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Lumise is an industry-standard platform for designing products in HTML5 and JavaScript, created by King-Theme, an Envato Elite Author. It offers a user-friendly interface and numerous advanced features, making it easy to construct anything. Lumise’s key functions include high UI/UX, prefabricated layout schematics, endless clipart stock, linguistic diversity, support for mobile and tablet devices, in-cart print-ready layout, digital networking sites, customized transporter, undo/redo, text effects, filters, image cropping and editing, layer masking, quick response code, quick freezing automatically, margin of editing freedom, accepting multiple product types, and the highest resolution printing formula. The platform also allows for the creation of a product outline, allowing customers to change the default settings of certain characteristics and then purchase the product. Lumise’s features make it a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their product offerings.

WooCommerce and WordPress-compatible Product Designer nulled plugin by Lumise
Lumise is an industry-standard platform for Product Designer nulled plugin in HTML5 and JavaScript. King-Theme, an Envato Elite Author, created it. Lumise is a revolutionary solution for your print shop that places a premium on the customer experience. Furthermore, it offers numerous advanced, unique features and a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to construct anything.

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Key Functions of the Lumise Product Designer!

High UI/UX
Lumise is a helpful program that does what it’s supposed to. We’ve been in your shoes as a theme supplier, and we know what’s ideal for you. Let’s perform some Lumise!

Prefabricated Layout Schematics

Make interesting layouts that can be adapted to work with any goods. A fixed fee for it, with one-click accessibility for users.

Stocks of Clipart Are endless.

Do you have concerns regarding the availability of clipart? Leave it to us so that you can focus on what you really care about. More than two thousand clipart resources are available to your clients. Over 120,000 free images are available on Pixabay and Openclipart. Incredible resources!
Designs for export and import

Your clients may save designs on one device and then import them onto another to continue working on them or complete their purchases. The design may be exported to a new template or saved as individual files. The key is adaptability.

Linguistic diversity

Lumise allows you to flip between languages. The admin panel serves as the hub for managing and translating content into many languages.

Help for mobile and tablet devices
Customers like that Lumise works as a true native app on their preferred mobile and tablet platforms. Any device can place an order on your website.

In-Cart Print-Ready Layout

PDF, SVG, JSON, and PNG are just some of the many print formats that Lumise supports. Each one is faithfully reproduced and works with any printer.
Digital networking sites

Photos from your customers social media profiles are already available there. Facebook, Instagram, and many more are all supported.

Customized transporter for use with any network

While your content management system handles the rest of the checkout process, you can add and modify items in your Lumise shopping cart from inside Lumise.

Creating an app that mimics the experience of using a desktop program is a certain way to win over clients. Lumise allows you to undo or redo every change you make while designing.

Affect of Text

One of the numerous things you can do with text is make it more curved, fisheye-like, oblique, or convexo-concave.
Impact of Filters

The Lumise Filter may be used to make subtle changes to certain areas of your images. The filters get their name from a common kind of filter used to darken the sky in landscape photographs, but their applications extend well beyond that.

Image cropping and editing

Whatever it is you want to customize, Lumise has a solution. Remove the backdrop, use filters to emphasize the subject, and crop the photographs.

Layer masking

Is it important to show the text to your customers? The Mask Layers make it easy for them to understand. What a fantastic addition this is!

Quick Response Code

Adding a QR code for personalization purposes is a good idea. Using a simple QR code scanner, the customer’s buddy may quickly and easily get their message.

Quick Freeze Automatically
Even if the grid is hidden, when you drag an object or layer, it will automatically find and align with the closest intersection of lines at the center points.

Margin of Editing Freedom

Using the mouse, you can quickly and simply pick the edit zone in Lumise. The area’s radius may also be customized.

Accept more than one product type.
Lumise may apply a print area to any object as long as there is a location for printing. Toys, USB drives, cups, posters, and more! It’s no problem for Lumise.

Highest Resolution Printing Formula

Pricing is based on the quantity of text, number of colors, or number of clipart images. Popular print services include cost estimation, and we provide that and more. You can set them up in no time at all.

Create a product outline.

By using an already existing product’s design, a new one can go on sale quickly. Customers need to change the default settings of certain characteristics and then buy your goods.

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