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WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management nulled plugin 4.1.0

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The Multi Locations for WooCommerce Plugin is a powerful tool for Woocommerce businesses to manage product stock from multiple locations. It allows users to select a location, automatically select the nearest location using Google Map API or Maxmind API, and use location-based pricing. The plugin also allows for geographically-based customer limitations and offers an REST API for updating and retrieving product inventory across multiple locations. It also supports various product types, allows for rule-guided order processing, and allows for the creation of location groupings based on cities, regions, or nations. The plugin also improves the user experience by allowing users to add location information to their carts, find stores on Google Maps, and create dedicated shopping pages. It also allows for inventory sync across all branches, warehouses, stores, and locations.

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management

The WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management nulled plugin gives your WooCommerce store the ability to manage product stock from many locations.

Our plugin is intended to assist businesses who sell goods from their storefronts in several places or WooCommerce-based eCommerce sites that ship their goods to clients worldwide from a number of warehouses. The closest Product Location is automatically determined by the plugin. Availability and pricing of products are also shown according to the product’s location.

The Multi Locations for WooCommerce Plugin has the following features:

Allow you to Easily Manage Several Locations

Permit Users to Select a Location
Make it simple for users to find local retailers on product pages or other parts of the website to improve their browsing experience overall.

Selecting the Nearest Location Automatically
With the integration of Google Map API or Maxmind API, you may provide the automated selection of the closest product location based on user addresses, guaranteeing ease.

Pricing Based on Location
Use location-based pricing to implement focused and successful pricing strategies.

Only in Backend Mode
Customers’ ordering process may be made simpler by assigning fulfillment locations automatically from the backend, all without displaying locations to them.

Managers of Locations
Assign shop managers to designated areas to facilitate efficient operations and efficient responsibility allocation.

Payment Method Specific to Location
You may have different payment methods for each location and have flexibility at checkout by assigning particular payment methods to each location.

Geolocation that is Automatic
Geolocate the person automatically using their browser, then assign Woocommerce Location accordingly.

Geographically-Based Customer Limitations
Using the nulled WordPress backend, limit clients to certain areas to guarantee focused sales and distribution.

Stock Management using REST API
offers an API for updating and retrieving product inventory across many locations.

Boost Efficiency in Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management

Stock Management in One Place
Handle product inventory with ease in many locations, guaranteeing simplified inventory control for increased effectiveness.

Real-time Quantity Display
gives prospective buyers precise and timely information by dynamically displaying product availability depending on user-selected areas.

Central Products
Manage and modify goods in bulk effectively from a single interface across all locations.

Support for Various Product Types
Easily handle both basic and changeable product kinds in different places to guarantee flexibility in your product portfolio.

Rule-Guided Order Processing
Establish order fulfillment guidelines based on location priority, closest location to the delivery address, and most/least inventory in stock.

Place Groups
Create location groupings based on cities, regions, or nations to combine inventories efficiently.

Features & Sublocations
SubLocation for inventory management at a finer level. Sublocations include sub-areas of a warehouse, floors, buildings, bin numbers, shelves, and racks.

Expands WooCommerce Stock with Locations Inventory
ensures thorough stock monitoring by seamlessly adding each location’s inventory to your WooCommerce default inventory.

Infinite Places
allows for the free addition of an infinite number of warehouse or stock locations.

WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management nulled plugin

Improve the User Experience

Ajax add with selected location to cart
Users may add location information for basic or variable goods to their carts using Ajax add to cart, saving time and preventing page reloads. It also expedites the purchasing procedure on store sites.

Find a Store on Google Maps
enables users to utilize a map to locate shops close to or around their current location. Use products or radius to filter stores on the map.

For local pickup, use the locations.
Let clients choose where they want to pick up their orders after they check out.

Shop Page with a Specific Location
With a dedicated page showing items accessible at a certain area, you can create targeted shopping experiences.

Order Notification System
Send order emails to site managers to facilitate effective order processing and communication.

When you return, keep in mind the visitor’s location.
Keep the user-selected locations for recurring visitors so that their shopping experience is consistent.

Increase Conversion with Advice
When a product is out of stock at the chosen location, I advise that it be available at the closest one to increase conversions.

View Location in the Cart/Checkout
Permit consumers to see certain areas on the cart and checkout pages.

Distance expressed in miles or kilometers
To help with decision-making, display the distance in miles or kilometers to a chosen nulled WooCommerce location.

The WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Plugin’s advantages
  • With the WooCommerce Inventory Management plugin, you can quickly modify product pricing, stock levels, and other location-specific information in addition to seeing a list of locations and their inventory levels.
  • With the aid of the WooCommerce Inventory Management (Multi-Location) plugin, you can decide which goods to stock, where to put them, and how much to purchase at the right time.
  • With this plugin, you may maintain your website’s inventory in sync across all branches, warehouses, stores, and locations.
  • Simple to handle many locations for orders and products
  • There’s no need to install, maintain, and synchronize inventory across several WordPress sites.
  • Give Shop Managers Responsibility for Location Management
  • Pay using a different payment method at each place to collect money.
  • With WooCommerce REST API, link and synchronize your many locations’ worth of goods with outside inventory solutions.
  • Give the location’s delivery area a shipping zone.

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