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WooCommerce Frontend Manager – Ultimate nulled plugin 6.7.5

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WooCommerce Frontend Manager is an intelligent frontend vendor store/shop manager that offers advanced product categories and features such as WooCommerce Vendors, WooCommerce Product Vendors, Dokan Vendor Dashboard, and compatibility with WP Job Manager, WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Appointments, the WooCommerce Rental & Bookings System, WooCommerce nulled theme, Subscription, ACF, and Listings. The product manager has access to a powerful front-end product editor with enhanced features such as product categories, subscriptions, bulk import stock manager, product validation, product limit and capacity for allowed categories, and more.

WCFM Ultimate also provides additional features such as support via customer-vendor live chat, packing slip, shipment tracking, ticket store invoice, commission invoice, vendor verification, vendor insignia, and vacation setting. The frontend dashboard offers PDF invoice downloads, shipment monitoring, order status revision, and more. The product manager also offers advance reservation options, report in advance options, user interface manager, and more. For more intricate product categories, WCFM – Product HUB is recommended.

WooCommerce Frontend Manager – Ultimate nulled plugin

WooCommerce Frontend Manager – Ultimate nulled plugin. The most intelligent woocommerce frontend vendor store/shop manager is WooCommerce Frontend Manager. Witness the pinnacle of WooCommerce Frontend Product Manager expertise. The preeminent WC Vendors, WooCommerce Product Vendors, Dokan Vendor Dashboard – the preeminent multi-vendor marketplace extensions for WooCommerce.

Compatibility with WP Job Manager in addition to WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Appointments, the WooCommerce Rental & Bookings System, WooCommerce nulled theme, Subscription, ACF, and Listings. PDF Invoice, Knowledgebase, Notification, and Direct Messaging are a few of the numerous vibrant plumage that adorn the wings.

You will have access to an extensive list of exclusive nulled plugin compatibility features, and most intriguingly, this also applies to your multi-vendor store. These are not supported by any of the multi-vendor extensions, including these. Simply unwind; WCFM Ultimate will take care of everything.


Your product manager will have access to the most potent and feature-rich front-end product editor ever with WCFM Ultimate. Let’s review the list of enhanced features –

Product Categories Supported – The frontend dashboard of WCFM Ultimate is compatible with the subsequent advanced product categories. These product categories are not supported by WooCommerce; third-party extensions are required to accomplish this.

  • Accommodations made available
  • Subscriptions for Appointment Auction Event Rental Lottery Ticket Reservations
  • Product Listings Voucher CSV Bulk Import Stock Manager
  • Custom fields for Featured and Duplicate Products can be edited quickly and in bulk.
  • Product validation of variables
  • Product Limit and Capability for Allowed Categories
Furthermore, you have access to the following sophisticated features:

Support via Customer-Vendor Live Chat Packing Slip Shipment Tracking, Ticket Store Invoice, and Commission Invoice Vendor Verification
Adherence to the Followers
Vendor Insignia
Vacation Setting

WCFM Ultimate will provide you with some features that are unavailable elsewhere:

Support Tick Module receipts will be unique to each vendor’s store.
Bulk Stock Manager enables you to manage the stock of any product with a single click.
Additionally functions as a vendor-administrator discussion board.
WPML integration via WCFM enables real-time translation of products from the site’s front-end.
Create products and listings simultaneously with Products for Listings.
Verification of merchants – Confirm your merchants.
Custom insignia – Generate and allocate vendor-specific custom insignia.


PDF invoice download for client orders, organised by store (Admin & Vendor).
Packing receipt PDF download
Shipment Monitoring
Designate the shipment as completed (by the vendor).
Order status revision
Order Note administration for orders filtered by date and commission status Export orders to PDF, Excel, and print


Management of Booking Calendar Availability Rules Pricing Rules Person Types
Manual resource management booking
Oversee reservations and designate them as confirmed.

  • Report on sales by product
  • Coupon implementation
  • Limited supply of the product
  • Export order filtering by date and commission status in CSV format
  • Particular date limit
  • Miscellaneous Alternatives
  • System for direct communications.
  • Vacation Setting
  • Product-specific commission administration
  • User Interface Manager
  • User limit and coupon utilisation management for Product, Order, and Bookings filtering by status Product, Order, Coupon deletion
  • Mode for product catalogues
  • Rapid Product Manager
  • Superior Capabilities Section controllers for the Product Limit Gallery Limit Category Limit Restriction Settings and Profile
  • Additionally, if you desire more intricate product categories such as bundled, composite, or chained products, you must utilise WCFM – Product HUB.

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