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Car Dealer nulled Themes is a multi-purpose WordPress theme designed for various automotive businesses, including dealerships, wholesalers, repair shops, and retailers of motor vehicles. With its one-click installation theme, users can create a website that loads quickly, performs well, and has a customizable style. The theme offers six different dealer inquiry form types, allowing for endless comparisons of vehicle listings. It also features GIF loaders, a built-in loan calculator, and automatic PDF brochure creation.

The theme is compatible with multiple web browsers, including FireFox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 11. It also supports real-time translation (RTL) in languages like Arabic, puritan, Urdu, etc., and supports multiple web browsers. The theme is designed with an adaptive layout ideal for mobile devices, and it comes with ten stunning demo homepages.

Car Dealer nulled Themes is compatible with Child nulled Themes and the Envato Toolkit plugin, which supports automatic updates. It offers absolute personalization, with the ability to change the hue of each visible element. The theme’s headers can be customized, and the theme is coded using the latest version of HTML and CSS.

The theme also includes 60+ page templates for frequently used sections, a fully integrated BuddyPress plugin, lightning quick page speed, impressive responsive carousels, and quick, expert, 5-star assistance. The dashboard is equipped with clear and concise charts, making it easy to understand the information.

In summary, Car Dealer nulled Themes is a versatile and adaptable WordPress theme designed for various automotive businesses. It offers a wide range of customization options, compatibility with child nulled themes, and a user-friendly dashboard.

Car Dealer is a user-friendly website theme designed for dealers, offering a variety of features such as a flexible import/export feature, customizable layout options, and a variety of email capabilities. The theme also includes 60+ pre-made pages for easy implementation and extensive documentation online.

The car dealer features include a drag-and-drop tool for easy page creation, customizable site logos, and the ability to toggle the sticky header on and off for both desktop and mobile devices. The site header settings include header type, header colors, top bar color, sidebar, section title shortcode, find, page header, footer, currency settings, car page settings, contact form 7, and more.

Custom Forms allow users to customize various aspects of the currency, including its symbol, placement, and currency separator. The car page settings include options to display or hide sold vehicles, the number of columns to display, the style of the car detail page, the number of cars to display, and the number of columns to display on the car list page.

The blog’s settings include title, sidebars, layout, and meta information visibility. Users can also specify default values for their car, manage social profiles and contact details, enable or disable sharing posts on social media, control font family, and enable or disable “Coming Soon” or “Maintenance” modes.

The theme also allows for custom CSS and JS, data samples, and export options in the JavaScript console. The download package does not contain images and videos used in the demo, but it can be purchased separately.

Car Dealer nulled Themes – Automotive Responsive WordPress Theme

We have developed the most alluring, adaptable, and cutting-edge multi-purpose Car Dealer nulled Themes for a wide variety of automotive businesses, including dealerships, wholesalers, repair shops, and retailers of motor vehicles, based on our extensive expertise dealing with clients in the automotive industry for over a decade.

With our one-click installation theme, you can rest assured that our comprehensive solutions will take care of all your business needs:

Website that loads quickly, performs well, and has a customizable style
Six Different Dealer Inquiry Form Types
The inventory listing is well-organized and created, and it allows for endless comparisons of vehicle listings.
Super Cool GIF Loaders
No matter the size of your business, our completely responsive theme will help you reach new heights of success. It only takes a single click to launch your first online vehicle dealership.

DETAILS OF THE MAIN FEATURES of Car Dealer nulled Themes :

