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Thrive Apprentice is a powerful marketing solution for WordPress courses, offering customizable course overview pages, course list layouts, and pre-designed templates for lesson, course overview, and module pages. It also includes quizzes to improve student engagement, progress bars and lesson complete indicators, custom header content, and an activity feed to track student engagement. The plugin also provides data points to help teachers make critical decisions about improving their courses. With Thrive Apprentice, users can easily create a fully functioning online business and make it look good, making it an excellent choice for those looking to improve their online presence.

Thrive Apprentice is a clear winner for me, especially with its marketing solutions!

Wow! Just wow. I’ve been using Thrive for a long time and am now constructing (almost done) a course using Thrive Apprentice.

Thrive Themes has consistently been the finest on the internet. Hands down. Adding Thrive Apprentice to the family, particularly with all of the marketing opportunities, is a big gain for me. I really like all of the fantastic teaching materials that are provided.

Thank you for an absolutely fantastic product.
I can abandon my subscription software and provide greater service to my audience!

This is a game changer. Awesome functionality.

I can discard my membership software and move to Thrive Apprentice, then leverage its functionality on my website to better serve my audience and enhance the user experience.
If you’ve used another LMS WordPress nulled themes, you’ll know that creating an online course isn’t fun. You’re struggling with several screens to build lessons, courses, topics, and modules…

Awesome “plugin”! I enclosed plugin in quotations… Thrive is much more than that!

WOW!!! I am astounded with Thrive Themes and the manner you constantly develop.

I’ve been a client for numerous years and have watched several of them improve over time.

Hands down the greatest Theme-Content-Membership-whatever you need – WordPress conversion and delivery package.

wonderful staff, wonderful support, and fantastic “plugin” (I put “nulled plugins” in quotations since Thrive Apprentice is much more than that).

Little men like myself can start a completely functional web company and make it seem beautiful!

You guys are amazing. You’ve built a collection of tools that allow small company owners like myself to run a fully functional internet business while also making it seem attractive! I am really happy to be a Thrive member. I’m sending you heaps of thanks.

Course Overview Pages Can Help You Sell More Courses

Your course overview page or school homepage is one of the first things visitors will notice. Whether you’re linking to it to help sell it or to provide students a high-level overview of your course, this is one of the most significant sites in the student experience.

With Thrive Apprentice, this page is completely customisable with the Thrive Visual Editor.

Fully Customisable Course List Layout

Choose from a variety of styles to showcase your course and personalise every element. Grid, masonry, or list view?

The sky is the limit!

Add any element to your course overview.

Because you have complete design control over your school site, you can include any call to action here.

Course Lessons and Modules provide just what you want.

Thrive Apprentice has an abundance of pre-designed templates for your lesson, course overview, and module pages.

You may personalise every feature to meet your requirements. With or without a sidebar, either collapsible or fixed, full-screen video or split-screen layout. If you can envision it, you can make it.

Quizzes to Improve Student Engagement with Thrive Quiz Builder

Use quizzes to engage your pupils. Block course advancement depending on quiz scores, require quiz completion, pose multimedia questions, and so on…

Thrive Quiz Builder paired with Thrive Apprentice is the ideal option for creating an engaging student experience.

Learn more about your students.

Progress Bar and Lesson Completion IndicatorsYou may assist students navigate your course by displaying progress bars that dynamically change depending on their course progress and allowing them to mark modules as completed.

Thrive Apprentice nulled plugin Custom Header Content

Thrive Apprentice nulled plugin allows you to display or remove header menu elements dependent on the student’s login state.

This makes it simple to include a login link for non-logged-in students, which transforms into a logout link once they are logged in.

Discover who your best students are and what classes they’ve finished. Keep track of student participation with a convenient activity stream.

Thrive Apprenticeship Integrations

Thrive Apprentice nulled plugin Thrive Apprentice features direct connections with the most common platforms for managing your online company, as well as a plethora of triggers and actions accessible in Thrive Automator, our completely free automation solution.Thinking about an integration that is not on this list? Thrive Automator will most likely enable you to smoothly integrate it with Thrive Apprentice!



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