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WHMCS Nulled Script 1.72.0

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WHMCS Nulled Script is an advanced menu manager that simplifies menu control by allowing users to add unlimited menus and sub-menu items, display them when and to whom they are displayed, add translations to multiple languages, and modify the order of menu items using drag-and-drop. This module is compatible with WHMCS Six and Five Templates, allows for customization of menu links, and allows for the addition of simple translations and extra properties. It also offers statistics, visibility options, and customizable links. The menu manager requires WHMCS version 6 or above, PHP 5.6 to 8 and higher, and PHP nulled scripts. It is compatible with WHMCS versions 6, 7, and 8+.

WHMCS Nulled Script

WHMCS Advanced Menu Manager

Previously, it was difficult to control the WHMCS menu. For instance, if you wanted to create a new menu item, modify its location, make it hidden or reveal it under particular conditions, or even translate the title, it was difficult to do all of these things.

When you were younger, it was necessary for you to have a fundamental understanding of HTML and CSS, or to sometimes work with PHP.

This module enables you to perform a wide range of actions, including the addition of an unlimited number of menus and sub-menu items, the determination of when and to whom each item will be displayed, the addition of translations to multiple languages from a single location, the modification of the order of menu items through the use of the drag-and-drop technique, and a great deal more. All of these actions can be accomplished with just a few clicks, making it a very simple and straightforward process.

Features: You may add an unlimited number of menus and connections to submenus.
WHMCS Six and Five Templates are compatible with this product.
Suitable for use with personalized templates
The ordering of menu links may be changed using drag-and-drop.
A simple translation may be added to each item, and extra properties can be added to each menu link.
If you want to add an icon to each menu item, you may use the core system URL from categorized lists or an external URL.
Show statistics inside the menu link number (for example, the total number of active services, open tickets, and invoices that are overdue).
Selections for Visibility Pick and choose when certain menu links are shown.
The URL may be opened in the current window or in a new one.
It just takes one click to install the default menu links for WHMCS.
Documented to a high degree
Installing and using video tutorials: how to do it
Since version 1.2.0, one click is all that is required to automatically integrate with the default navbars of WHMCS.
An Online Demo: The Client Area for the Menu Manager

WHAT IS REQUIRED: WHMCS version 6 or above

It is compatible with WHMCS versions 6, 7, and 8+.
PHP: 5.6 to 8 and higher.

php nulled scripts
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