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Premium Addons PRO nulled plugin 2.9.18

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Premium Addons PRO is a nulled plugin that offers a wide range of widgets, section add-ons, and global features to enhance the functionality of your Elementor website. It includes over forty Elementor PRO widgets, seven add-ons for the Elementor container, more than ten global features, and over 550 pre-built templates. The plugin also includes a massive menu, a new mobile navigation menu, and a grid of Woo products. It also includes widgets for magazines, news, images, and sections for widgets and add-ons. The plugin also includes the Professional Version of Magic Scroll, Multi Scroll, Animated Gradients, Blob Generator, Burbs and Call-to-Action Widgets, 3D Hover Box, Icon Box, Testimonials, Off-Grid Widgets, Warning Boxes, Off-Canvas, Tools for the World, Modal Binding, Social Feed, Tables and Charts, and Global Addons for Magic Scroll with Global Support. Additionally, it includes the Display Conditions PRO plugin for WooCommerce and a widget for contacts.

Premium Addons PRO nulled plugin

Premium Addons PRO nulled plugin . With a wide variety of widgets, section add-ons, and global features, you may extend the functionality of your Elementor website.

In what ways does Premium Addons PRO benefit its users?

Premium Addons PRO will expand your possibilities by providing you with exceptional ready-to-use Elementor Section Templates, as well as powerful Elementor Widgets, Section Add-ons, and Global Features.

  • More than forty Elementor PRO widgets
  • seven add-ons for the Elementor container
  • More than ten global features of Elementor
  • Greater than 550 pre-built templates

Enhance the Performance of Your Elementor Website

Included in Premium Addons PRO are Elementor Widgets, Section Addons, and Global Features that have been meticulously constructed. A good number of them are not accessible in any other location. Along with introducing additional widgets and add-ons on a regular basis, we are also working to improve those widgets and add-ons.

The Widgets’ Content

Divider PRO, Tabs PRO, and Content Switcher PRO
Massive Menu
NEW Mobile Navigation Menu
The Grid of Woo Products
Products from Woo Carousel Members of the Google Maps Team Carousel
Textual Presentation with Heading and Dual Heading
Ajax Search Bar with a Fancy Text Bullet List Recently Added

Widgets for Magazines (and News)

Smart Post Listing World Clock Weather Forecast Tags Cloud Smart Post Listing News Ticker
Blogging that Notifies You of Recent Posts

Widgets for images

Comparison of Images with the PRO Image The HotSpots PRO, the Image Layers PRO, the Image Accordion PRO, and the Website Logo PRO application
Image separator with advanced carousel capabilities for the Media Grid SVG Draw, Scrolling, and Lottie Animations Video Box

Sections for Widgets and Add-ons

The Professional Version of Magic Scroll
With the Horizontal Scroll PRO
The Professional Version of Multi Scroll
A Transitional Background for the PRO
Parallax PRO (Pro)
It is particles PRO.
PRO Version of Animated Gradients
Ken Burns, Professional
Lottie Background Professional
Professional Blob Generator
Scroll Vertically with an Animated Shape Divider Image

Blurbs and Call-to-Action Widgets

PRO Version of the 3D Hover Box
Icon Box PRO (Pro)
This is the iHover PRO Unfold PRO.
Button for the Countdown Banner Button for the Image

Observations and Testimonials

Evaluations on Facebook
Google’s evaluations
Reviews from Yelp
The Testimonials

Widgets that are Off-Grid

A Warning Box
Observational Window
The Off-Canvas
Tooltips for the World
Modal Binding

Widgets for The Social Feed

Facebook Feed PRO Version
Promoted via Twitter Feed
Instagram Feed PRO is used.
The Behance Feed PRO for
Feed from Pinterest
Widgets for the TikTok Feed on Contact
Pro version of Facebook Messenger
Use this contact form for WhatsApp Chat PRO.

The Widgets for Tables and Charts

Charts and Tables are PRO.
Countdown and Counter for the PRO
Comparison of Prices for Progress Bars

Elementor’s features that are global

Add-on for Magic Scroll with Global Support
The Display Conditions PRO plugin for WooCommerce nulled plugins
Personalized Mouse Cursor Professional Badge This is the Global Addon PRO Floating Effects Display Conditions Templates. The link to the Equal Height Content Wrapper for the Live Editor

A Widget for Contacts

Contact Form for Facebook Messenger Pro, WhatsApp Chat Pro, and Facebook Messenger

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