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Real Media Library is a WordPress plugin that offers extensive media management capabilities, allowing users to organize thousands of uploaded files into folders, collections, and galleries. It works with WordPress 5.x and Gutenberg, allows drag-and-drop file management, and supports WordPress Multisite. The plugin allows users to create folders, collections, and galleries for their media library, allowing them to easily find files and manage their media assets. The plugin also allows users to add media galleries to their articles directly from the WordPress ‘New Post’ editor. The plugin is developer-friendly, with a frontend API designed in React and a backend API with WordPress actions and filters. The plugin requires PHP version 7.4 or newer, WordPress version 5.8 or newer, MySQL 5.7 or newer, or MariaDB 10.3 or newer, and a browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari.

Real Media Library: Media Library Folder & File Manager for Media Management in WordPress

  • Live Preview Screenshots
  • Organize uploaded material into folders.
  • A file organizer for WordPress.
  • Real Media Library can assist you with media management.
  • Sort hundreds of uploaded files into folders, collections, and galleries. In WordPress, you may use a genuine file manager to handle enormous quantities of files like as images, videos, and documents Real Media Library nulled plugin.
  • Everyone can have their own media library folder!
  • WordPress 5.x / Gutenberg ready.

Folder for the WordPress Media Library Drag and drop your files.

  • Works wonderfully with touch devices.
  • Create shortcuts for files in several directories. Shortcuts do not need physical storage space (0 KB).
  • Full management of your folders with one toolbar (new, rename, remove)
  • Rearrange folders using drag-and-drop or by criteria (e.g., name in ascending order).
  • Sort folder contents using drag and drop or criteria (e.g., A-Z). Automatically or once.
  • Select numerous folders and remove them all at once.
  • Filter in the WordPress Insert Media dialog
  • Advanced Media Library Uploader Upload files straight into a folder.
  • Create dynamic galleries from a folder using Gutenberg block or shortcode.
  • Drag-and-drop folder contents or sort by criteria (date, name, etc.)
  • Quickly browse to folders with rapid folder search.
  • Translated into several languages.
  • Compatible with all major themes, page builders, and several nulled plugins.
  • Supports WordPress Multisite (each page has its own directory tree)
  • GPDR/DSGVO: The plugin does not gather personal information without your agreement!
  • Import categories and folders from plugins like as FileBird, WP Media Folder, Advanced Media Library, Media Library Wizard, and more.
  • Real Media Library is a WordPress plugin that provides you with extensive media management capabilities.
  • This plugin allows you to arrange thousands of photos, music, video, and PDF items in your media library into folders. It’s essentially a WordPress-specific file manager, similar to Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.


Real Media Library nulled plugin A growing WordPress blog or website implies that you upload a large number of new media assets to your database every day. In a few weeks, your website will be loaded with thousands of media assets. How will you discover one of these files in a flat list? Of course, you can use the WordPress nulled themes search tool to discover a file in a few hours, but who can remember hundreds of file names?

Organize your media with ease.

Here’s where the Real Media Library Plugin comes in. This plugin allows you to effortlessly create folders, collections, and galleries for your photos in order to properly manage your media library. The next time you need to find a file, just click on it in the file manager.

Organizing your blog media assets with the Real Media Library plugin is as simple as dragging and dropping them in folders. You may modify the order of your files by dragging them to place the most critical files to the top of the list for easier access.

You may also use the Real Media Library plugin to add media galleries to your articles straight from the WordPress ‘New Post’ editor. This enables you to include an entire media folder as a customized gallery in your WordPress articles.

The Real Media Library is a must-have WordPress plugin for media management that will save you a significant amount of time managing your media assets.

Folders, Collections, and Galleries
As seen in the Real Media Library plugin screenshots (GIFs), it allows three methods to sort your files:

A folder may hold any sort of file, including collections, but not galleries. To create a subdirectory, just choose a folder from the list and click this button.

A collection cannot include files. However, you may build other collections and galleries there. The above-mentioned gallery is merely a gallery data folder, thus it will not be instantly displayed in your frontend (website). Using the Gutenberg editor on your page/post, you can turn this gallery data folder into a visual gallery.

Gallery: A gallery data folder can only hold photos. It is easy to determine where your visual galleries are placed. You may also rearrange the photos by dragging and dropping them.

Developer Friendly: You are a developer and want to create an add-on for Real Media Library or make your own plugin compatible with ours? We are pleased to assist you! Frontend API: Our plugin is designed in React, and we offer a JavaScript API that can be used either inside a React application or with plain JavaScript. Read the frontend documentation. Backend API: Our contemporary PHP backend includes WordPress actions and filters, a flexible PHP API, and REST API endpoints. Work with your preferences. Read the backend documentation. We like working with other WordPress developers. If you need assistance using our software for your coding projects, just start a support issue. Requirements
Real Media Library is a contemporary, high-quality plugin. However, we do our best to preserve backwards compatibility, so you may use it even if your configuration is not the most recent.

PHP Version 7.4 or newer (PHP 8 supported)

WordPress version 5.8 or newer. Database version: MySQL 5.7 or newer, or MariaDB 10.3 or newer
Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari (most recent versions)
We continually update the Real Media Library. Not only do we patch issues, but we also provide new functionality. Every update is included and free. Read about our most recent upgrades!

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