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Teams for WooCommerce Memberships nulled plugin 1.7.1

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Teams for WooCommerce Memberships is a B2B extension that allows sites to sell team, group, corporate, or family member accounts. It allows one owner to handle all billing and share team access with other members they invite. The extension can be sold with per-member or per-team prices, and can be purchased on the site. Owners can add new members to the team by sharing a public “join” link or sending email invites. They can also grant “manager” permissions to people on the team to help with inviting new people. The entire team is tied to one billing record, so if the owner stops paying or gets a refund, the entire set of team memberships is cancelled. Store admins can also manage a team, view a list of teams, change team attributes, or manually add or remove members. Teams for WooCommerce Memberships works great with subscriptions, providing recurring billing for your team. To get started, ensure your site already has WooCommerce Memberships or purchase it now.

Teams for WooCommerce Memberships nulled plugin WooCommerce Memberships now has B2B capabilities, enabling sites to offer team, group, corporate, and family member memberships.
Teams for WooCommerce Memberships allows you to sell memberships built with WooCommerce Memberships to teams, corporations, organizations, or families rather than individuals.

When selling a team product, one owner manages all payments and may provide team access to additional members they invite. Ideal for selling corporate training accounts, family memberships, team site access, and more!

Sell Team Access Your Way.
Teams for Memberships enhances your current goods by allowing you to offer team memberships at per-member or per-team costs. Set a minimum and maximum seat count (optional) for the team, and you’ll be ready to sell to groups!

WooCommerce Membership Teams: per member team.

Teams may be marketed as basic or variable goods, with your clients able to buy a customizable number of seats (e.g., $15 per member) or in blocks (e.g., $1000 for 500 seats).

WooCommerce memberships are paid by team.

Comprehensive Tools for Managing Group Accounts
Team accounts may be bought via your website, and the transaction is as simple as buying any other goods from your shop.

Teams for WooCommerce Memberships: purchasing teams

Once a team has been acquired, the owner may add new members to the team directly from the account section of your website by providing a public “join” link or sending email invitations.

Teams for WooCommerce Memberships: Add Members

To assist with team management, owners may even provide “manager” powers to team members, allowing them to assist in inviting new members.

WooCommerce Membership Team Members

The greatest thing is that the whole team is attached to a single payment record, so if the owner stops paying or receives a refund, the entire team’s memberships are terminated.

Only owners may make purchases, however anybody on the team can use member access.

Teams for WooCommerce Memberships: New User Invitation

Admin Tools, too!
Owners and managers may add and delete members, but shop administrators can also manage teams. You may browse a list of teams or learn more about one in particular. You may also modify team parameters, such as the maximum seat count, and manually add or delete members from your site dashboard.

Edit a WooCommerce plugin Membership Team.

Works well with subscriptions.
WooCommerce Memberships already function well with WooCommerce Subscriptions, and so does Teams for Memberships.

You may also offer team access as basic or variable subscriptions. Per-member or per-team pricing may be added to a subscription to enable recurring payment for your team. If the team owner suspends or cancels a subscription, all team members lose access as well.

Teams for WooCommerce Membership: Subscription-based product

How To Get Started
Ready to offer group subscriptions on your website? You may get started with these steps:

Make sure your site already has WooCommerce Memberships, or get them today.
Buy this extension! 🙂
Download and install Teams for Memberships on your WooCommerce shop.
Create a Team Product for your Membership Plan.
Check out our comprehensive manual for any advanced setup assistance.
That is it! Relax and extend your membership sales to groups!
Need more reason to buy? When you buy a SkyVerge-developed extension, you receive the best extensions for your WooCommerce business. Gain piece of mind knowing that when you buy our items, we care about your store’s success just as much as you do.

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