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Oshine is a popular, creative WordPress theme with over 35,000 clients worldwide. It offers high-quality design, an intuitive, fully visual page builder, 52 demos, and unlimited ways to showcase your portfolio. With top-notch customer support, infinite layout possibilities, complete control over fonts and colors, compatibility with popular plugins, regular updates, and great performance, Oshine is a popular choice for creative professionals. Oshine is simple to use, making it popular among both novices and experts.

Tatsu is a revolutionary WordPress fully visual page builder that includes 60+ stylistic modules, a live text editor, and pre-built ideas. It makes creating web pages a snap and is popular with both beginners and experts. Oshine offers limitless portfolio and gallery styles, including 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 column grid layouts, variable spacing between images, and various aspect ratios. It also supports multiple media formats, including photos, videos, and audio embeds.

Major magazines like WPMU Dev, eSandra, Elegant Themes Blog, Colorlib, Webcreateme, and Athemes have praised Oshine for its adaptability and versatility. It supports various portfolio features, including minimal and classy designs, amazing carousels, centered and fullscreen sliders, grid galleries, password-protected galleries, Instagram and Flickr galleries, and a stunning black and white effect.

Oshine is a versatile and performant WordPress theme designed to be both versatile and performant. It offers various features such as lazy loading of images in portfolios, galleries, and image modules, asynchronous and on-demand loading of Javascript files, panel caching, importing demos in one click, infinite layout options, modern design, WooCommerce integration, WPML multilingual and translation-friendly, responsive and retina-ready design, excellent customer service, over 50 styling modules, 8 different blog layouts, and $45 in premium slider plugins. Oshine also supports one-page websites or landing pages, making it easy to create one-page websites or landing pages.

Oshine’s features include a sticky header, transparent and semi-transparent headers, smooth CSS transforms based on parallax backgrounds and columns, fullscreen sections and rows, scroll-jacked sections, 600+ Google fonts, 800+ font icons, unlimited sidebars, one-click updates, CSS3 animations, mobile visibility controls in the page builder, a mega menu, compatibility with popular WordPress plugins, and 4 menu locations. The theme’s user-friendly interface and bespoke CSS, JS, and PHP snippet dictionary make it a popular choice for developers and businesses looking to enhance their website’s capabilities.

Oshine nulled theme is a popular, creative WordPress theme with over 35,000 clients worldwide. Create attractive websites for any purpose, whether it’s a portfolio, photography, agency, blog, architecture, business, or shop.

What makes Oshine one of the best WordPress theme?

  • High Quality Design
  • Intuitive Fully Visual Page Builder
  • 52 Demos with 100’s of pre-built sample pages
  • One click demo installer
  • Unlimited ways to showcase your portfolio
  • Top notch customer support
  • Infinite layout possibilities
  • Complete control over fonts and colors
  • Compatibility with a wide array of popular plugins
  • Regular Updates with new features and bug fixes
  • Great Performance

Oshine nulled theme is a sleek and contemporary, creative WordPress theme with 52 amazing demos. It has long been the preferred method for creative professionals to exhibit their portfolios. Photographers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Artists, Videographers, Makeup Artists, Musicians, Freelancers, and even Models have all utilized Oshine to develop their portfolio websites and had excellent success.

In its samples for creatives, Oshine uses gorgeous typography and images, smooth animations, distinctive header, menu, and portfolio designs, and minimalistic layouts. Corporates, architects, design and development organizations, public relations firms, hotels, stores, blogs, restaurants, applications, and startups all utilize Oshine nulled theme.

By combining stunning designs and layouts with strong choices, Oshine allows you to create any kind of website, from basic portfolio websites to full-fledged e-commerce and multi-lingual websites, all without any code. Despite its strength and flexibility, Oshine nulled theme is simple to use, which is why it is popular among both novices and expert users.

Tatsu is a revolutionary WordPress fully visual page builder:

A powerful and beautiful live front-end website builder for WordPress that includes 60+ stylistic modules, a live text editor, and pre-built ideas It makes creating web pages a snap and is popular with both beginners and experts.

  • Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editor
  • Unlimited Layout Possibilities
  • Live Text Editor
  • Fast & Instant Previews. No more switching between backend and the actual page.
  • 50+ Styling Modules
  • Pre-Built Section Concepts
  • Save Sections as well as Pages as templates
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Cut / Copy / Paste modules within pages or across pages in the same website or even across websites.

Portfolio and gallery styles are limitless:

When it comes to choices for exhibiting your work, Oshine delivers. Oshine nulled theme is adaptable enough to handle whatever you throw at it, whether it’s a designer’s portfolio or an architect’s drawings. Choose a style that is trendy, elegant, minimal, or professional, and design a portfolio that is appropriate for your target audience. Many major magazines, like WPMU Dev, eSandra, Elegant Themes Blog, Colorlib, Webcreateme, Athemes, and others, have ranked Oshine as one of the finest portfolio WordPress themes. Here are some of your choices:

  • 1, 2 ,3, 4 and 5 Column Grid Layouts
  • Variable spacing between images
  • Variable Aspect Ratio of images
  • Regular, Masonry and Metro Grids
  • Lazy Loading for superior performance
  • Slick on scroll reveal animations
  • 10+ Stylish Hover Styles like 3D Tilt, Direction Aware and so much more
  • Paginate using Infinite Scroll / Load More button
  • 30+ stylish individual portfolio styles
  • Filterable
  • Supports Multiple Media Formats such as Photos, Videos and Audio Embeds

Customized Demos for Photographers:

The photography demonstrations that came with Oshine at first were a tremendous success, and as we expanded, so did the number of photographers who utilized our product. We listened to their input and continued to add features through updates, and Oshine today offers outstanding capabilities and design choices that are adored by hundreds of professional photographers worldwide. Many sites rank us as the finest WordPress Photography theme, even ahead of themes designed specifically for photographers.

  • Minimal and Classy designs – 5 pre-built demos to choose from
  • Amazing Carousels – Horizontal Carousel, Ribbon Carousel, Center Slide Carousel. Variable Spacing between images and custom height options. Supports Videos as well.
  • Centered and Fullscreen Sliders.
  • Grid Galleries with Pinch and Swipe Lightbox. Great Experience in mobile devices.
  • Password Protected Galleries and Pages for Client Proofing
  • All the Portfolio features mentioned above
  • Instagram and Flickr Galleries
  • Stunning Black & White effect

High Efficiency :

The performance of multipurpose themes is a prevalent problem that affects many of them. Oshine, on the other hand, was designed to be both versatile and performant. We restructure our software on a regular basis to integrate best practices, and with each release, we work on increasing the theme’s efficiency while introducing new features. Our theme performs well by using the approaches listed below.

  • Lazy Loading of Images in Portfolios, Galleries and Image Module
  • Supports Responsive Image Sizes feature of WordPress
  • Asynchronous and On Demand Loading of Javascript Files. Themes depend on a lot of custom and 3rd party jquery plugins for their functionality and usually load all of them on the site irrespective of whether you use them on your site. This is terrible for performance. However Oshine loads plugins only when if you have used a dependent module on your page and also loads them asynchronously, meaning the rest of the your page can continue to load without having to wait for this script to finish loading.
  • Options Panel Caching
  • Conditional Loading of Css and flex box layouts for max layout possibilities with minimal code.
  • Compatiblity with popular caching and minification plugins such as W3 Total Cache / Wp Super Cache / Autoptimize plugins

Importing Demos in One Click:

Oshine includes sample content data and a one-click import option to help you get started quickly by setting up your site in the same way as any of the demonstrations you prefer. You may combine layouts and pages by importing particular components from other demonstrations. Check out this video to demonstrate how simple it is to get started with our theme.

