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Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce nulled plugin 6.0.4

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Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce is a dynamic pricing tool that allows users to set prices for different product quantities and sell more. It offers features such as fixed or percentage discounts, role-based pricing, global pricing rules, various display options, and real-time price changes. The plugin works with Elementor, WooCommerce subscriptions, product add-ons, and product bundles.

On the backend, users can manage static table content, general look, areas where the table would be placed, and price settings. They can also set up tiered pricing rules for product categories, user roles, and customers. Global pricing rules allow users to create rules that affect different products and categories, and suspend and reactivate them in one click.

Role-based Tiered Pricing allows users to set unique pricing for any role at the product level. This includes percentage-based tiered pricing rules, fixed tiered pricing rules, regular product price, sale product price, and minimum order quantity.

On the frontend, the plugin displays a pricing table/blocks/options where users can find the exact price per different quantity range. Display options include pricing table, pricing blocks, pricing options, pricing in a tooltip, pricing option, pricing blocks, pricing table, totals, catalog, cart, upsells in cart, and Tiered Pricing discount in cart.

The plugin utilizes the theme’s class “shop_table,” which automatically applies the original theme’s look and feel to the Pricing Table. Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce is compatible with all WordPress themes and is an excellent choice for wholesalers looking for a transparent wholesale pricing policy.

Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce nulled plugin Product quantity-based pricing for WooCommerce items. Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce allows you to set various pricing for different product quantities and sell more.
WooCommerce product price that changes dependent on product amount
Tiered pricing might be very beneficial to wholesalers and anybody who gives a progressive discount scale based on quantity or offers particular rates based on the user’s function.

Tiered pricing encourages consumers to buy in larger quantities in order to get a discount.

You may quickly configure separate pricing for different number ranges, and your consumers will be able to see how the price for one item varies based on the amount they choose.


On the product page, there is a Dynamic Tiered Pricing Table.

Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce nulled plugin Key aspects include:
Product pricing depending on quantity – fixed or percentage discounts based on the base price.
Role-based pricing allows you to change the normal price, discount price, minimum/maximum order quantity, and tiered pricing depending on the user role.
Global pricing rules – define price policies for product categories, individual items, roles, and consumers.
price may be shown in a variety of ways, including a price table, pricing alternatives, pricing blocks, a pricing dropdown, and a pricing tooltip.
Control how many quantities of a product customers may purchase by setting a minimum and maximum order quantity.
Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce nulled plugin Cart upsells entice consumers to buy more in order to get a discount on the cart.
Price varies in real time based on the amount specified on the product page.
Display totals on the product page or replace the product price on the product page with the real or total price.
Choose where you want the price and totals to appear on the product page.
Customize the look of the price – accent color, labels, and so forth.
Apply your theme styles automatically so that they seem natural on every design.
Work correctly with varying products – separate tables for each variant
Work with ordinary WooCommerce import and export as well as WP All Import.
Pricing string cache is built-in for maximum speed.
[tiered-pricing-table] shortcode.
It is compatible with Elementor.
Compatible with WooCommerce plugin Subscriptions
Compatible with Product Add-Ons
Compatible with Product Bundles
How Tiered Pricing Works in Practice:
The plugin configuration is straightforward; there are just two locations to do so.
You may adjust the following options in the general settings:

Table material that is static (titles, column text, summary block content, and so on)
general appearance (background color, CSS classes)
pricing settings (how to display price range, prefix, show total price) places where the table would be put
To create various pricing criteria for each product, go to the product page and configure quantity and price ranges in the Tiered Pricing tab:

Setup of a tiered pricing backend.

You may specify a discount based on product quantities or a fixed price here.

The number of tiered price levels is limitless, and you can choose the minimum amount people may purchase.

Global pricing regulations
You may design a rule that impacts many goods and/or product categories, and then restrict it to particular user roles and even individual customers.

Rules may be suspended and reactivated with a single click, which is handy for limited-time sales such as Black Friday.

Pricing is different for different product categories, user roles, and consumers.

You may do the following here:

establish a percentage discount for the base product price (the price at a quantity when tiered pricing is not yet applied) or establish flat regular and sale price fields.
Set up tier pricing. Choose whether tiered pricing should be calculated based on all product amounts applied to this rule in the basket or based on each product quantity.
Establish a minimum order quantity.
Pricing tiers, discounts, and a minimum purchase quantity

Role-based Pricing Structure
Tiered price for WooCommerce also enables you to build up specific price rules at the product level for any role. Simply choose one of your site’s roles and assign it unique pricing:

Woocommerce role-based tiered pricing

Individual price may be specified for any user role:

Tiered pricing rules based on percentages Fixed pricing rules Regular product price
Product cost for sale
The minimum order quantity is
You may, of course, configure role-based pricing for individual product versions.

Tiered price on the Frontend: After you put up price ranges in wp-admin, the pricing will display on the product page automatically.

The plugin’s primary benefit is that it displays a pricing table / blocks / choices where your customers can discover the precise price per various amount range, while other plugins typically only count prices for a certain quantity and compute the overall discount in the cart.

The price block may be shown in a variety of locations on the product page. Additionally, the plugin includes a shortcode for the price block as well as connection with Elementor, ensuring that everyone may find a suitable location for it on the product page.

When a customer selects a quantity, the total price is automatically adjusted to reflect the discount and the cost per piece.

Pricing display choices include the following:
Pricing chart
Pricing tiers
Pricing alternatives
Pricing shown in a tooltip
Pricing options, pricing blocks, and pricing tables are all available.

Totals You may choose whether or not to display the totals section. You may also display the total or real cost rather than the standard product price.

Catalog Pricing appears accurately in all other areas of your shop (such as the catalog page, related goods, widgets, and so on).

You have the option of displaying price on certain locations in the following ways:

Price range, from lowest to highest price per item
The lowest price with a prefix (for example, “from $10”)
The lowest possible pricing. Alternatively, pricing ranges

When customers enter the cart, they will see the crossed-out price (both the usual price and the price per amount purchased).

Upsells in the shopping cart. Discount for Tiered Pricing in Cart


Last but not least, the plugin makes use of the theme’s class “shop_table,” which means that the look and feel of the original theme (colors, fonts, etc.) will be automatically transferred to the Pricing Table. All you have to do is set the table position and active pricing color.

Tiered Pricing works flawlessly with all WordPress themes.

If you’re seeking for the simplest approach to establish a clear wholesale pricing strategy, Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce is a must-have.


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