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Product Video for WooCommerce nulled plugin 1.6.0

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Product Video for WooCommerce nulled plugin You may add videos to your product pages with the help of the WooCommerce Product Video plugin. Videos from Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and Youtube may be uploaded or embedded. You may add a single video that is highlighted or your product gallery can include many videos.

Video thumbnails may be customized and highlighted videos can be shown on listing pages. The primary attributes of this Product Video plugin are shown below.

Product Video for WooCommerce nulled plugin WooCommerce Product Video Features List
Add movies to any product page.
Include a video for a highlighted product.
Incorporate many movies into the product showcase.
Play videos in full screen, in popup window, or from page.
You may embed or upload videos from major websites like YouTube.
Adapt the video’s width and height on the store and product pages.
Comprehensive setups for self-hosted and embedded videos
Include video thumbnails
Select from the HTML5 LightBox and WooCommerce Style Gallery video gallery styles.
Add Product Featured Video: With the help of the WooCommerce Product Videos extension, you can add a video in lieu of the featured product photos. You may play the featured videos directly from the page or in a popup window. From the back office product edit page, you can upload a WooCommerce product featured video.

Include a Product Featured Video

Add Videos to Product Gallery: This plugin allows you to supplement your photographs in the WooCommerce product gallery with videos. Make each product gallery video’s thumbnail unique so that it communicates a message to viewers before they click to start a video.


Display Featured Videos on Listing Pages: You have the option to make any featured videos on listing pages visible or hidden. If the admin has set the video to only show on the product page, the plugin will automatically show the featured picture that is currently on the listing page.


Upload or Embed Videos: You have the option of uploading videos from well-known websites such

You Tube
Vimeo Dailymotion
Metacafe on Facebook
By default, you may upload movies in any format, including MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, and many more, using the WooCommerce Video Product plugin.

Customize Thumbnail: You have the option to add a custom thumbnail to any video that you upload or attach. The videos with personalized thumbnails open in a visually appealing window.


Play Videos in a Popup: You can play videos in a lightbox with the eye-catching popup that the WooCommerce Product Video extension includes. You can change the thumbnail image that appears when the gallery videos play, or you can use the one that is set by default.


Play Videos from Page: Rather than having them play in a popup, you have the option to play the featured videos directly from the page. By selecting the “full-screen” button, viewers can view the video in full screen mode. While movies with thumbnails immediately play in a popup, only the highlighted videos without a thumbnail are played from the website.



Attach a Gallery Video to Several goods: You have the option to add a new gallery video to several goods at once when you add it. You can, however, add the featured video from each product page.


Configuration Options for Product Videos: You may customize your self-hosted and third-party videos in a lot of ways with this plugin.

General Settings: As of version 1.4.0, you are able to choose the kind of video gallery that you want to utilize on your website. The addon provides two distinct gallery styles, including,

1) Lightbox Gallery Template in HTML5.

While the gallery’s movies and pictures play in a popup, HTML5 Lightbox Gallery allows you to play feature videos on product and retail pages.

Demo Link for HTML5 Gallery


2) Woo Custom Gallery Template

Woo Custom Gallery Template allows you to showcase gallery photos and videos in the featured box instead of presenting them in lightbox popup. You may select to show gallery photos at the top, bottom, right or left side of the featured box and configure the amount of gallery items to be displayed.

Woo Custom Gallery Demo Link


Configurations for Self Hosted Featured Video: You can configure the following options for the featured videos uploaded from your local disk,

Turn on/Off Auto Play: Play video continuously
Video Mute Auto Show/Hide Controls
Adjust the width and height of the video on the product and store pages.
Change the self-hosted video settings’ width and height in % and pixels, respectively.

Configuration Options for Embedded Videos: Addify’s WooCommerce Product Videos plugin offers distinct configuration options for gallery and featured videos that are embedded from other websites.

Featured Video Settings

The following settings are adjustable for third-party featured videos:

Turn on/Off Auto Play Video Permit/Prohibit Auto Mute Full-Screen Videos; Show/Hide Related Videos
Adjust the width and height of the video on the product and store pages.
Modify the video’s height in pixels and width in percentage.

Configuring the Gallery Video:

The plugin allows you distinct options for third party gallery videos,

Turn on/Off Auto Play Video Allow/Disallow Full-Screen Auto Mute Video Show/Hide Related Videos
The thumbnails are auto-adjusted


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