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WP Speed of Light Pro nulled plugin 3.3.3

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WP Speed of Light is a powerful WordPress plugin that offers global optimization in a single membership, including WordPress optimization, image compression, CDN integration, and speed testing. It includes a static cache system, resource group and minification tool, database cleanup system,.htaccess optimization tool, and automatic cache cleaner. The plugin also includes Google speed test, database speed test, and image compression quotas. It also has a dedicated optimization module for WooCommerce websites, allowing users to exclude unnecessary scripts and styles and disable extreme optimization for WooCommerce features.

WP Speed of Light Pro nulled plugin  A potent WordPress speed-up plugin that is available to all users is WP Speed of Light. In addition to a robust static cache system, WP Speed of Light also has an automatic cache cleaner, a database cleanup system, a resource group and minification tool, and an.htaccess optimization tool. The PRO ADDON plugin goes above and beyond what other plugins can’t, offering features like image compression, DNS prefetching, cache preloading, and top-notch support.

The only WordPress speed plugin that provides image compression, CDN integration, speed testing, and WordPress nulled themes optimization all in one subscription is WP Speed of Light. Additionally, since our memberships are domain-neutral, you may use the same excellent optimization on all of your websites!

With numerous optimization features including a cache system, WP Speed of Light for WordPress reduces the amount of database queries needed to load the page by producing more static content (HTML). Additionally, the majority of the large page resources, such as photos, can be stored in the browser’s cache. And whenever you’d like, you can clean it! Complete list of optimizations:

  • GZIP data compression using a static file cache mechanism
  • Group of nulled plugins files for browser caching: CSS, JS, local fonts, Google Fonts
  • Minification of Resources: HTML, CSS, JS
  • unique mobile cache for every device
  • Take out the query string
  • Keep external scripts cached
  • Option to turn off Gravatar, RSS feeds, REST API, and emojis in WordPress
  • Automatic cache cleaning: based on user group, on save, and at intervals

Using Google Speed Test to test WordPress speed optimization

WP Speed of Light Pro nulled plugin  Testing the performance of a website to identify which aspects might be optimized to produce performance is another aspect of website optimization. You can open a comparison table and conduct many tests on the same page using WordPress Speed of Light. We’ve integrated the free Google speed test tool to do in-depth speed testing on a range of components, including:

  • initial loading duration
  • The second loading moment
  • Now is the moment to begin rendering
    Elements compressed with Gzip in % Percentage on compressed images; element served from cache in %

WordPress database optimization and speed check

The database queries used by plugins and themes may indicate significant variations in WordPress’ speed. You may be able to identify and resolve significant performance issues by using the database speed test to identify issues with a theme or plugin. With the PRO ADDON, the database cleansing can be done automatically at a predetermined interval.

WordPress CDN Integration for speed optimization

WP Speed of Light Pro nulled plugin  There is an available CDN (Content Delivery Network) integration. All of the popular CDNs available today, such as Cloudflare, Amazon Cloudfront, MaxCDN, KeyCDN, and others, are compatible with it. Additionally, there’s a dedicated automated cache cleaning for:Cloudflare CDN Varnish Cache Siteground SuperCacher MaxCDN KeyCDN

WordPress picture reduction

Considering that images make up 60% of a page’s weight on average, optimizing them is crucial. The practice of performing invisible image compression and reducing an image’s size by up to 80% is known as image compression. You may be certain that WP Speed of Light’s image compression is compatible with all other WordPress optimizations because it comes with a quota with the plugin subscription!

Mobile device selective caching

WordPress Speed of Light can optimize the cache for mobile devices automatically. You can also choose to disable it or create a specific cache version for each device. Additionally, the plugin functions seamlessly with mobile plugins such as WPtouch. Features of mobile cache:

Serve the cache automatically across all platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile)
Specific mobile cache
Specific tablet cache
Cache disabling option for a certain device

WooCommerce Speed Optimization Add-on

For WooCommerce websites, the WP Speed of Light plugin has a special optimization module. All WooCommerce pages load a number of scripts and styles that you can exclude and are not always necessary. Additionally, in order for WooCommerce features to function constantly, the plugin automatically disables some really aggressive optimization, such as AJAX cart refresh.

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