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WooCommerce PDF Watermark nulled plugin 1.6.2

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WooCommerce PDF Watermark is a powerful tool for safeguarding PDF documents. It allows users to embed text or image watermarks on PDF downloads, or opt for password and copy protection. The extension also offers features like password protection, prohibition of copying, modification, and printing of PDF files. Users can define watermarks on global, product, or variation levels, and can customize their watermarks based on the customer who purchased the product. The plugin is designed for extendibility, allowing easy functionality extension via hooks. It features customizable text and image watermarks, prevents copying, and allows for unauthorised printing. The plugin also allows users to choose which pages the watermark should appear on. Additional features are in development, including selectable link stripping and image and text watermarks in the same document. Overall, WooCommerce PDF Watermark is a comprehensive solution for protecting PDF downloads and ensuring the exclusivity of your content.

WooCommerce PDF Watermark protects your treasured PDF documents. Watermark your PDF downloads with text or images, or use password and copy protection. Make certain that your material is yours alone.
WooCommerce PDF Watermark protects your PDF documents. The PDF Watermark plugin is the greatest PDF protection extension you will ever need to safeguard and secure your PDF downloads via WooCommerce.

WooCommerce PDF Watermark has a number of features that will secure your PDF files by allowing you to apply image or text watermarks on file downloads.

Other significant security features included with the plugin, in addition to text and picture watermarks, include the ability to password protect, prevent copying, prohibit alteration, and ban printing of any of your PDF files.

It enables you to specify text or picture watermarks on a global, product, or variant level, giving you the maximum flexibility over which watermarks you wish to apply to which items. By using a template tag system, the text watermarks may be personalized depending on the consumer who bought the goods; these tags are also extendible, so if we don’t have a certain tag you want, you can simply create it yourself.

WooCommerce PDF Watermark was also designed with extensibility in mind, enabling you to simply enhance functionality using the extension’s variety of hooks.


Custom Text is one of the plugin’s features.

Add a text watermark to the PDF files in your store:
The plugin enables you to effortlessly apply a textual watermark to all of your site’s PDF material. After you’ve entered the text, you may change the font, size, and position to your desire.

PDF Watermark for WooCommerce

Add an image watermark to the PDF files in your store:
Add your logo or another picture to your store’s PDFs to promote your business. Simply enter the image’s URL into the plugin’s settings, and the plugin will handle the rest. Adjust the opacity, location, and alignment of your picture watermark with ease.

Keep the WooCommerce PLUGIN PDF watermark from being copied.

Prevent the copying of PDF documents:
Prevent users from copying text or pictures from PDF documents in your shop. The plugin flattens pictures and text, making it harder to retrieve them from your page.

unable to be printed

WooCommerce PDF Watermark nulled plugin Prevent printing of PDF documents:
Prevent unauthorized printing of PDF documents from your shop. while this option is enabled, print capability is disabled while reading a PDF document.

WooCommerce PDF Watermark nulled plugin Protect PDF documents from unauthorized changes: The PDFs in your shop should stay your property. Enable modification protection to prevent outsiders from changing or deleting watermarks from your PDF documents.

Select which pages the watermark should appear on:
You may just want a watermark to appear on the first or final pages of your PDF documents. This plugin allows you to customize where these watermarks appear.

Soon to come
The following features are in the works. We’re working tirelessly to get these to you as quickly as possible!

Link stripping with a choice – Select the hyperlinks that you wish to include in your PDF files.
Watermarking images and text in the same document – Include several watermarks in the same PDF file. This is useful for incorporating a logo, copyright, and brand information.

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