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Super Store Finder nulled plugin 6.9.6

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Super Store Finder nulled plugin is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows users to easily locate their retail locations. This feature-rich plugin utilizes the latest version of the Google Maps API, designed for use on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It offers a user-friendly interface for managing stores, tags, styles, map settings, labels, captions, and regions. The Store Finder Analytics Tracking function allows users to monitor store views, customer location searches, phone calls, and email links. The plugin also includes a store finder with a flat design, multiple shopfinder templates, and a full-screen view of Google Maps. The Store Finder also features a store finder with a collapsible panel, notifications, retail inventory count, filters for managing categories and tags, and customizable color and design options. The plugin also supports GDPR-compliant settings, a search bar component, and easy store publishing and removal. Users can easily access their retail locations and create unique points of interest.

WordPress’s Ultimate Shopping Assistant
Customers will have no trouble finding your locations thanks to Super Store Finder nulled plugin for WordPress, a feature-rich plugin that utilizes the most up-to-date version of the Google Maps API. Developed specifically for use on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other touch-screen gadgets. You may control shops, categories, tags, colors, labels, alerts, regions, and map settings using the robust administrator.

Getting started is a breeze (for help, see our comprehensive installation guides), and our first-rate help is consistent and outstanding.

The most recent releases of WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor, Cornerstone, etc. are all compatible with this plugin.

Fundamental Characteristics

A simple and effective WordPress plugin for establishment and store locating

Built with mobile devices in mind and a responsive design.
Store Finder with a Flat Design

Several different shopfinder templates are available.

Allows you a full-screen view of Google Maps.

(Works with the WordPress Multilingual Plugin, or WPML.)

Control an infinite number of stores.

You can keep tabs on your most visited shops, the searches you do, the links you click to reach us through phone or email, and the locations you try to reach us at using the Store Locator Analytics Tracking function.

Street View that fills the whole screen

Map options include showing all retailers, a single location, or your current location.

Store Filter with Collapsible Panel: A Well-Designed Item

Notifications and an easy-to-navigate user interface

Retail Inventory Count

Filters for Managing Categories and Tags in an Online Store

Easily Modifiable Filtering by Region

Filters by Country, Fully Configurable

Administrator-controlled color and design options

Labels and captions that you create yourself

Pins with names on the map

Address books may be imported and exported in CSV format.

Stunning photos with zoom functionality may be uploaded.

Incorporate a video display into your shop finder.

Accept user-defined markers

Place marks using the mouse or manually input latitude and longitude when adding or editing a shop.

Each shop has its own built-in email form.

Extra or specialized fields

Application to Have a Branch Added

Settings that are GDPR-compliant

Search bar component

Simple store publishing and removal

SEO-Friendly Store Finder

Distributor/Dealer Finder Capability

Features that can be expanded with the help of available plugins (discover more about plugins here).

Super Store Finder nulled plugin for WordPress is optimized for use with a mobile or touch-screen device, thanks to its sleek and user-friendly responsive design. It is optimized for mobile devices and displays well on tablets and smartphones with full-width support. The plugin comes with a variety of premade shop locator templates, each of which can be easily customized to suit your needs.

The shop finder provides a robust admin interface for managing stores, tags, styles, map settings, labels, captions, regions, etc.

Store views, customer location searches, phone calls, and email links may all be monitored with the help of the Store Locator Analytics Tracking Dashboard. Weekly, monthly, and annual analytics reports may be generated and exported to Excel or CSV.

When users use your shop locator, you may give them the option to see all locations, a filtered subset, or their current geolocation.

Customers may easily go to your retail locations thanks to Super Store Finder’s integrated, precise geolocation features.

Shoppers may narrow their searches by geographic location. As the administrator, you have the ability to create unique points of interest that will let your customers know exactly where you are.

Looking for a map design that works well with your website’s layout? Alternatively, instead of typing in your own Google Maps code, you may just copy and paste some ready-made style codes from snazzymaps.com into the appropriate field on the administration settings page.

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