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This WooCommerce extension offers a full-featured integration for Shipwire, providing real-time shipping rates, automatic order fulfillment processing, and live inventory/tracking updates. It allows customers to display real-time shipping quotes from Shipwire during checkout and automatically exports orders after processing. Inventory and order tracking information are updated automatically when pushed from Shipwire, and tracking information is available on the Edit Order page.

The WooCommerce Shipwire Integration Order Admin allows users to display real-time shipping rates directly from Shipwire, support split orders, select countries for automatic order export, and automatically update inventory and tracking information on a recurring basis. Customers can also receive email notifications if an order fails to export or encounters issues that prevent it from being shipped.

Selecting the built-in shipping method eliminates the need for UPS or FedEx extensions, and customers can see real-time shipping rates. Shipped orders are automatically processed, and WooCommerce rates are used for non-managed items. Orders can be automatically exported to Shipwire as soon as payment is received or manually exported.

Automatic inventory and tracking updates ensure the most up-to-date stock amounts and streamline fulfillment workflows. To get started, download and install the extension into your WooCommerce store, log in to your Shipwire account, and save the API Username/Password.

Shipwire nulled plugin  A complete Shipwire connection, including real-time shipping prices, automated fulfillment processes, and live inventory/tracking updates.
Shipwire simplifies shipping and inventory management.
This plugin is a full-featured Shipwire connection that includes real-time shipping prices, automated order fulfillment, and live inventory/tracking updates.
Display real-time shipping quotes from Shipwire to your customers at checkout, and instantly export orders to Shipwire once completed. When Shipwire pushes inventory and order tracking information, it is immediately updated. Tracking information is provided on the Edit Order page to see the status of each order made.

Shipwire nulled plugin  WooCommerce Shipwire Integration for Order Admin.
ShipWire Integration Features
Provides real-time shipping prices straight from Shipwire. Split orders so you may handle select or all goods using Shipwire.
Choose which countries to utilize for the automated order export to Shipwire.
Choose to automatically export paid orders to Shipwire for fulfillment and shipping.
Option to automatically update inventory and tracking information on a regular basis (i.e. every 5 minutes)
View order and tracking details for each order on the Edit Order page.
Customers will see tracking information in the account area and get “order completed” notifications. NEW
If an order fails to export or there is a problem that prevents it from being dispatched, you will get an email automatically.
Add handling costs per item if an order includes more than one item.
Cancels orders in Shipwire when they are canceled in WooCommerce. NEW
Supports processing Shipwire refunds inside WooCommerce NEW
Supports serial number scanning for electronics dealers. NEW
Real-time Shipping Rates
Shipwire eliminates the need for UPS or FedEx extensions; just activate the built-in shipping option, and your consumers will see real-time shipping quotes. You may enable optional delivery estimates to show clients when their package will arrive.

Shipwire nulled plugin  Selling pricey, trackable items? No issue; you may specify that shipping charges include tracking and/or delivery confirmation.

WooCommerce Shipwire Integration Shipped order with tracking information.
Because split-orders are enabled, if the cart includes any Shipwire-managed goods, the real-time rates will be utilized for those shipments, while your WooCommerce rates will be used for non-managed items.
WooCommerce Shipwire Split Shipment
Automatic Order Fulfillment
Orders may be automatically exported to Shipwire as soon as payment is received, or manually exported with a single click. Each order is allocated a unique Shipwire order status to assist you manage your fulfillment process, and you may export several orders at once using bulk order actions. If an order has an issue (for example, an incorrect address), you may review the order notes to see what went wrong.
WooCommerce Shipwire Integration: Order Notes
Keep track of order changes using order notes.
You can even sync returned products back to Shipwire if you need to handle a customer return from your WooCommerce dashboard.
WooCommerce Shipwire: Process Return
Automatic Inventory/Tracking Updates
Product inventory is automatically updated as new inventory is uploaded to Shipwre, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date stock levels. Have you just acquired new merchandise with Shipwire? No problem—it should be posted on your website immediately away. You may also update inventory for a single product or all items with a single click, and a recurrent schedule will check for any missing adjustments.

Order tracking information is also automatically updated and reviewed on a regular basis for backup purposes. Shipped orders may be processed automatically, streamlining fulfillment procedures. View the tracking information for a particular order and determine the approximate delivery date.
WooCommerce Shipwire integration: Update Logs
Update Shipwire Inventory/Tracking
Easy setup, powerful configuration.
Follow the steps below to link your WooCommerce plugin shop with Shipwire. It’s quick and simple. There is extensive documentation provided to guide you through the setup process and explain all of the various options. Do you still have questions? Simply send a support request, and our WooNinjas will happily assist.
How To Get Started
Buy this extension! 🙂
Download and install in your WooCommerce shop.
Log in to your Shipwire account (sign up for a free trial of Shipwire if you don’t already have one) and get your API username and password.
Save this information to the settings page and set up your items.
That is it! Sit back and enjoy automatic shipping and inventory management!
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