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StoreGo SaaS is an online store builder that allows users to manage all aspects of their business from product inventory to order completion, all from one convenient page, using a nulled script.

StoreGo SaaS is an online store builder with a custom domain that offers both a back-end and front-end dashboard for easy comprehension of valuable data. It provides storefront management, product and category listings, tax making, email list management, comprehensive order summary, and customer satisfaction. StoreGo SaaS supports multiple retail locations, product type variant delivery methods, vouchers, blog posting, personalized web page builders, and a domain subdomain Thermoprint Progressive Web App (PWA) website organization option.

Key benefits of StoreGo SaaS include a solid back end for smooth front-end rollout, two dashboards for the back end and front end, customer registration and login, guest checkout, email notifications, premade email designs, and various payment channels. The platform uses Laravel 10 and supports over twenty payment channels, including Stripe, PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, CoinGate, Paymentwall, Yookassa, Midtrans, and Xendit.

StoreGo SaaS also includes features like guest checkout, email notifications, and customizable email templates. Users can manage their store’s items, categories, products, subscribers, and product variants in one place. The thermal print module helps reduce fixed and operating expenses by providing faster labeling, package printing, and receipt printing. Thermal prints are also required by mobile point-of-sale systems and credit card processing devices.

In conclusion, StoreGo SaaS is an essential e-commerce platform that offers a comprehensive solution for store managers to manage their online store effectively. With its user-friendly interface, customizable email designs, and support for various payment channels, StoreGo SaaS provides a seamless and efficient solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations.

StoreGo SaaS is a platform that offers a seamless and efficient way to manage your store’s online presence. It offers a range of features, including a Progressive Web App (PWA) that mimics the functionality of a mobile app, allowing customers to quickly access various themes and filters. This feature is available on various devices, including offline desktop clients, Android and iOS devices, and both. StoreGo SaaS also provides data storage integration with cloud services like Wasabi, AWS, and Local, ensuring data security and protection. The platform also offers shop configuration, SEO-friendly meta descriptions, and a secure payment end. The backend manages product stock management and offers a secure gateway for customers to complete their orders. StoreGo SaaS also supports webhook protocol, simplifying data sharing and expanding platform capabilities. The platform also incorporates AI integration to increase efficiency. StoreGo SaaS is a reliable and interesting choice for businesses looking to enhance their online presence.

StoreGo SaaS Nulled Script

StoreGo SaaS – Online Store Builder

High level
With StoreGo SaaS, you can easily move data from your store’s backend to its front end. You can manage all aspects of your business with StoreGo SaaS, from maintaining product inventory to completing orders, all from one convenient page. Take pleasure in an easily navigable storefront.

Link to Demo: Demo Link
Submit the following login credentials: [email protected] / 1234
Requesting access as the shop owner at [email protected] / 1234

Expectations for StoreGo SaaS: Online Store Builder with Custom Domain
Both a back-end and a front-end dashboard are available in StoreGo SaaS. It facilitates the simple comprehension of valuable data.
Storefront management made simple with product and category listings
Making taxes and determining their rates is a breeze.
Diverse Subject: Fifteen color schemes over ten themes
Oversight of the email list of subscribers
StoreGo SaaS provides a comprehensive order summary and the ability to print out any particular order.
Customers may relax and enjoy themselves while shopping, thanks to the front-end store perspective.
Complete White Label Store Setup for Offline COD and Bank Transfer Final Step
Store quick identification
Multiple Retail Locations in the Bosom of a Single Enterprise
Product Type Variant Delivery Method
Voucher for the Product
Blog Posting for the Data
Using social media to share blog posts
Personalized Web Page Builder
Domain subdomain Thermoprint Progressive Web App (PWA) website organization option for user-friendly access
Product and Order Checkout Custom Field
Premade email designs
An SEO-friendly meta description and keyword are assigned to each business.
Product, Order, Shipping, and Product Coupon Import/Export in Excel
ReCaptcha on the Password Reset and Login Page
Image Upload for Guest Checkout without Registration or Login: An Overview
Data Storage Integration with Cloud Services (Wasabi, AWS, and Local)
Options to customize the layout themes, primary color, sidebar, and turn on/off real-time translation Access the theme customizer to adjust the colors, transparency, and darkness of the layout.
Confirmation Email Protecting User Data During Registration
Paypal, Stripe, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, CoinGate, Paymentwall, COD, and other secure payment methods
The integration of WhatsApp
You may integrate with our Telegram bot to get email notifications whenever a new order is placed.
Payments made without an internet connection
A pleasant RTL experience for clients that speak Hebrew, Arabic, or a language similar to Urdu
Stripe, PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, CoinGate, Paymentwall, Yookassa, Midtrans, and Xendit are just a few of the more than twenty various payment channels that may finance any of the plans.
Utilizes Laravel 10

Key Benefits of StoreGo SaaS, an E-Commerce Platform
Passage from the Front to the Back End
A solid back end is essential for every shop manager serious about running their business well. The fact that the shop is online is now irrelevant. A well-oiled backend is still necessary for a seamless front-end rollout. You may use the backend to handle product inventory and orders, and the frontend is where you can communicate with customers to fulfill their orders.
Control panel
Because there are two sides to every shop, StoreGo SaaS provides two dashboards, one for the back end and one for the front end, so that both can be managed effectively.
Here you may examine a summary of all items, sales, and orders, as well as a rundown of your most recent and most popular purchases. The order graph for the last fifteen days is also available here.
From traffic across all devices, browsers, and platforms to your most popular URLs, this dashboard has it all when it comes to your store’s metrics.
Registering and Logging in Customers
Only once the consumer has registered and logged in may they make an order using the customer login and registration module. Thanks to the authentication of information, this ensures the customer’s and owner’s safety and security. The consumer may also see their order history.
Shop as a Guest without Creating an Account or Login
One customer-friendly feature is the guest checkout. This indicates that purchasing the service or product does not require the client to register or log in.
One benefit of this feature is that it makes first-time purchases faster and makes creating an account easier. From a commercial point of view, this helps enhance the consumer’s experience with future purchases and boosts customer retention rates.

