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ThemeHigh Email Customizer for WooCommerce Pro nulled plugin 3.5.3

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Email Customizer for WooCommerce is a visual editor that allows users to create professional emails for their customers. It offers easy drag-and-drop functionality, live preview, and features like basic elements like text, images, GIFs, and social icons. Users can also add Woocommerce elements like header, billing, shipping, and customer details. Custom hooks can be added for data transfer. The tool also allows users to use templates instead of default Woocommerce emails, set emails for each status, upload files, and edit the subject. The final preview feature allows users to make changes efficiently. The drag-and-drop feature allows easy editing and navigation.

Email Customizer for Woocommerce

ThemeHigh Email Customizer for WooCommerce Pro nulled plugin Create professional emails for your customers with Email Customizer, a visual editor that allows you to create new templates and change the appearance of current ones.

Email Customizer for Woocommerce simplifies email communication with a new drag-and-drop feature and live preview.

Create totally amazing email templates or customize any pre-designed ones for different transactional messages, styling them to reflect your brand identity and company’s design standards. All of this is made easy and straightforward with Email Customizer For WooCommerce, which includes intuitive features such as drag-and-drop and live preview.

Create customized templates.

Create templates with an appropriate layout and add photographs, text, GIFs, social icons, and other desired features to create a professionally prepared email for your company.

Add Elements.

ThemeHigh Email Customizer for WooCommerce Pro nulled plugin You may add numerous components to your email templates to make them more attractive and professional.

Basic components.
Text, photos, GIFs, and social symbols may all be included to your email designs.

WooCommerce Elements
These include the header, payment and shipping information, customer and order information, and other elements utilized for constructing email templates.

Add hooks.

Aside from the regular Woocommerce Hooks that may be added to email templates to facilitate data transfer, custom hooks can also be created and inserted at any location in the email templates.

Email Mapping.

Once you’ve built an email template, you may use it instead of the standard Woocommerce emails. You may establish emails for each of the statuses mentioned above, add files to the mail separately, and customize the email topic for each of them.

Final Preview

Get a final preview while editing and updating the email templates. This makes work more efficient and saves time.

Drag-and-drop with real-time preview.

This drag-and-drop feature allows for quick editing and navigation while adding several objects.

Test Mail

Send test emails to see how they are presented to consumers and to obtain a true inbox experience.

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