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WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages nulled plugin 1.1.11

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Advanced Shipping Packages is a WooCommerce plugin that allows you to split customers’ carts into separate shipping packages, allowing you to apply different shipping rates to each package based on your setup. Its conditional logic framework allows you to create packages that meet your exact needs and requirements. When customers check out, they will see separate shipping options for each package, making the checkout process more transparent and user-friendly.

Example use cases for shipping packages include partial free shipping, shipping freight items separately, providing separate options for pickup-only products, and shipping items from different origins. The plugin also has a back-end interface that communicates the chosen shipping methods to both the customer and the admin.

Features of Advanced Shipping Packages include unlimited shipping packages, full control when a package is created and added, custom package names, and the ability to exclude shipping methods from packages. However, it is not suitable for shipping to multiple addresses.

Products outside the shipping package setup remain in the default package and will be handled the same. Shipping to multiple addresses is not supported by Advanced Shipping Packages.

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages nulled plugin Advanced Shipping Packages is a robust WooCommerce plugin that allows you to divide your clients’ carts into distinct shipping packages. Each box and its contents will be shown independently on the cart and checkout pages, enabling you to apply various shipping charges to each item depending on your configuration.

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages nulled plugin One of Advanced Shipping Packages’ primary advantages is its conditional logic structure, which offers you complete control over how and when you build packages, as well as which goods you include in them. You may use this tool to develop packages that are tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

When your customers check out, they will see unique shipping choices for each item, depending on how the bundles were produced. This may aid in making the checkout process more visible and user-friendly, as well as providing your consumers with greater flexibility over their shipping alternatives.


advancedshippingpackages-cartThe remaining goods that were not put in formed packages are still in the default package named ‘Shipping’.

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages nulled plugin Examples of mailing package usage scenarios
Advanced Shipping Packages may also be used for a number of other purposes. As an example,

Shipping is only partially free.
You may utilize a split cart to make it simpler for the shipping method you’re using to acquire the proper postage for each package if you want to send just specific goods for free.
For the consumer, it will also be more evident which goods ship free and which need payment for shipment.

Separately ship freight goods
Large and heavy products cannot always be sent by the standard method. With a split package, you may provide the consumer with the choice of freight shipment as well as standard shipping items if necessary.

Another useful plugin that might help with huge freight is Contact for Shipping Quote.

Separate alternatives should be provided for things that can only be picked up.
Some things cannot be transported and must be picked up in person. If the client also has shippable items in the cart, he or she will have the choice of picking up all items or having the shippable items mailed anyhow.

Ship objects from various sources
If an order is transported from various locations, you will certainly incur extra shipping expenses. When you split the basket, you may charge your consumer for the things that are dispatched individually.

Back-end user interface
It is just as vital for the consumer to see the various delivery options as it is for you to see this in the order page and emails. Which shipping options are chosen are conveyed in each email to you and the consumer. The admin order page displays which shipping options have been selected as well as which goods are included in the package.


The Benefits of Advanced Shipping Packages
Shipping packages are limitless.
There is no limit to the number of shipping packages you may make. You may decide which packages are applied first by using the sorting option.

Complete control over when a bundle is prepared and which goods are included.
You have complete control over when a package is generated and which goods are included to it. All of this is controlled by conditional logic.

Create your own package names.
Each bundle may have its own name, which the buyer will see in the cart/checkout. In WooCommerce, you can also rename the default shipping package.

Exclude packages from shipping methods.
For each shipment type, not every delivery option will be accessible. You may use the Exclude functionality to guarantee that specific rates do not display for the generated bundle. Individual WC Shipping Zone shipping prices are also supported.

Can I ship to numerous addresses with this plugin?
No, the Advanced Shipping Packages plugin is solely intended for cases in which shipping packages must be separated. Shipping numerous Addresses will let you send to numerous addresses.

What happens to things that are not in shipping packages?
By default, all goods are in a single package. When you use the extension to create shipping packages, those products may be divided up into those new packages. If a product is not in a new package, it will be placed in the default package and treated the same way.

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