Notification via email

An organization’s ability to be transparent is greatly enhanced by well-organized channels and flows. The Email Notification module helps keep things organized by sending an email to the registered email id of both the owner and the client when an order is being finished or placed. The email contains all the necessary facts about the order.
Premade email designs
Instead of starting from scratch every time, users may choose from a variety of pre-made, customizable email layouts with the help of the email templates function. Furthermore, this offers preparedness, consistency in drafts, accessibility, and less work needed to create the same email several times. These templates may be customized to meet different requirements.


Items All of your store’s items are available here. Both a grid and a list view of your items are available in StorGo SaaS. Under this tab, you may manage the product’s name, price, category, quantity, SKU, description, and picture, among other things. You may keep track of your inventory under this tab overall.
Categories of products
Here, you may organize your products into categories according to your own catalog.
Here, you may create a tax that applies to your shop and give it rates.
Subscribers are clients who have shown an interest in receiving your updates; you should keep track of their information.
Different Versions of the Product
Product variants are arrangements of items within a product family that vary from one another in some way, whether it be in terms of size, color, price, material, nature, or any other attribute. More product varieties in this region mean more individualized offers and more stock-keeping units (SKUs) to choose from, which means more clients. At a glance, customers will grasp the items and the options available to them. There will be better visibility as a result of having so many possibilities in one place.
Orders Here you may find a brief description of every order. View all the information related to a certain order number here, including facts about the order, billing and shipping details, and the current status of the payment. From this page, you may change the order’s status and print the receipt.

Module for Sales: Thermal Printing

Reducing fixed and operating expenses is a company’s top priority. This is when the thermal print function really shines. Quicker labeling, package printing, and receipt printing are all possible with thermal printing, which is also the fastest printing method. Additionally, it provides outstanding quality, speed, and clarity while printing. Also, it’s cheaper to run since it doesn’t utilize ink and has fewer moving components. Thermal prints are also required by the ever-growing number of mobile point-of-sale systems and credit card processing devices.
Enhancing Accessibility with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
One kind of website that mimics the functionality and appearance of a mobile app is called a Progressive Web App (PWA). This PWA feature allows customers to quickly access one of several themes while filtering, whether they’re using an offline desktop client, an Android or iOS device, or both. Without removing the user from their existing conversion funnel, the installation is done with a single click, making it frictionless and improving lead conversion rates. It also has the added benefit of requiring less storage space than the application itself. Not only that, but it gets going quickly and keeps going strong. PWA is the fastest, most dependable, and most interesting choice.

Pixel Parameters

For precise control while working with images in graphic design or editing software, you may adjust pixel settings. These settings enable you to configure specific pixel features, such as transparency and color.
Data Storage Integration with Cloud Services (Wasabi, AWS, and Local)
Data Storage Integration with Cloud Services (Wasabi, AWS, and Local) It is really necessary to safeguard you. The user is assisted with the same by this function of Cloud Data Storage.
It makes it easy to store data both locally and in the cloud, as well as to process data in the event of a catastrophe, and to organize data into different tiers according to various criteria like cost, availability, performance, recovery, and migration. Secure and affordable, third-party verified cloud data storage providers like AWS and Wasabi keep data secure from hackers.

Shop Configuration

Here you may manage the store’s details, descriptions, header, footer, and subscription settings. Here you may control the social networking settings that will show in the footer.
An SEO-friendly Meta description and keyword are assigned to each business.
Boosting your website’s or store’s exposure is what search engine optimization is all about. In this case, you may aid the search engine in its evaluation of your store’s content by making use of meta tags, such as meta keywords and descriptions. Meta keywords and descriptions for your company’s store(s) may be added or updated using the Store Settings section of the Store.

Configuration Settings for the System

Take charge of your store’s website and email settings from here. Make sure that your store’s payment end is safe by adjusting the system settings. Multiple payment channels are compatible with StoreGo SaaS.

Retail Storefront

If you made changes to the settings on the back end, the front end would show you those changes. In other words, it would generate an e-commerce site front end. On this page, products are organized according to categories.
With the click of a tab, customers can get detailed product information and easily add the items they need to their shopping basket. Following the completion of the necessary shipping and payment data, the customer may go on to the checkout process. In addition, a secure gateway allows them to pay for the order and complete it.
The backend will handle stock management from product stocks in accordance with the order after it is placed. There will be a unique order link sent to each customer.

Webhook protocol

Simplify data sharing and expand platform capabilities by easily connecting and enhancing components.
Using AI
An innovative piece of software, AI Integration, uses AI to complete jobs, increasing efficiency.

Version history

You may see the changes made to the version and the updates that have been released here. Review the changelog.


If you have any problems, questions, or recommendations, please submit a support request here. Please refrain from requesting assistance in the comments area in order to facilitate speedy feedback and save time.

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