  • Superior Theme Options: Users are able to create nearly any design they can imagine with the help of Theme Options. The Theme Options panel gives users complete control over their site’s design, allowing them to make it distinctive with a few clicks.
  • Functionality Comparison: Provide a drag-and-drop interface for comparing various car features.
  • Functionality of the Filter: Strong automobile filters that are AJAX and GET technique combined.
  • The “inquiries” tab on the admin side allows you to keep track of each of the six dealer inquiry forms. Each form comes with its own captcha, validation, and three different email functionalities (ADF, HTML, and Text).
  • You can display certification or review/ratings of vehicles from vehicle value sources like Carfax.com using this functionality: Vehicle Review Stamps.
  • Listing by Tab: Both vertical and horizontal tabs are available for listing cars according to their make.
  • Featured, OnSale, and Cheapest are just a few of the categories offered by the Car Slider shortcode.
  • A built-in loan calculator is available in the finance calculator.
  • Automatic creation of PDF brochures for automobiles: a dynamic feature. Create PDF pages with the single click for your inventory listings with our printable brochures.
  • Social Media: Effortlessly boost customer interaction with built-in social sharing features.
  • The WooCommerce plugin lets you sell your products online, and the WooCommerce Ready: Car Dealer nulled Themes has full support for it. Create a sleek and contemporary storefront with the aid of this widely used e-commerce plugin.
  • You Have Your Pick of 800+ Google Web Fonts: This theme is built with Google Web Fonts, so you may personalize it with a wide range of typefaces.
  • Car Dealer nulled Themes is ready to be translated into any language using po and mo files.
  • Easy data import with just one click: It just takes a click to install your WordPress theme.
  • Get the 7-form ready: Get in touch with clients in style with the Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • Real Time Translation (RTL): Languages that support RTL. Because of this, it will work correctly with right-to-left languages like Arabic, puritan, Urdu, etc.
  • Support for Multiple Web Browsers: Works with FireFox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer 11.
  • An Adaptive Layout Ideal for Mobile Devices: You can make sure that your site looks great on any device by using a responsive design and retina ready display.
  • With the help of MailChimp for WordPress, you can create a stunning and user-friendly form to increase the number of people that subscribe to your MailChimp lists. Your WordPress site visitors can be easily added to your MailChimp lists. We have developed a subscription component and built these forms. Simply integrate your form with your MailChimp list and insert the appropriate element into your page.
  • You can choose from an endless array of colors with the Car Dealer. Based on your personal taste and the
  • image you want to project, you’ll have access to thousands of customization options.
  • Blog post styles such as audio, gallery, standard, quotation, and video from YouTube and Vimeo are available in the advanced blog options. A variety of sidebar styles are available, including classic, full width, masonry, two columns, three columns, four columns, etc.
  • Dynamic Bootstrap v3+: Based on the robust and up-to-date Bootstrap v3+ framework, which makes creating websites a breeze.
  • With Car Dealer, you get high-resolution icons that are Retina Ready. Car Dealer nulled Themes ensures that your website looks fantastic on high-resolution screens and high-density Retina displays.
  • You get to design your own site from a library of ten stunning demo homepages. Each one is different and offers something special.
  • The online and offline documentation is extensive and well-documented, providing you with easy-to-understand instructions that will allow you to utilize all of its functions.
  • Compatible with Child nulled Themes: Comes with a basic theme for kids!
  • Plugin for Envato Toolkit (theme auto-update) that supports automatic updates.
  • Absolute Personalization: Effortlessly alter the hue of each visible element! The theme’s numerous customizable features make it ideal for those without programming experience; all you need is an idea for a website and this theme will take care of the rest.
  • The header of the inner pages can be customized. Backgrounds: Choose from a variety of patterns, images, or solid colors to use as page header backgrounds.
  • You can satisfy all of your needs with Car Dealer’s Multiple Header choices. Each header has its unique set of features, so you can pick the one that best suits you. Customers have the option to choose the color of the header text, links, and background.
  • One option is to make the header “sticky” at the very top. Sticky header logo, text, link, and background colors are all customizable for clients.
  • Coded using the latest version of HTML and CSS: Written using jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • An abundance of page options: 60+ Page templates for frequently used sections including Home, About, Service, FAQ, Team, Blog, Contact, and many more!
  • Completely integrated bbPress plugin!
  • The BuddyPress plugin is completely customizable!
  • Quick Speed: Lightning Quick, including Lightning Fast Page Speed and Slow Ratings.
  • Impressive responsive carousels will appear great on any screen size.
  • Quick, expert, 5-star assistance: Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you can trust that our Support Team will go above and beyond to resolve your issue.
  • As well as a great deal more…


Incredible, one-of-a-kind animated slider
Completely unrelated to coding
You may save $34 and not require an additional license for Visual Composer.
The dashboard is equipped with clear and concise charts, making it easy to grasp the information.
A flexible import/export feature is available, along with a log for each.
Simple vehicles check out the features that work with the drag-and-drop tool.
The dealer forms come with three different kinds of email capabilities, each with clear instructions and space for each query to be entered.
The features of GEO Fencing and Promocode are straightforward, with thorough documentation.
Quick and simple page creation using drag-and-drop
60+ pre-made pages for easy implementation
Modular, user-friendly page layouts
Extensive documentation available online
Build a beautiful site without ever touching code!

