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Payment Reminder for WooCommerce nulled plugin 1.0.8

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Payment Reminder automatically sends reminder emails for outstanding payments, follow-up emails asking for reviews, and emails to customers who canceled orders depending on your criteria.

After activating reminders, choosing the interval day, and setting the limit on reminders, email will be sent automatically. Manually send order emails too.

If an order is still needing payment two days after placement, you may send a payment reminder email for a certain payment type. Customers who canceled orders might be encouraged with discount vouchers regardless of payment method.

This plugin automatically sends payment reminders for pending purchases. Users with outstanding payments or canceled orders must get emails.

By inviting recent buyers to assess their purchases, this addon helps you gather customer feedback. A user receives a product review email after ordering. After receiving an email, users may rate the bought product.

Key features:

Set up automatic email reminders for WooCommerce purchases (waiting payment, review requests, canceled orders).
Send order emails manually.
Ask consumers to evaluate their purchases automatically.
The addon makes “Pending Order” and “Cancelled Order” easy to handle.
Settings let you easily enable/disable reminders.
Set CC/BCC for emails to monitor them.
You may choose the day to send a reminder email after ordering.
Set a reminder limit. Automatic email sending continues until the limit is reached.
A discount coupon might entice canceled consumers to buy.
Coupons may be made for certain payment methods.
Restrict the payment method for pending orders.
Update the email text with order data placeholders (name, total, etc.).
You may personalize email headers, bodies, and footers.

Payment Reminder for WooCommerce nulled plugin Payment Reminder enables you to automatically send pending payment reminder emails, follow-up emails requesting a review, and emails to customers who canceled an order depending on particular conditions you define.

After initial configuration, which involves activating reminders, setting the interval day, and limiting the amount of reminders sent, email will be sent automatically. You may also send emails for each purchase manually.

Payment Reminder for WooCommerce nulled plugin For example, if an order is still requiring payment two days after it was made, you may send a payment reminder email using a certain payment method. You may entice clients who canceled their orders by offering discount coupons regardless of whether they used a certain payment method.

This plugin identifies orders with outstanding payments and delivers payment reminders automatically. Emails must be issued to users whose payments are still outstanding or who have canceled their orders.

This extension allows you to gather customer evaluations from people who have recently bought a product by inviting them to evaluate the things they purchased. A product review email is sent to the consumer as soon as the purchase is finished. Following that email, the consumer may provide feedback on the acquired product.

Main characteristics:

Send email reminders for WooCommerce plugin purchases automatically (for delayed payment orders, or follow-up emails requesting a review, or for a canceled transaction).
Send emails by hand for each purchase.
Invite consumers to evaluate their purchase automatically.
In the addon, you can easily view and manage the “Pending Order” and “Cancelled Order.”
You may easily enable/disable a reminder from the settings menu at any time.
To keep track of your emails, use CC and/or BCC.
After you make your purchase, you may choose the day to send a reminder email.
You have the option of limiting the number of reminders. Email will be sent automatically till the limit is reached.
You might provide a discount code to entice clients who have previously canceled an order to make a purchase.
You may create a voucher for a certain payment type.
A pending payment order might have its payment method restricted.
Edit the email text, including placeholders for order data (name, order total, and so on).
Email headers, bodies, and footers may all be customized.


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