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Prices By User Role nulled plugin

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Prices by User Role is a WooCommerce plugin that allows for role-based pricing, wholesaling, and activation of a catalogue view. It provides dynamic pricing for different customer types and rates by user position, making it ideal for charging rates to wholesale and retail clients or providing discounts for specific user roles. The plugin also allows for setting different price points for different user roles, allowing for discounts and adjusting the “Add to Cart” button for non-registered users. It also supports specific user communities, CSV imports, product variation, discounts, filtering out product types, and product occlusion based on user type. The plugin also offers German language support and provides refunds up to 14 days after purchase. Support staff is available for any questions or assistance. For more information on WooCommerce prices by user role, visit the developer website link.

Description of Prices by User Role Prices By User Role nulled plugin is a plugin for the WooCommerce e-commerce platform that provides for role-based pricing and wholesaling, as well as the activation of a catalogue view.

Products might have various costs for different types of customers thanks to the dynamic pricing provided by Costs by User Role. The rates by user position plugin is ideal if you need to charge various rates to wholesale and retail clients or if you want to provide a discount for a certain user position.


In addition to its other features, this plugin may be used to restrict access to your online store’s pricing and/or “Add to Cart” button for visitors who are not logged in or members of certain role groups. The ability to set different price points for different user roles is a powerful e-commerce feature.

Costs Based on User Type Capabilities

Product prices depend on user roles.

Users get a discount.


User-role-specific markings


The “Add to Cart” button should be hidden from guests who haven’t registered.

Don’t let those who haven’t signed up see the costs.


Non-registered users will see text instead of a price.


Remove the “Add to Cart” option for those users who don’t belong to a certain role.


Keep the pricing a secret from that user type.

Replacement of the pricing with text according to the user’s function

Quantify the amount of money saved.

Specific User Communities

Importing a Product List to WooCommerce Using a CSV

Differentiate product pricing based on their functions.

Market variable items at various price points.

Protect product pricing from the view of guests who haven’t signed up.

The “Add to Cart” button and the product’s pricing should be hidden from certain user groups.

Provide a RESTful API for WooCommerce.

Prepared for WPML translations

Product Variation Through CSV Import

Discounts per item may be turned off.

Filter out product types based on the user’s function.

The selling price of the part

Product occlusion based on user type

There is text in place of the “Add to Cart” button.

Show “No Cost” in a boldfaced name string.

Change the text shown to visitors.

Set up a private WooCommerce shop for your customers.

Ability to work with specialised merchandise

Prices By User Role nulled plugin-specific taxation controls.

Brand New (beta): German Language Support


Please read the refund policy at http://themeforest.net/page/author_refund_policy before requesting a refund.

To ensure that every refund request is handled fairly, we now provide refunds for up to 14 days after purchase, provided that the item in question has not been downloaded and that there is a good basis for the request.


Please contact our support staff if you have any questions. Thanks! We promise to respond as soon as humanly feasible. Don’t give us a bad rating until you’ve spoken to us about the problem you’re having. Whenever you need assistance, feel free to contact us via our profile page.

If you’re interested in reading more about WooCommerce prices by user role before its official release, you can do so by following the developer website link located just below the headline on this page.

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