Extra Options for Themes:

Choices for layout: Standard, Framed, and Boxed. One more thing you can do with the Boxed and Framed style is change the backdrop color or image of the main body.
The site logo can be customized in several ways: text or picture, logo height, sticky logo, mobile logo, and sticky logo height.
You may toggle the sticky header on and off for both desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, you have the option to choose the background color, text color, link color, and sticky header logo.
Turn the “Back to Top” feature on or off for both desktop and mobile devices.
Turn on or off the Site Preloader feature. Choose a preloader picture to use from our library of sixteen GIFs, or submit your own.
You may manage a variety of site header settings here, including header type, header colors, top bar color, and top bar color options.

Sidebar: Turn the sidebar on or off. Here you can use the drag-and-drop feature to manage things on the left and right top bars.

The “Section Title Shortcode” allows you to display or hide the header separator for the section title.
Find: You may toggle the search icon in the header on or off. From this menu, you can also choose the search content type and input placeholder word: Everything, shipping, and automobiles.
The Page Header is where you’ll find all the controls for the page header, including the Breadcrumb, Titlebar Text Align, Page Header Height, and Page Header Type (image, color, YouTube, or Vimeo video).
In this section, you can find the options for managing the footer. Here you may adjust the layout of the footer columns, choose the background color (image or color), set the background opacity, change the color of the footer headings, text, and links, and enable or disable the copyright section. Display copyrighted text, change the color of the copyrighted background, text, and links, and much more besides…
You can alter the site’s default color and customize it to match your design in the color schemes.

Sidebar Settings: Choose between Full Width, Left Sidebar, and Right Sidebar to align the page’s sidebars.

The currency settings allow you to customize various aspects of the currency, such as its symbol, its placement, and the settings for the currency separator.
Included in the car page settings are options to display or hide sold vehicles on the listing, the number of columns to display, the style of the car detail page, the number of cars to display, and the number of columns to display on the car list page.
Contact Form 7 and other dealer inquiry forms, as well as custom form parameters (email title, email body, receiver email id, etc.), are all part of Custom Forms.
Details for Google Maps, Google Captcha, and MailChimp can be added using API keys.
The blog’s title, sidebars (full width, left sidebar, and right sidebar), layout (classic or masonry), and the visibility of meta information on the page can be adjusted in the blog’s settings.

Values by Default: You have the option to specify many default values for your car, such as its default location and labels for price, city mileage, and highway mileage.

In the Archive Settings, you may choose what information should be shown on blog archive pages in the header, such as the author’s name, category, and tags.
Individual Post: Control the visibility of related posts, author information, and post navigation. From this page, you can also alter the visibility of meta items on the blog detail page.
There are two different styles for team pages in the settings. You are free to adjust it as you see fit.
Product Listing Column, Number of Products per Page, Show Related Products, Number of Related Products per Page, and Woocommerce Related Product Number of Columns are all configurable in the Woocommerce settings. You can also find the cart icon in the main menu.
Get all the information about your site, including how to manage your social profiles and contact details (email, phone number, and opening hours), right here.
You have the option to enable or disable the ability to share posts on social media.
Typography: You have control over the font family used for the body and headings (from h1 to h6), as well as the backup font family, font weight, font subsets, font size, line height, and letter spacing.
You have the option to enable or disable the “Coming Soon” or “Maintenance” modes. Title, subtitle, date, social icons, display newsletter, and newsletter form are all at your control. You can enable or disable them as needed.
You have the option to include custom CSS and custom JS in this section.
Data Sample: Just like on our demo site, you can import pre-defined data samples from this page.
Displaying Options Object in the JavaScript Console You have the option to import and export your site data under the Object Import Options.
Hello, and welcome to Car Dealer!


The Downloaded Package does not contain the images and videos utilized in the demo. Nonetheless, you can buy it alone. Any and all citations are contained in the record.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any inquiries. You are our inspiration for being here! Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

Please leave a rating if you find the theme to be satisfactory.

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