of Force Sells include laptop maintenance services, mobile phone screen repairs, wedding photography packages, mobile/web applications, VIP memberships, antivirus software licenses, extended warranties, and vacation packages. WPC Force Sells is essential for all WooCommerce store types, as it helps users impose a sale order for multiple products simultaneously.

WPC Force Sells is a powerful tool for WooCommerce that allows users to manage their products and force-sell them to customers. The plugin allows users to adjust the price of force-sell products, either manually or through a plugin like WPC Smart Quick View. This feature allows users to set a new price for each force-sell product, which can be a monetary quantity or a percentage. WPC Force Sells also allows customers to add customized deals individually by activating the “Add Separately” option. This allows customers to add products to their cart without interconnection, and force-sell items remain unaffected by their removal.

Customers can also adjust the quantity of primary products and force-sell additional products, either simultaneously or individually, to obtain personalized deals and modify prices. The plugin also offers WPC Radio Buttons for WooCommerce’s radio button view of variable products, providing an intuitive interface for customers to make decisions. Overall, WPC Force Sells is a user-friendly solution for WooCommerce that prioritizes customer satisfaction and comfort.

WPC Force Sells for WooCommerce nulled plugin

WPC Force Sells for WooCommerce nulled plugin users to generate deals comprising and selling together a variety of related products. Prior to completing the purchase, customers have the ability to modify the offer to their liking or add individual products to the cart with a single click. This instrument assists merchants in selling bundles of products simultaneously, resulting in a substantial increase in revenue. By effectively demonstrating the advantages that visitors can obtain, WPC Force Sells is able to persuade them to purchase the entire offer in order to obtain the desired products or services at an affordable cost.

Feature Synopsis

  • Ajax-responsive product search through keyword input
  • Tailored search experience with respect to attributes and limits
  • Rearrange the order of force-sell products using drag-and-drop
  • Utilize promotion pricing expressed as a quantity or percentage.
  • Assign exact variations or variable products as force-sell items.
  • Downloadable and virtual product support
  • Completely add items to the cart, then remove each one individually.
  • Product inventory management is identical for Force sales and standalone sales.
  • Automatic price calculation or manual price setting
  • Quantity customization or setting the default quantity for each item Modifiable force-sell deal text, position, and particulars
  • Compatibility with additional WPClever and WooCommerce nulled plugins
Common Instances of Force Sells

Consider the following circumstances in which store owners may be required to create offers that require consumers to purchase additional items in order to take advantage of the incredible promotional prices:

(1) A laptop maintenance service is offered at a cost of $60, which comprises a computer cleaning equipment priced proportionally at $5.
(2) The cost of repairing the screen of a mobile phone is $45 plus $10 for a replacement tempered glass.
(3) A wedding photography package costsing $300 comprises a 50-page wedding album for an additional $60. Customers have the option to select from a variety of predefined album categories.
(4) A mobile/web application that is available for purchase at a price of $65. This price includes a six-month program of individualized support.
(5) Customers who buy a recording from the digital store are eligible to receive a complimentary three-month license for a single VIP membership.
(6) Acquire a one-year antivirus software license at a 30% discount when you install a laptop. The selection of software brand is at the discretion of the purchaser.
(7) An automobile offering an extended two-year automotive warranty at an exceptional price, considering the standard one-year warranty bundle already costs 40% more. By purchasing, customers have the option to extend the warranty period by 4, 6, or 8 years.
(8) A vacation package that includes single, double, or couple accommodations, among others.

These scenarios are applicable to all WooCommerce store types.

There are circumstances in which it is necessary to sell one item encompassing one or more products/services at a time, regardless of whether you are selling physical, virtual, or digital offering. As in (3), (7), and (8), the force-sell items may consist of a singular product or variable products. We call these transactions “force sells” because they must all be sold in a single transaction for the product or service to function effectively or be delivered successfully. Indeed, the purpose of WPC Force Sells is to assist users in imposing a sale order for multiple products simultaneously.

Price Calculation and Manual Pricing (percent or dollars)

The price will be calculated automatically when you add a new product to the list by entering the keyword followed by the item’s selection. Failure to make any modifications will result in the force-sell products having a quantity of 1 and a default price of 100%. WPC Force Sells provides users with the opportunity to modify the transaction so that it appears more rational to the sellers, or to fulfill specific business objectives as intended by the shop proprietors.

You can explicitly set a new price for each force-sell product if you’re conducting a promotion or wish to offer a discount on the amount of the entire deal. This additional amount will be added to the total price, and a front-end notification will be generated by the plugin to notify customers. To modify the prices of force-sell products, one may do so by entering a monetary quantity or a percentage. By offering force-sell products at exorbitant prices, as in (6) and (7), vendors provide incentives to encourage customers to purchase the offer.

Add Preferred Customized Deals Individually

By activating the “Add Separately” option, patrons are able to add each of the products in the catalog to their cart individually, without any interconnection between them. More precisely, these goods shall be regarded as separate products. Products that are forced to sell or the primary product are unaffected by their removal. That is, in the event that a force-sell item or the primary product is removed from the shopping order, neither the quantity nor the price of the remaining items will change.

In the interim, force-sell items will revert to their initial prices without any reduction in quantity or percentage. The quantity and price of the primary product will remain unchanged. In the absence of the “Add Separately” option, customers can immediately remove all items in the offer from the cart and begin again with a single click. In general, they do not require distinct addition, as the purchase of multiple force-sell products is unnecessary, as illustrated in (1) and (2).

Adaptable Quantity—Individually or Synchronously

Customers have the ability to easily modify the quantity of the primary product and force-sell additional products either simultaneously or individually in order to obtain a personalized deal, in addition to the ability to modify prices. 1. is the quantity by default for both the primary product and force-sell items. Since the quantity of each object can be modified by the user, customers are limited to selecting multiples of the default quantities. There will presently be two cases: When are the quantities scheduled to be separated or synchronized?

Case 1: When the “Add Separately” feature is enabled by the user, the quantity of all force-sell products will remain consistent with that of the primary product. A customer may purchase an arbitrary amount of each item included: 2 primary products in addition to 3 force-sell items (1) and 4 items (2). Similar to (7), the quantity of force-sell products may differ from that of the primary product, given that consumers may elect to pay an additional fee to extend the warranty period.

Case 2: In the absence of this setting, the quantity of each product remains unchanged. Customers have the convenience of modifying the quantity and refining their purchase prior to transaction by updating the cart.

Buyer-Friendly Configuration

WPC Force Sells is substantially mobile and web-optimized for search engine optimization. Moreover, users can decrease the bounce rate associated with product previews by utilizing the Quick View window display provided by our plugin WPC Smart Quick View. The configuration process is straightforward via the WPC Force Sells setting menu, which includes an integrated option.

Conversely, your clientele can benefit from enhanced purchasing experiences through the utilization of WPC Radio Buttons for WooCommerce’s nulled theme radio button view of variable products. These buttons present the available options in a clear and concise manner, allowing consumers to select their preferred option without having to navigate through the drop-down menu.

A list of radio buttons representing each album type would be of great assistance to consumers when making a decision, as illustrated in (3). We consistently prioritize customer satisfaction and comfort, which is why we designed these options to provide your clients with the most intuitive interface possible.

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