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PrivateContent nulled plugin 2.3.2

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The PrivateContent nulled plugin is a crucial module for creating a membership website, integrating emails into all primary PrivateContent procedures. It offers customizable email messages, HTML templates, and email campaigns. The plugin includes real-time previews, emoji selectors, live previews, and a demo send mechanism. It also allows for unlimited campaigns, attachments, filters, and real-time receivers. It supports automatic updates via SMTP and can be easily updated from WordPress nulled themes.

PrivateContent nulled plugin Send emails with PrivateContent systems and run advertising campaigns!
An vital module for establishing a genuine membership website: the add-on incorporates emails into every primary PrivateContent procedure, ranging from alerts to user authentication!

You may utilize each module independently to get the greatest amount of control. Email messages may also be fully personalized by using sophisticated features made possible by the User Data add-on as well as dynamic placeholders (like basic user data).

You may make as many HTML templates as you like; they are the ideal for giving your business a high-end look. For optimum flexibility, a separate template may be used by each add-on system!

And lastly, email campaigns: perhaps the best approach to interact with people or carry out promotional activities.

PrivateContent nulled plugin Detailed data, limitless attachments, and lists of very targeted recipients. All via your website, with no expenditure on web-based payment systems!

List of features:

  • HTML and text emails
  • Countless HTML templates with real-time previews, enabling professional email sending
  • Emoji selector for contents and titles: Add some soul to your words.
  • A live preview of the email content, complete with the selected template
  • For every email builder editor, a real-time “demo send” mechanism that allows for actual inbox feedback
  • Email Marketing
  • Send newsletters via your website safely, even if your daily, weekly, or monthly outgoing mail restriction is limited.
  • Plan an infinite number of email campaigns.
  • Infinite attachments to emails
  • Applying filters, include all PrivateContent users or only a portion of them
  • Aim for lone users (or include them among already-involved ones)
  • Send campaigns to other email addresses as well.
  • Real-time receivers counter with a list of engaged users
  • Comprehensive campaign progress data, including send time and outcome for every user in each campaign
  • category
  • 1 click clone for campaigns
  • Verification of email users
  • Admin notification for removed and newly registered users (optionally also for administrators of the PvtContent user category)
  • user alert sent as soon as the account is approved by the admin
  • Users’ farewell and welcoming messages
  • Notification of imported users with an optional auto-password assignment
  • Creating dynamic passwords for imported users is optional.
  • System for recovering passwords Notification system for updates to private page contents
  • MailChimp seamless integration
  • Support for automatic updates via SMTP
  • Using a paid nulled plugins often requires manual updates, which costs time and requires consumers to learn new steps.

Ignore it. LCweb plugins may now be easily updated from WordPress nulled themes directly!

  • The WordPress cron-task will handle email campaigns. In the event that your website traffic is insufficient, a server cron-job will be necessary.
  • Should the number of recipients of your campaign above the server’s outgoing mail limit, the list will be
  • divided into segments and processed within an hour.
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