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PDF Invoices nulled plugin 5.0.1

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The PDF Invoices nulled plugin allows users to generate and edit a fully editable PDF invoice for their purchases. This add-on automatically attaches the invoice to completed or pending orders, and allows customers and administrators to view and download previous invoices. The plugin also allows for customization of invoice format, including tax numbers, date format, and invoice number format. Users can also add or remove columns from the invoice and access the invoice information meta box for resending or downloading.

PDF Invoices nulled plugin

When the purchase is complete, the email will immediately include a PDF invoice that may be edited in its entirety.
It is possible to generate a PDF invoice that is fully editable and then automatically attach it to the email that contains the completed or pending order.
Following the completion of an order and its subsequent dispatch, this add-on will automatically include a PDF of the invoice within the package. Customers have the ability to view and download previous invoices via their accounts, while administrators have the ability to resend or download a copy of an invoice.

Format for invoices that may be customized
Informational portions of the legal corporation, such as the tax number, etc.
Listing of invoices in sequential order
Include a PDF attachment in the “New Order” email sent to administrators.
Integrate a logo into the PDF.
Modify the format of the date.
Customize the format of the invoice number.
By using filters, you may add or remove columns from the invoice.
A column for the invoice number in the order list
On the modify order page, the invoice information meta box allows you to either resend the invoice or download it from the order list.

Please refer to the support papers for access to further information about the customization of the invoice template.


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