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Veen nulled Themes is a minimalist, lightweight AMP blog theme designed by EstudioPatagon, focusing on speed and attractive effects. Ideal for blogs dealing with biography, travel, photography, or personal experiences, Veen nulled Themes offers code quality and SEO strategies, making it lightweight and easy to personalize. With eleven custom widgets and a sophisticated theme options panel, Veen is AMP-compatible and supports multiple languages, including English and Spanish. The theme features a contemporary style, superior optimization, and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Veen nulled Themes also offers AMP assistance, English and Spanish translations, and support for iframes like YouTube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud.

Veen nulled Themes – Minimal Lightweight AMP Blog for WordPress

Veen nulled Themes is a cutting-edge blog theme developed by EstudioPatagon with an emphasis on speed and attractive effects; it is ideal for any type of blog, but especially those dealing with biography, travel, photography, or personal experiences. We made sure to consider code quality and SEO when developing this fast theme, and it’s quite lightweight. We used various strategies to attain high scores on Google. You can personalize it and utilize it with ease. The administration is made easier with the included eleven custom widgets and the sophisticated theme options panel. Veen is AMP-compatible and offers support for multiple languages, including English and Spanish. also it’s really easy to translate into any language you desire.

Stop by estudiopatagon.com if you’re looking for faster and lighter nulled themes.


Very lightweight and contemporary style.
Superior optimization and small file size (just 1.5 MB).
AMP Assistance (In Transition) Make sure to visit AMP Home and AMP Single Post.
Regularly revised.
English and Spanish translations are prepared.
Compressed and enhanced code.
Open Graph Assistance.
Constructed using SCSS and pre-compiled using Prepos 7 (compatible with both Mac and Windows).
Dedicated space for advertisements (below the header, before and after posts, and ad placement customization options).
Grid post advertising space. check it out now!
Insane post sidebar
Lists (home pages, archives, categories, etc.) with Lazy Load functionality.
For post material, use Lazy Load.
Enable lazy loading for embedding (iframes such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud).
CSS3 and HTML5 ready.
three post-single disposition issues
Here you may find Fullwidth with Sidebar.
Widescreen without sidebar; for details, go here.
Traditional: picture within the article, view it here.
Notice that posts and pages do not have a sidebar style.
This is the Custom Tag page.
Page for Custom Authors, refer to this.
View the Custom 404 Page here.
I am here widget about myself.
Personalization of a Tag Cloud Widget.
Personal Photo Albums.
Sections for advertisements.
Assistance with Disqus and Facebook.
Quick to respond.
We offer video support for platforms like Vimeo and YouTube.
Supports Retina Displays.
Awesome font icons.
Compatible with iOS devices in addition to Android.
Included documentation.
Minimalist Style.
Properly Coded.
The Menu for Exploration.

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