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Recommendation Engine nulled plugin 3.4.2

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The WooCommerce Recommendation Engine is a plugin that allows you to create Netflix and Amazon-style product recommendations for your customers. It automatically recommends products based on view history, purchase history, and frequently purchased products. This feature helps in automatic cross-selling and helps users browse and purchase more products from your store. The plugin offers three types of recommendations: Related Products By View, Related Products by Purchase History, and Products Purchased Together. The module records each time a product is viewed, allowing users to view products they might not have otherwise found. The plugin also provides widgets for showing recommended products and Products Purchased Products.

Recommendation Engine nulled plugin Make product recommendations to customers.
The WooCommerce Recommendation Engine enables you to set Netflix and Amazon-style product recommendations for your consumers. The plugin offers goods to users based on their view history, purchase history, and the things they usually buy together. It is an excellent approach to enable automated cross and upsells, as well as to assist visitors explore and buy more goods from your shop.Screenshot: 2013-06-27 at 15.07.36

Recommendation Engine nulled plugin Types of Recommendations: Related Products. By View.
This section displays goods that consumers have also browsed. Each time a user examines a product, it is registered in the recommendation engine database. This data is then analyzed by the module, displaying goods that are often seen together. Excellent approach to present automated similar goods and encourage customers to examine things they would not have discovered otherwise.

Related Products Based on Purchase History
This module displays goods which are often bought by the same people. The goods do not have to be bought simultaneously. It is ideal for displaying things bought by the same people over time. It is an excellent approach to encourage consumers to buy additional goods at the same time by displaying items that other users have returned to the site to purchase later.

Products Purchased Together
This module displays goods that are regularly bought at the same time and with the same order. This sort of view is a good approach to create and display a database of items that are often used together to fulfill a purchase. customers often buy accessories or other types of addons at the same time, and this engine will display such bundles to end customers. Excellent approach to convince customers to buy goods they may not have considered or felt they needed.

Widgets: WooCommerce Recommended Products.
This widget displays the Related Products By View and Related Products By Purchase History suggestions.

WooCommerce plugin Purchased Products
This widget displays Product Purchased Together suggestions.

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