Infinite Layout Options:

Oshine nulled theme has approximately 20 alternative header and menu layouts, three body layouts, and three footer layouts that you may combine in an infinite number of ways. Use menu layouts like 3D Perspective, Page Stack, or Sliding and Overlay menus with smooth animations to wow your visitors. Build one-of-a-kind websites.

Modern Design:

Oshine strikes a perfect balance between form and function. Each example has been meticulously developed, and with balanced typography and distinct layouts, you can simply construct visually appealing websites.


Oshine nulled theme is intimately linked with this popular e-commerce plugin, allowing you to quickly create a clean and contemporary store. The design of the store, product, cart, and checkout pages is clean and simple, enabling the user to concentrate on the content.

WPML is multilingual and translation-friendly:

Oshine is completely internationalized and ready to be localized. This means you can quickly translate Oshine into whatever language you choose. Oshine is also WPML plugin (popular premium plugin, not included) compatible, allowing you to construct a website in various languages. Thousands of clients from Europe, South America, and Asia use Oshine nulled theme to create websites in their native languages.

Responsive and retina-ready design:

Oshine is entirely responsive, and the breakpoints have been carefully selected to guarantee that your website looks and operates excellently on a variety of screen sizes and devices. It’s also retina-ready and solely employs vector-based materials in its designs. To make retina pictures, use the WP Retina plugin.

Excellent Customer Service:

Not the theme itself, but the assistance that comes with it, is one of the nicest elements of the theme. Don’t just believe us. Hundreds of consumer reviews confirm this. Our in-house support crew is courteous and professional, and they will frequently go above and beyond to assist you with your requirements. Our primary developers are also members of our support staff, and any problems or defects that are reported are swiftly resolved. Your purchase includes six months of free support (through email).

More than 50 Styling Modules:

Oshine has over 50 shortcode modules to let you customize your content in a variety of ways. They are simple to use since they are integrated into the page builder.

8 Different Blog Layouts:

To find the ideal approach to showing your blog, experiment with masonry, medium, and large thumbnail layouts, as well as title and meta modifications. Supports gallery, video, audio, quote, and link post formats, as well as social sharing.

$45 in Premium Slider Plugins:

Two of the most popular slider plugins of all time, Slider Revolution and Master Slider, are included for free with the theme. Make responsive multi-layer presentations with great transitions and animations.

Websites with a single page:

Oshine nulled theme makes it very simple to create one-page websites or landing pages. Simply create a standard page with several parts using our Tatsu page builder and connect them from the main menu to have them glide smoothly to the appropriate sections. Why purchase a specialized one-page theme or landing page tool when you have so many pre-built pages and demos that can all be converted into a one-page website? To clarify, our landing page was created utilizing our theme.

Hero Sections:

A huge, bold, and gorgeous display of fullscreen sliders of photos or background videos will wow people the instant they reach your site. Overlays and parallax are supported.

Backgrounds for Videos:
If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about a video? Using unobtrusive background films, you can communicate with your visitors swiftly and effectively.

Friendly to Developers:

The theme’s various features mean that you seldom need to write anything to change it. However, there may be times when you wish to enhance the theme’s capabilities, and doing so is simple. The theme adheres to proper coding principles and includes hooks and filters that enable you to change the code with the child theme. We have a bespoke CSS, JS, and PHP snippet dictionary containing code for many frequent client requests. Oshine is the go-to theme for many firms and professionals that design websites for customers due to its ease of use and flexibility to expand or alter functions using custom code.

Other features:

  • Sticky Header
  • Transparent and Semi-Transparent Headers
  • Smooth CSS transforms based Parallax Backgrounds and Columns
  • Fullscreen Sections & Rows
  • Scroll Jacked Sections
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • 800+ Font Icons
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • One Click Updates
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Mobile Visibility Controls in the Page Builder
  • Mega Menu
  • Compatibility with most of the popular wordpress plugins, such as Yoast SEO, Caching plugins, Loco Translate, Contact form 7, Gravity Forms, Post Types Order, Duplicate Post etc.
  • 4 Menu Locations
  • Custom CSS and Javascript from Options panel


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